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  1. Probably a Roy Keane and Paul Lambert dream team with John Barnes as DOF
  2. Quite a bit of word by mouth rumours about him aye, might be jealousy I suppose but given the situation it’s easy to believe. Although the possibility that some moron has decided it’s time for a purge and is going after affluent businessmen is also a possibility.
  3. It’s in a few red tops tbf. And yeah, it seems to be a growing thing. A pub round the corner for me got firebombed during broad day light and the guys van too. Then a purported gangster that runs nightclubs got similar treatment to what PL did a few days ago.
  4. Hibs would have won it for me as their video production was top notch, would have believed it was an EPL team… But their microphone was like some AMSR levels of sensitive, at times it felt like they were talking through a bag of sand whilst chewing the mic. Therefore Aberdeen’s Red TV gets it. Celtic TV was abysmal pish.
  5. Can someone collect Stormzy please? I fear he’ll be in here all day now trying to provide evidence of how compassionate and empathetic he is.
  6. One being perfectly legal and allowed under restrictions at the time... And the other... Well aye, booooo we all hate Rangers and want to unjustly persecute them. or something like that.
  7. Steven Davis is a different type of player to Brown (definitely more technically gifted.) I suppose you’d argue either way who’s better or more successful. Ultimately the Green and the Blue won’t agree on it any way... So lets argue about who the next Celtic manager will be and why it’s going to be two years before we challenge for the title again.
  8. I suppose the unfounded arrogance from the Rangers fans over the last 9 years has finally given them the opportunity to gloat. That and our utter capitulation. 2-0 Rangers, Scott Brown to be completely anonymous and Christie to miss the target 5 or more times.
  9. Not really sure how it’s only 1-0 in all honesty. Embarrassing performance so far.
  10. Only here for the food to be honest. Accies to continue their dominance of Lanarkshire.
  11. I’m amazed anyone reads anything by James Forrest, attempted womaniser, flasher and down right horrible human being. Not the footballer, before the joke is made. The guy writes like a monkey smashing its face on a keyboard and attempts to play both sides of the fence. His recent stuff is just laden with a weird political tinge about the Tories and quotes from historical books with zero relevance.
  12. A lot of the regulations are flippant and thrown away for clubs if they’re of financial gain to the tournament. I’m also certain the wee guy that drafted the rules has been on a permanent holiday.
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