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  1. The AGM is shaping up to be a cracker… Will there be a statement soon?
  2. Won 8, lost 7 and drawn 4. That’s the entire record. He was probably 2-3 bad results away from getting the dreaded “board backing” so for QPR to let him go now and get some money in is probably the best result for them.
  3. QPR have won a watch, really. Guy was starting to crumble and be found out, now Rangers have swooped in to pay them money for his services.
  4. I’d imagine Celtic would be the only victims of an anti-Celtic conspiracy mate. Else it wouldn’t be an anti-Celtic thing.
  5. Some of the decisions we have had against us have been mind boggling in fairness. County keeper dropping the ball then picking it back up and being awarded free kick for… Something… Is amateur hour. There’s no point discussing handballs and penalties as the inconsistency amongst the decisions seems wide spread, it’s only being highlighted as we’ve been involved in 2 against us and a similar one for us not given.
  6. He’s honestly horrendously depressing and embarrassing.
  7. You should have a look at the Rangers forums… The commentators are “19th century terrorist sympathisers.” Even though they practically ejaculate if Rangers take a shot.
  8. Didn’t look like there was much force in it. Suspect he’s had a dunt on the neck and couldn’t feel anything for a short space of time. Hopefully nothing serious and just a stinger!
  9. It’s to distract from the fact he’s a torn faced shite. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sent off today.
  10. From what I’ve read there’s a suggestion this camera was pointed at the managerial dug out.
  11. Celtic TV said he was onside tbf. What a dull watch that was.
  12. Aye it’s a great spin instead of saying 0.6M loss. Anything to draw less attention from the eyes of FFP after their warning.
  13. Sorry pal never got notifications and completely forgot. Thats me paid today.
  14. 3-1 Celtic. Haksabanovic to get one, then Hart to do something bonkers. Probably shut down his own defender to block off the pass like at the weekend. .
  15. Into the boards pockets to cover the soft loans they’ll be claiming back.
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