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  1. Has anyone taken this job seen on twitter they won 8-2 at the weekend
  2. It is planned that live events such as concerts and comedy will be allowed outdoors from 24 August, with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted audience numbers. It is hoped that organised outdoor contact sports can resume for people of all ages on the same date’ this is what was said at yesterday's press release by sturgeon so if things stay the way they are I can't see why it wouldn't happen
  3. So with todays announcement it could be possible for football to be back at the end of August not too far away
  4. With the announcement today it looks like it is possible for outdoor sports to begin middle of July. I wonder now if the safa shall allow training in smaller groups to resume.
  5. St Cadocs not ground sharing with St Roch's ...... There is a possibility that the council could rent out a place and St Cadocs have it as there own and any upgrades need to make it viable St Cadocs need to pay for it .... I think this is what Caley braves done with their place which was a North Lanarkshire up until the start of this season
  6. Haven't seen anything on twitter or anywhere else .....
  7. How they got away with taking a local facility away from a fair few teams and boys clubs is shocking.... But a suppose that's for another thread
  8. I think people shall want to get back into football more than ever just now with everyone been stuck in with nothing to do.... The main concern for me is the financial side to keep clubs running sponsorship shall be very difficult to get who's really going to want to hand out cash to amateur teams with not much or nothing in return
  9. Who do Caledonian braves share with thought they had their own place now... That they got of the council the old Bothwellhaugh
  10. Yeah they can be but do you really think they are going to take enough amateur players to cause the amateur game to fold probably not the good teams with those sorts of ambitions will throw money at players in the leagues higher than them.. There will of course be the odd few players from the amateur game but I don't think it's anything to worry about
  11. It's not going to be any worse than when it was juniors.... In my view as it stands just now its still the juniors just rebranded.... The junior leagues never killed the amateur game so why should the wos. There is enough good amateur teams about that if a player was good enough to progress it would happen amateur to wos anyway.
  12. Think that route would end up killing the amateur game... It would probably make more amateur teams fold
  13. Definitely not too many good amateur teams about for one team to win all the time now.
  14. That reply was more to ginaros about amateur football should be regionalised.... As for amateur teams getting promoted to the wosfl a don't know if that would work for that to happen there would have to be a team relegated which won't happen as I am assuming most teams in the wosfl shall be paying their players. If amateur teams want to take the step up then that's fine but they would have to do it the way Drumchapel Glasgow uni and the other amateur teams have done to gain access to wosfl.
  15. Regionalised leagues aren't the answer either one or two teams could potentially win everything every season who wants that hence why the caley and central have teams from a few different regions.
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