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  1. There is definitely regionalisation in mind there which is probably a good thing. Means Motherwell will likely avoid teams from Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus but will be able to play the Scandinavian teams. Will find out the 5 possible opponents later tonight, I'd imagine it will mostly be Welsh, Irish, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, San Marino and Andorran sides with just the 1 or 2 Scandinavian teams to avoid.
  2. Would say about half of those are beatable and the other half would be a big ask. Getting a first round winner would be the best draw apart from the Polish sides and Dinamo Minsk. I think the groups are usually released late the night before so will have a better idea then.
  3. Yeah I don't have a problem with that it's just that you tried to equate Celtic's wearing of green to Rangers orange connection. Of course I don't want Hibs to change, but Hibs wear green for the exact same reason Celtic do so it's hard for a Hibs fan to critisise Celtic for it. Celtic and Hibs wearing green isn't really the same argument as Rangers new orange stuff. You said being proud of the Irish history coincides with bigotry and hatred if you're a Celtic fan, which also surprised me given plenty of Hibs fans are proud of their history as well. I suppose everyone views it differently
  4. I didn't say Celtic weren't a Scottish side. You equated using the use of green to represent Ireland with Rangers orange connection. And that being proud to be Irish makes you a bigot. If that's your opinion then fair enough but at least stand by it. I just found it a surprising claim from a Hibs fan who also wear green of Ireland, are named after Ireland, and have fans who will wave a tricolour or Irish Harp.
  5. Are Hibs' colours nothing to do with Ireland? As well as their name and club motto. If being proud to be Irish makes you a bigot, why would you support Hibs?
  6. Of course you can get into the fine details on Scotland and the UK's international status but I think the point is still there. In Scotland people find it strange or offensive to see people identify with another country where they don't live. I'm just saying can you not see the similarities with the large percentage of Scots who don't identify with the country they live in (UK) and don't sing GSTQ or wave a union jack? I wouldn't ever critisise a Scottish person who doesn't sing God save the Queen or wave a union jack because they have their own valid reasons. Same with Liverpudlians and the same with Celtic fans.
  7. Couldn't you use the same argument to say that clubs in Scotland should all wave a Union Jack as its the country they are in?
  8. Wales and Northern Ireland always send their best 2 teams because of the quality of their league. It's only the league of Ireland that sends the teams outside Europe because its a stronger league. If you put the Irish league winners and runners up they would probably end up winnning the cup every other year.
  9. Boys of the Old Brigade isn't sectarian it's a song about Irish independence. Even if it upsets people in Scotland that countries chose to leave the British Empire, it is irrelevant. Ireland is an independent nation recognised by the UN, its not a pariah terrorist state where you can ban anything to do with the country.
  10. Rangers winning the Europa makes no difference to anyone else in Scotland. 4th still goes into the 3rd qualifying round and 5th goes into the 2nd qualifying round. The Scottish team will be seeded in the 2nd qualifying round but probably unseeded in the 3rd.
  11. Rangers no longer the most successful club in the world by any measure. Must be mixed feelings though with it being Linfield.
  12. I think the runners-up will now enter the 3rd Qualifying round instead of the 2nd. The ban makes no difference to any team except Rangers (unless Villarreal win the CL) who got bumped up a round. Everyone else enters where they would have anyway.
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