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  1. Good luck to our brothers in blue tonight, if luck goes your way and you play to your best you might manage a shot on target that actually troubles the keeper.
  2. Plus MK Dons and the other Wimbledon team are both trying to claim the originals history.
  3. I had been lead to believe these were decent just by the amount of folk with the boxes at our games. Disappointing offering but somehow not the worst we’ll ever see. I follow Footy Food on Facebook and some of the stuff is beyond grim.
  4. Salty Motherwell fan hitting out with the red votes despite it being the truth they disagree with…
  5. If only we had taken our chances it would have been a by far more comfortable game.
  6. Imagine having your right to vote on the deal removed for stalling said deal over your own childish entitlement.
  7. Of all the Rangers fan in my work I only know of one that actively wants Scotland to do well. A large number have it in their head the SFA and SNT are out to get them, then the rest “don’t care.”
  8. I actually knew you’d come back with this, almost four year old data is entirely redundant. Would you say the majority of the % of Rangers fans amongst your support are pro-Scotland?
  9. Anyway, pointless argument aside… Smash Ireland to ensure the group is still in our hands. Bonkers to think we got gubbed by a team that hasn’t had a shot on target in weeks… Shame really. Had we won at the Aviva a win on Saturday would be enough.
  10. The only thing backing you up is a 2019 article post by… RangersNews. It would be like me using CelticQuickNews.
  11. Disproves the notion that what I posted is “shite.”
  12. One look at your fans social media and fan forums disproves this bud. Theres multi-page threads and comments sections of vitriol towards anyone that dares support Scotland amongst your support.
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