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  1. Nothing better than the Ibrox crowd when things aren't going exactly as they'd expect. Fucking booooooo.
  2. Fancy him to get another one here. He's got the centre halves on toast.
  3. If Shagger doesn't catch it he's got an open goal? Granted I only saw it once view but I'm pretty sure he's getting it and barring something mental he's scoring.
  4. Win or lose cashing out is a weak mans game.
  5. I’m with you Texy bro - lot of value in watching the games 9am our time but if it’s a big price jump it does lose that as the family often have ‘plans’ that don’t include me shouting at a stream. I hope they don’t perceive some false value in the bland gaffer chats etc as nice as they are. Not a lot of time to process any payments and sign ups, if 75% miss game one what impact does that have on getting them back in annually?
  6. Not sure how much the club makes on season tickets for RaithTV from non-UK fans but it’s Thursday evening UK time with the first game Sat and no idea what the plans are for watching the team this year.
  7. Who'd have thought not appointing a manager for several months and not bothering to sign any players would come back to haunt them?
  8. Celtic lose this and Big Ange is up against it straight off the bat. Coupled with the fact Aussie's know f**k all about football. Agree as above they get through they are getting no lubed from PSV.
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