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  1. Good to see full contact won’t be far away, looking forward to going to watch some games in the not so distant future.
  2. Not true.. no one at Crosshouse has or has had covid. We as a club are all fit and healthy, there is no truth in that whatsoever and totally unsubstantiated. Glenburn also as far as I know are in the same position as ourselves.
  3. Crosshouse 0-5 Glenburn. Kinda hard on Crosshouse I would say as it wasn’t really a 5-0 game, Glenburn were lethal and finished every chance they had,self made or otherwise. Crosshouse has chances of their own and it was a bit hard on them not getting a goal in the end but Glenburn were really impressive, everyone they brought on never weakened the side. I real strong side this season and won’t be far away in my opinion.
  4. Was working at a house that looks onto the catrine pitch and it looked in decent condition. We play Glenburn in Pre season also so I hope they’re not full strength aswell haha.
  5. Games starting the 19th sept then every week there after.
  6. Crosshouse play 2 of the potential top 3 candidates in the premier in pre season so we’ll see how we get on against good strong Sides.
  7. I think we’ll be lucky to get the league up and running before Xmas.
  8. I’m sure the guy has something to offer shortlees or they wouldn’t have took him on, it’s as simple as that. I don’t know the guy but Good luck to him when the season gets up and running... also I wouldn’t be too quick to judge on the guys efforts on the sidelines as it’s not as easy as some folk think.
  9. The lads you’ve mentioned like I said have happily signed on for nxt season and are showing every bit of commitment required for the coming season and no incline of wanting to go elsewhere. But yes rumours are rife this time of the year, suppose coz Galston NEED all these players then it’s inevitable that they’ll get linked with a lot of the lads at various teams. If they didn’t need as much then you’d find they wouldn’t be involved in as many rumours as they are likely.
  10. just to be clear crosshouse have signed all but 1 player from last season who has went to shortlees so Galston obtaining lads from them is wide off the mark.
  11. We’ve been training last two weeks. First group of 5/6 arrive, train for 50 mins or so then leave with the nxt group arriving to do the same. Records of who trains when and times are kept for all sessions. All non contact obviously for now.
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