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  1. Yeah that's why I was asking. Celtic fans are fairly audible on the stream I'm watching and it's just been the usual songs back to back not heard anything I didn't recognise. Can't imagine too many would join in, in any case.
  2. I saw that and will probably buy it but will I be able to go to tomorrow's game if its my first time at Pittodrie?
  3. Is anyone selling their tickets for Sunday or know where I could get 2? I've just moved to Aberdeen and can't buy tickets myself because you can't buy tickets for the first time against Celtic or Rangers.
  4. Hopefully if St Johnstone play group stage football we will see an increase in crowd numbers for league games. But I don't think there was a big turn out at the weekend unfortunately. 5.7k which is fairly normal for games v United with over 2,000 away fans.
  5. Looks like it will surely be a sellout then which is good. Just a shame more didn't turn up on Saturday. Only 5700 with 2-3k United fans.
  6. Over 5k tickets left I make it. Surely there will be over 15,000 sold given that was the attendance for Breidablik which was more expensive.
  7. The number of tickets sold is on the website and social media. Not all tickets go on sale at the same time. Its why there is sections that are entirely empty for some games, because they aren't opened unless it's needed.
  8. Think it's only 11,000 sold so far. But considering there was 15k v Breidablik and tickets are cheaper I think it will be fairly close to a full house.
  9. I don't see Celtic or Rangers finishing above any of those teams in Pot 1 or 3. Malmo are probably the weakest and they just saw off Rangers. Even the pot 4 sides look good.
  10. Celtic going through is probably not a good thing for the coefficient. They could top their group in the Conference League depending on who they get in Pot 2. Looking at the Europa League groups I think Celtic would probably finish bottom.
  11. Scotland up to 8th in the coefficient ranking, overtaking Russia. It likely won't last as Russia have 3 teams in the group stages but still worth mentioning (the highest we've been this century is 9th in 2003). Rangers will most likely be in the Europa League but you'd expect Celtic to lose to AZ and drop into the Conference groups where they'd be pot 1. Definite chance of racking up some points there.
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