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  1. So Park and Tiny were signed to play for no money.PISH
  2. Get someone in that can work with a tight budget. Spank can. he did it at Craigmark.
  3. He brought the players in. they aren't good enough. and either is he.
  4. What you win as a player has nothing to do with keeping your job as manager. Lucky to even get a point v Troon. only got it because Troon had 2 sent off.
  5. 1 of the reasons Del left is because of the manager and the way he worked.
  6. You are correct Spank did great at Craigmark. Baillie has Maybole flying since he came in.so why not.
  7. Looking at some teams this season. maybe a change is needed. Hurlford and Beith both struggling. Maybe a team up of 2 good coaches like Baillie and the lad Spank.
  8. Big Jonny has turned it round at Maybole, that’s 2 weeks without a defeat.
  9. Also heard this, changed days from the promotion winning side that played for next to nothing.
  10. I sew the manager in the local paper moaning about players missing, i'm sure he was in the paper a few weeks back saying its his best squad ever!
  11. He will not do any worries than some of his past coaches, what about Baillie and Ian Patterson as co managers with Carlo as director of football.
  12. What they are saying is true though, Big Baillie will get something out these players, very good coach, maybe he could get the managers job.
  13. How is it unfair? 3 defeats, he's dropped 3 leagues, should have been sacked ages ago.
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