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  1. On our currently inconsistent form... Crap game to watch. 2-0 Celtic.
  2. I wouldn’t say St Mirren gave us a game, as such. They did however have enough about them to take advantage of a poorly organised defence. Celtic were rotten last night, it’s happens a few times this season. The left winger for St. Mirren made it look like our defence were being rewound. If the ball had went through him a bit more St Mirren very well could have nabbed something outside of the plucky performance wooden spoon.
  3. Can’t see anything other than an absolute kicking for St Mirren 5-0 Celtic
  4. Fair play to them using days after the pandemic shutdown to make it seem even longer instead of games. Coincidentally Accies had the most penalties last season with a total of seven. Always knew the SPL wanted them to succeed at all costs.
  5. He can be a really good pundit when he wants to be!
  6. If you take a look at a Rangers forum (no not always Rangers media) there is definitely some bitterness and residual hatred for Dundee United on their part. Delve deeper and they somehow manage to twist United’s historical name to suit their bigoted and blinkered agenda. Anyway, super turgid and tragic football, 1-0 Rangers.
  7. Finally caved and reported him, I’d say it’d make him a martyr but he’s probably out licking toilet seats to stick it to the mask-controllers
  8. I did the research, I was waiting to see if you’d actually be capable of backing up your claims. You have yet to provide the evidence out with your own narrative. Back to you. Do you also believe the RNA vaccine is going to be used to rewrite our DNA?
  9. You’re quite clearly a walloper. Please present the evidence to your claims from credible sources, if you can’t, put a turnip in your mouth and shut up.
  10. He’ll drop three of our best players and claim they’re the reason we lost last night. 1-0 Celtic in an absolutely shambolic game that leaves sensible folk questioning our ability to deliver the league, but the faithful through and through brigade will say “told you so” and back Lennon to the hilt. Genuinely scunnered and half expecting Motherwell to get something from this.
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