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  1. It’s by far rarer that we lose in the league.
  2. Which part? Rangers coming out of Admin or Stewart publicly taking a shot at their finances?
  3. Didn’t score in your last game, conceded 2 against Dundee United before that… Good to be confident though.
  4. Pub night was ruined by stupid add ons to Sweet Caroline. Said to the old man as it came on should be fine as it’s a mixed pub, sadly the Pope had a good amount of propositions heading his way.
  5. Ironically means I can go for a pint tonight without any problems.
  6. With VAR that Sakala chance that hits the post gets chopped off for the foul in midfield anwyay.
  7. Aye? What about all the Celtic chances that were squandered?
  8. Ralston very poor there. Sakala not poor enough to not get a goal.
  9. The thing with Hatate is he’s publicly stated that he’s exhausted, but is still being flogged for 90 minutes almost every week.
  10. He’s still a pretty good player. Nowhere near the level of Henrik though.
  11. Disgusting it’s made a return after 40 odd years. Especially on a day that should be all about Celtic practically securing the league title.
  12. Say what you want about Rangers, but GVB’s tactics have been great. Bringing quality teams down to an SPL level by stifling them then hitting them on the counter.
  13. Much like the manifesto of every government ever elected. Really.
  14. I only know as a friend of mine inherited his dads position after he passed away. Still goes to mass etc.
  15. The refree is a mason/catholic will edit after the game to delete as appropriate. You can actually be both these days
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