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  1. I think the most likely winner is Mordaunt because she possesses all of the qualities Tories like (general malice and visceral dislike of the disadvantaged) and none of the negative characteristics they dislike (wrong skin tone). Short-sighted of the Tories if this comes to pass; who better to heal any ruptures in the Conservative Party than Truss.
  2. See below for some of the issues closest to the heart of Bone and his chums. The commentary is provided by Labour List. I think these illustrate their true natures and priorities; you probably agree, but quite like them. 'https://labourlist.org/2013/06/the-tory-talibans-alternative-queens-speech-in-full/ 1. Face Coverings (Prohibition) – banning the Burka 7. Prisoners (Completion of Custodial Sentences) – all criminals would have to serve their full sentences 8. Fishing Grounds and Territorial Waters (Repatriation) – claim certain fishing areas as “sovereign” UK territory 9. School Governing Bodies (Adverse Weather Conditions) – schools will be forced to open during adverse weather 10. Capital Punishment – introducing the death penalty 11. Government Departments – Amalgamates the Scotland Office, Wales Office and Northern Ireland Office 13. Equality and Diversity (Reform) – make positive discrimination illegal. Also would make Labour’s use of AWS illegal 18. Margaret Thatcher Day – renaming the August Bank Holiday after Thatcher 19. Department of Energy and Climate Change (Abolition) – ending co-ordinated attempts to deal with climate change 21. Foreign Aid Ring-Fencing (Abolition) – ending the UK’s commitment to 0.7% GDP spending on aid 22. Charitable Status for Religious Institutions – assumes all religious institutions are automatically charities 21. Foreign Aid Ring-Fencing (Abolition) – ending the UK’s commitment to 0.7% GDP spending on aid 22. Charitable Status for Religious Institutions – assumes all religious institutions are automatically charities 28. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Abolition) – abolishes Nick Clegg 30. United Kingdom (Withdrawal from the European Union) – leaving the EU (again) 31. Asylum (Time Limit) – places a time limit (3 months) on how long an asylum seeker has to claim asylum 32. Benefit Entitlement (Restriction) – restricts EU citizens access to UK benefits 34. Sexual Impropriety in Employment – abolishes sexual harassment cases in the workplace (except if a crime has been committed) 35. Collection of Nationality Data – data to be collected on the nationality of benefit claimants 36. Foreign Nationals (Access to Public Services) 39. Employment Opportunities – presumably another attempt to undermine the minimum wage and employment rights
  3. "Every Prime Minister needs a Willie" - Margaret Thatcher.
  4. Worse than that - I think there are eleven possibilities.
  5. Can't be certain since I haven't been involved in this area for quite a while, but I think Guarantee Pension Credit is higher than the maximum state pension. Fairly sure there are several welfare rights experts posting on P&B who can confirm or contradict this.
  6. In fairness, Bertolt died in 1956. You're a hard taskmaster.
  7. Only posting this to boost the egos of literally everyone continuing with this awful puzzle. My last four attempts have been two fails, a four and a six, I am the Cowdenbeath of Wordle, Back to work tomorrow with a spring in your step. Wordle 386 6/6
  8. Wordle 385 X/6 Failed two of the last three. I've let my family down, I've let the school down etc.
  9. Wordle 384 4/6 Current streak. I am reborn.
  10. As I understand it, "a Darwinian System" does not imply some form of meritocracy in which the person with the most positive qualities is most successful in any circumstances. Rather, unfortunately, success depends on possession of characteristics best suited to thrive in a specific environment. Given that the environment in question is that of appalling Tory politics, we have a situation where Tory MPs (predominantly c***s) and Tory party members (almost exclusively c***s), will decide on who best reflects their concerns and interests. Wee bit fanciful, I suppose, but if Darwinism is applicable here then, these two should be front-runners for that electorate.
  11. Wordle 383 X/6 There are two meanings to that word and I am feeling none of the second meaning.
  12. Wordle 382 4/6 The Taff didn't carry on like this.
  13. The article reads as if Henry McLeish was going to batter him. Our 'enry.
  14. Wordle 374 4/6 Wordle 374 4/6
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