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  1. Stuart peacocks back yard has Astro.
  2. Maybole are training in someone’s back garden. Lol.
  3. Hearing that a few teams in south Ayrshire are back training.
  4. Friend at work said maybole are splashing the cash.
  5. £100 a week at mayboles level is throwing money away.
  6. Players on £100 a week. Man should be sacked.
  7. I see Craigmark have signed all the boys on another year deal 🤥🤥
  8. Would be interesting to see if any experienced managers applied. Did hear that Mcmillan was in for it. He’s local and knows the area.
  9. Hardly spent money. He upped boys wages at Girvan. One of best managers in juniors no way.
  10. Long enough to almost relegate them. He’s stay as Girvan manager next year.
  11. Not very convincing I was told.
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