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  1. Girvan blocking deals for players leaving. Shocking from them.
  2. Correct, but a guy at work told me differently.
  3. Girvan and Whitletts both stopping players moving, so i was told from a guy at work.
  4. Whitletts and Girvan players on the move, think they will struggle when they come back next season.
  5. You telling me there’s no player on £50 or more a week??????
  6. Good few players on £50+ for the season coming. Boys on loan last season on £60/70. Last manager had boys on £200 a season.
  7. How is it fabricated? The old manager probably won more games in one season, than the current manager has is all the time he’s been a manager.
  8. Heard this to, strange when you look at how the manager has done at all his clubs. Old manager had next to no budget.
  9. Teams are still training, any team saying that they aren’t are heavy bullshitting.
  10. Stuart peacocks back yard has Astro.
  11. Maybole are training in someone’s back garden. Lol.
  12. Hearing that a few teams in south Ayrshire are back training.
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