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  1. The demographic it’s for is however very much bigoted, yeah?
  2. Why aren’t you posting on the threads of the other teams that are involved ?
  3. Something that’s he’s very obsessed about, but only when it comes to one particular club.
  4. Not really sure I can comprehend what would be a normal posting sequence from yourself… But I’m impressed, maybe rethink my stance on you. You must be in the premium MyGers section to even have the option to not to go, but you make a good point. It’s not quite a must win game for Rangers, but it’s one they can’t afford to lose. In all honesty I reckon it’ll be a draw.
  5. I think you’ll find your own sentence structure contradicts itself. Melt.
  6. Well you’ve been called out yourself on here a few times
  7. I just wish it wasn’t so far away due to the poxy international break.
  8. Most folk I see using it are massive bigots and just used as another masked term of hatred. Edit: I’ve replied to you directly as you’re the only sensible Rangers poster on here in recent times.
  9. It’s very much the tone and way he used ”Them.” It’s glaringly obvious. I’ll leave you to it though, he’s gotten himself into another mess and is flinging shite at the moon.
  10. The use of “Them” just kind of underlines you’re a bigoted moron and puts it on full display. Cheers big yin.
  11. What a slog against the worst team in the league, who managed to steal the win today.
  12. Doesn’t fit the narrative. The reality is that referees are just incompetent. Allowing a few definite bookings to result in nothing leads to the County player being sent off for whatever that challenge was meant to be.
  13. It’s good to see GG getting into a run of form, he was the top scorer in the Eredversie for a reason. Now I’ve said that he’ll break his leg. My heart goes out to you having to listen to Tom Boyd but I have to suffer him too.
  14. If you’re over there and the tie is settled I’d suggest getting out 20 minutes early. They might do the “keep you in for your own safety” trick.
  15. It’s meant to be a comedy channel… But I still want it scorched off of the planet.
  16. Said before the game they’re fairly shite so unfortunately this one won’t wash with me. Nice easy progression to the next round to continue flying the flag for Scottish football in Europe.
  17. They’re a bit shit from what I’ve read and what the bookies are saying.
  18. Ah yes, a tongue in cheek quote. The point was he could always go back and get the Catholic player later as Rangers wouldn’t touch him.
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