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  1. It’s something that seems to repeatedly rear its head. Any increased number of season tickets would be taken given the extent of the waiting list.
  2. So it is the image rights that’s held it up then…
  3. That’s what I was thinking 20M+ easy if both of these happen. 60M if he plays in Govan.
  4. Signing a goal keeper that’s arguably first team level; on a free. And he’s our back up. Football business done right.
  5. Celtic vs Livingston Kilmarnock vs Ross County Motherwell vs Hearts Hibs vs Rangers St Mirren vs Aberdeen Dundee United vs St Johnstone I’ll go for that
  6. What happens to your identity when Celtic overtake your league title haul?
  7. Bugger, you beat me to it. Strong suggestion the staunch brigade haven’t been as loyal as they hoped in their renewals
  8. Jota deal has reportedly been severe as well. Looks like both will be Celtic players proper next season, amazing what you can do with guaranteed champions league football.
  9. Their best team. Their best season… And a possibility of winning absolutely nothing. Let’s go Hearts.
  10. Don’t worry about it. We control the refs, the Scottish media and the government so it’ll be completely free of charge.
  11. I think the main thing with RBL and Dortmund is they didn’t take Rangers seriously so just assumed they’d win on sheer ability. GVB completely out smarted them and dragged them into his game plan. If Frankfurt do their homework and find a way to ensure that doesn’t happen then it could be a weird watch.
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