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  1. How is it that folk somehow always manage to spin it back to “not being a fan in the 90’s” in some fashion? Bravo for the mental gymnastics you had to go through to get there.
  2. 3-2 Celtic, a collection of near misses and catastrophic errors.
  3. I’d say it’s more so the fact he’s once again available so he’s going to basically train him. He can’t control if the club get rid of him, so he’s a Celtic player and he can’t control what the utter cretin does online.
  4. He’s only 5’7 so I could see that being a reason behind not really winning anything in the air.
  5. Not sure what’s more pointless, alerting us of this in the Celtic thread or the reasoning of banning it. It clashes with the grass and makes it hard for TV viewers to see.
  6. Please provide a screen grab of their seethe.
  7. Ahh gotcha, cheers for clearing that up. I thought it was Twitter from how I’ve seen it. What an absolute waster of a human being.
  8. Sorry for two posts, couldn’t get two images on the same one.
  9. The screen grabs I saw are obviously different to the ones you’ve seen. The handle is different to what his official account reads, unless you can change that?
  10. Twitter screen shots… Of a Twitter handle that isn’t his. Or Instagram whichever one it is, that was created in November and says “second official” without the verification tick. The tick just appears in the screen grabs and not in the account. This isn’t me defending him by the way, just stating the information available.
  11. Make some first then instead of just smashing Rangers buzz words and I’ll be happy to.
  12. He’s a strange odious creature calling everyone obsessed etc, maybe he’s deliberately hypocritical as a troll… Or just not all that bright. Either way.
  13. He’d definitely be a good signing for yourselves. Does this mean one of your midfield are out the door are you doing what Celtic are doing and stockpiling?
  14. We can only hope Rangers don’t win the league and he’ll magically vanish into the ether…
  15. 1. Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Hibs 4. Aberdeen 5. St Johnstone 6. Motherwell 7. Livingston 8. St. Mirren 9. Dundee United 10. Hearts 11. Dundee 12. Ross County Being objective. Far too large a rebuild ahead for Celtic to win anything.
  16. You do realise 2020/21 is finished? Yup, I do. I’d have anticipated just renaming the thread much like the Rangers one. Oh well, thanks for saving me from my time machine.
  17. It’d be so Scottish to beat England then get pumped by Croatia and still go out… I was optimistic before the Czech game and that didn’t go well, even if i feel like we deserved something from the game had it not been for a few lapses in concentration.
  18. Can I nominate the Bertie Auld thread on FollowFollow? Some less than savoury posts and no doubt more to come once folk have been out drinking.
  19. Right we’ve only got just over a month of being able to use this thread so let’s get on it! First up is Danish runners up Midtjylland. Bit mental we won’t be allowed any fans at the away leg given what’s going on at the moment with the euros, but I’m sure UEFA will have their delegates well treated.
  20. Probably a Roy Keane and Paul Lambert dream team with John Barnes as DOF
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