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  1. I can’t say I’ve heard the “Romanist” line before, but I wouldn’t find it offensive. I’d just be confused.
  2. To stir the pot, was there any reason that Kyogo was booed every time he touched the ball and others didn’t receive the same treatment?
  3. Welsh and Hart combine for the first goal… Then Starfelt continues to audition for the role of 20/21 Shane Duffy.
  4. Coasted the game tbf, their winger get looked to be causing Patterson and Goldson a little bit of trouble before… Being a moron evidently. Comfortable and I’d imagine delighted to not be going to extra time.
  5. I’ve optimistically went for a goal in each half… For anyone. Still think it’s going to be a canter for Rangers, but if Alashkert get the first goal I can see it being a nervy evening.
  6. Expecting a score draw tonight, just on the basis our front line will always cause problems, but Starfelt will too.
  7. They were horrendous against ten men and offered nothing. That’s basically my reasoning.
  8. Ironically I’ve used it in the context of “well you gonnae dae some thin’ about it then” in response to him. Having lived in a scheme most of my days it’s a good one for heads gone moments. To go back to the new topic, the “Old Firm” rights, both Rangers and Celtic share it I believe? Although I don’t think you need to explicitly make use of it to retain the rights.
  9. Can’t really see anything other than a low scoring Rangers win. Throwing money away going with Alashkert.
  10. Bet you’re a right scheme goblin. Anyhoo, hopefully your team gets pumped, loses the league and you once again vanish.
  11. What result would it take for you to stop your tedious pish posts?
  12. Solid point in fairness. if they just gave them a redacted version of the contract under the premise of it being disclosed in confidence we wouldn’t have this mess. Instead of “we have a contract that causes a conflict of interest with this sponsor” ’can we see it just to confirm?’ ”naw.”
  13. Accurate. This court win basically means Parks of Hamilton will now be present at arbitration, simply delays it. Daft not to have them there in the first place.
  14. The amount of Rangers fan social media posts about how you shouldn’t document what happens on a bus if you’re going to post it really is a tell. “What happens on the bus stays on the bus.” ”imagine dobbing in your fellow fans” I’m glad some of the Rangers fans on here that have broached the subject have condemned the actions.
  15. I’m sure someone from the other side of Glasgow will be along any minute now…
  16. I think he’s trying to make reference to the fact that Celtic vs St Mirren is branded as a £35 match.
  17. In fairness the bloke was in a wheelchair
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