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  1. Hi U4PB here. I'm a enormous fan of the website. From 2009 to 2020 I've visited it more than 3,000 days or 92% of available days if you're a statistician. But my posting and indeed my life has reached a cross roads, and the road marking loom as I ponder whether to 'Give Way or 'Stop,automatic handbrake on and ditch the website forever. Why, because I'm sick of the idea this is a loosely moderated website! I don't think I've had a warning even once in 11 years of interrupted posting but you can get an outright ban for posting as a banned poster, despite not posting anything remotely offensive ever. I was delighted when the sensible moderator okayed my last account, only to be banned a couple of posts later when discussing who'll play CB against Israel. What does it boil down too and its just simple postcode jealousy - and we as an online community forum needs to be better than this. We must be better than this and we can be better than this. I propose a 2nd house where the moderators must clear their work with some of the forums' smarter voices. Get it right and they'll be banned, get it wrong and they poster and the jury allows the 'picked on' poster #whyalwaysme to a free 100 red dots to paintball the weak. @MixuFixit @Rugster @Marshmallo @Tynierose To strive for the gold standard in online football forum moderating. I propose this motion in my name and in my counties name (#perthshire)
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