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  1. Alloa just deciding to try and injure as many Celtic players as possible tonight then aye?
  2. Must say AB1972’s pure staunch seethe is wonderful to behold.
  3. It looks like he’s tried to play the ball with his left foot to me, then his trailing leg hits Hedges.
  4. Seen it back, definitely a foul and a yellow. Can’t really see if it’s in the box.
  5. Don’t let evidence get in the way of moon howling.
  6. Celtic never came out of 2nd gear the entire second half, but it was the obvious penalty that was Hibs’ downfall…
  7. Could argue that getting death threats and bullets in the post does indeed make you a victim…
  8. Couldn’t see a thread on this… The first top flight back since the winter break! 19:45 on a Monday, not the best for travelling fans IMO but here we are. Fair chance of seeing Ange’s new signings in some capacity and perhaps the long, long, long awaited return of Julien.
  9. Ahh yes, caffeine doping. Something that’s not cheating at all and a large number of professional athletes spike their caffeine levels prior to competing. Guy is a lunatic.
  10. He usually posts about 4/5 a day, all contradicting each other.
  11. Definitely looks like 0-0. Goodwin has played a masterclass with how well his makeshift team has been drilled.
  12. That’s it confirmed. 1/2 February for the Old Firm.
  13. If you’re unable to fulfil a fixture, and it’s not rescheduled you forfeit.
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