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  1. For an apparent St Mirren fan your posts have a bit of anti-Celtic venom about them at every turn.
  2. Some sort of European diddy league? I’d watch that.
  3. WhatsApp rumours being punted around a LMS chat I’m in saying it’s a done deal and GVB will be announced at 10am, feel free to hold your breath.
  4. My dads greatest ever Celt, privledged enough as a child to share his company whilst the dads talked shop. ”here’s a pound wee man”
  5. Man purported to be a catholic, his daughter is called Lourdes after all, driven out by anti-Protestant racism… Yes. Definitely the reason, not the fact his old club are skint and Villa are one of the top spending clubs recently.
  6. Surely a proper loyal manager would wait until at least February to chuck it?
  7. Motherwell’s collective arse has collapsed. This’ll be a hiding
  8. Not knowing whose body belongs to who, so just photoshopping random heads on…
  9. Still waiting to be informed what this song about Austin’s family is? Only thing I can come up with is one about Neil McCann as a tenuous link, but I don’t think we have a song about him either?
  10. He loves that scissor motion tackle doesn’t he? That’s a VAR favourite for a red down south as well.
  11. Social media awash with angry people claiming Aberdeen didn’t respect the silence, but I don’t see any fury on here so I’m assuming it was followed?
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