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  1. Made a coupe of good saves in there and no much he could do about the goals so still don't know if he is any good. Only way we will know is by seeing him play.
  2. Has anyone actually seen him play a game? For all we know he might actually be a good keeper. Just saying.
  3. So who would you like to see us sign? Just mind we are in the 3rd Tier of Scottish football no the premier league.
  4. Cant wit to see who else is to be announced.
  5. Well the BBC have confirmed McGlynn is leaving RR and say hes prob on his way to us along with a couple of players who are out of contract at RR https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61311098
  6. Who do Falkirk fans really want as the next new manager? And who can we realistically expect to get as the new manager?
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a Falkirk flag. My sons team, Falkirk 2008 blues, are playing in the West Lothian Divisional Cup final on Friday night, and we are trying get a flag or 2 so we can show our support.
  8. The more I think about it the game being abandoned isn't a bad thing. Rennie and Miller have now seen what they are dealing with in a game situation and will give them this week to work on it. Should be interesting on Saturday to see what they have managed to get over to the players.
  9. Was funny to hear him going mental just before half time at the rest of his team as he wasnt getting anywhere near the ball.
  10. Not heard anything yet however last couple of games there not been any Pay at the Gate just need to buy the ticket prior to the game.
  11. I have heard there is a Development game next Tuesday at TFS against Hearts. Not sure if its a league game or friendly.
  12. Found it. Its on the ticketing update the club put out 2 days ago. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2021/08/04/falkirk-v-peterhead-ticketing-update/
  13. Im sure I read somewhere they wont be open but not sure where i read it.
  14. Would assume 1 of the 3 remaining sections will be for the Peterhead fan than decides to come down for the game.
  15. I was quite happy with how they played yesterday. Play like that against the teams in league 1 and we should be OK. However would say we need a new striker as, although Dowds put a shift in it just ain't working for him and not sure about Wilson. Center of the defence is also a worry. Could do with someone with a bit of pace in there as looked slow yesterday.
  16. The way I see it there are 2 ways of thinking here. 1: The fans put their hands in their pockets and buy season tickets etc which should hopefully allow the management to get the right players in and get us up the leagues or 2: The fans don't put their hands in their pockets, which then has the knock on effect on the team as we cant go out and get the players that will improve us. Cause if we are all honest we cant see the BOD putting up any more of their money if they aint getting success on the pitch. I don't like what is going on at the club just now and I do believe there is a lot to be worked on but I think the 1 thing all fans want to see if Falkirk back where we belong. It downs to each individual how they want to go about it but I for one will be buying my season tickets as its the only way I can see us getting a team together that will lift us back up.
  17. Cheers for the info. Seems like an OK offer but would have been shocked if it had been taken seeing Rawlings are just in the door. They prob want to see how it is first before either putting more money in or giving up some control.
  18. I've read alot about this £600k investment that was turned down by the club but so far I aint seen anything that tells me what the consortium wanted in return. Can someone tell me what they wanted in return and how reliable the source is. Sometimes what us being asked for isn't reasonable and that's why the offer was rejected. Just saying.
  19. Anyone have a discount code for Premier Sports. Tried 'FOOTBALL1' but didn't work. Wanna watch the game on Friday.
  20. Is this for the subscription through Sky or just the online one?
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