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  1. 22 hours ago, Jinky67 said:

    More info re CCV is that transfer fee and personal terms are done. Apparently the sticking point is the sell on fee Spurs want as part of the deal.

    As per of the option to buy Celtic have supposedly 3 weeks before Spurs will start accepting offers from elsewhere.

    Lets see how good Nicholson is 👍

    Jota deal has reportedly been severe as well.

    Looks like both will be Celtic players proper next  season, amazing what you can do with guaranteed champions league football.

  2. Just now, Orbix said:

    Going on holiday in 2019, after playing Sevilla in 2018 and having warrants out for them for being drunken dickheads.



    Less that, though their fans do have a reputation. More the tactical build up etc, there was a good piece on Rangers from a German perspective and the route to the finals they posted. 

    I think the main thing with RBL and Dortmund is they didn’t take Rangers seriously so just assumed they’d win on sheer ability.


    GVB completely out smarted them and  dragged them into his game plan.

    If Frankfurt do their homework and find a way to ensure that doesn’t happen then it could be a weird watch.

  3. 23 minutes ago, Orbix said:

    The pictures are of some United fans. 

    Thought I was going to make it to tomorrow before the nerves really kicked in but reading the bits and pieces on twitter from Sky and Frankfurt has absolutely fucked me.

    The fact their fans are proper ultras and not wee flannels with flares?

    I’d be very worried if any of my friends or family went over, especially without a ticket.

  4. 30 minutes ago, AJF said:

    A Celtic fan changing their Twitter profile to a picture of a random women and then pretending to be Spanish, claiming to be attacked by Rangers fans 😂


    People are weird AJF, people are weird.


    Seen this one doing the rounds 


    I’d assume it’s a parody  tweet due to it saying “Onion Bears”


    Edit: It might actually be real, oh dear.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    Hearts lie down to hand the title to Celtic.

    Yet again.

    Hearts = Celt*c’s 

    10 minutes ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    Well done to C*ltic on their latest 2 horse win. 

    Won with a business model of exploiting sectarian hatred, bigotry, intimidation and violence. Not to mention the help of match officials. 

    Well done guys


    12 minutes ago, Captain Saintsible said:

    Hearts lie down to hand the title to Celtic.

    Yet again.

    Hearts = Celt*c’s bitches 

    Do you need a hug?

  6. 1 minute ago, Albus Bulbasaur said:

    Do I really need to come out say I thought those tweets are horrendous or something?

    Of course they were. I'm loving how Diallo has managed to keep a good attitude even though the loan spell hasn't worked out like all parties would have wanted..  I'd definitely like to see him come back next year but that's probably unlikely. 

    I think you do.

    The boy has been shit canned all over your forums.

    I also don’t see him improving you, to be honest.


    Bags of talent with not much application. Thought he’d walk it up here and didn’t.


    I will say I appreciate your refreshing take on him though.

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