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  1. I heard it was in the region of £250k a year which wasn't an issue when we were in the top league and turning over £3 million. However, the club 'forgot' to add a clause with a sliding scale linking the amount paid to our league position. Hence we continue to pay in League 1 what we would be paying if we were still in the Premier League.
  2. PM sent - the Trust have a number of internal & external photos taken in 2001 which may be of use to you.
  3. Thought someone might be interested in bidding for this, need to be quick though before it is snapped up
  4. In that case would the club not be best to leave the match to 10/11th Dec as scheduled? I'd imagine a Thursday night game would draw a smaller crowd and a corresponding drop in hospitality income etc. Only upside of a Thursday evening match on TV would appear to be the national exposure that televising the game would give the club.
  5. If I recall correctly Rooney left Aberdeen after he received a £3.5k per week offer from Salford who at the time were in the National League. Subsequently moved to Solihull Moors, no doubt on reduced terms, but it would be difficult to imagine Falkirk being able to accommodate his wage demands unless a local businessman was prepared to chip in.
  6. Yes, I'd be happy enough if FSS applied an uplift of say, 5%, every 12 months to my monthly contribution. £10 per month just now automatically increasing to £10.50 per month next year isn't going to have a great impact on me, but the compound effect of several hundred fans increasing contribution by a fixed percentage every year would add up to a few thousand extra shares each year being purchased by FSS.
  7. Did Gary Deans not say at the AGM a couple of seasons back that the club were paying Falkirk Council approx £250k per year as a facilities management fee?
  8. Looks like it, I'm getting this message: This server could not prove that it is bettermeddle.org.uk; its security certificate expired 5 days ago. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Your computer's clock is currently set to Wednesday, 4 May 2022. Does that look right? If not, you should correct your system's clock and then refresh this page.
  9. Latest update are here: Falkirk Supporters’ Society | News
  10. Well said, I'm fed up reading about something that never actually happened i.e. the signing. Whether or not the BoD seriously considered offering him a contract is irrelevant because we never signed him. Those continually harping on about Goodwillie signing that never was are either trolls or have an agenda of some sort.
  11. How was his time at Killie viewed by the fans?
  12. Looks like they've added 1000 non attending season ticket holders to the actual crowd to get to that figure.
  13. I found myself counting the crowd today to take my mind off what was being served up on the pitch. Dont know what the 'official' attendance will be announced as but the 'actual' attendance was in the region of 2,200.
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