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  1. Shocking, an absolute disconnect between club and fans that the club don't even seem to be aware of.
  2. Don’t want to say tbh. Hopefully both parties can come to an agreement.
  3. Kingsley is currently back living in Falkirk . His injuries over the last few years and lack of game time coupled with the Covid outbreak have led to a couple of moves falling through. It might be that signing a short term contract, say 6 months?, with Falkirk would work out for both parties. He gets to play football regularly and hopefully proves his injuries are behind him, the club benefit from having a player capable of playing at a much higher level. If something could be worked out and subsequently another club came in for him during the period of the short term contract then I don’t think Falkirk would stand in his way. Also I don’t think money would be an issue in this scenario, he will already be a wealthy young man from his time down South. I’d give it a 25% chance of happening, fingers crossed.
  4. Stephen Kingsley will be one of the triallists for Falkirk today.
  5. I spoke to a Director about an unrelated matter last year who told me in conversation that the cIub make so little money from alcohol sales in hospitality that its hardly worth doing it. From memory I think he said that all food/drink sales go via the Stadium Development company and FFC get a minority share of any profits after costs etc etc. I have a vague recollection of FFC receiving five pence profit for every bottle of beer sold in hospitality being quoted.
  6. Stolen from the COYB Facebook page. Jinky and Sir Stanley Matthews finally fulfil their boyhood ambitions to pull on a Falkirk shirt. Charity match at the Grangemouth Stadium, early 70's.
  7. Anyone know which ground this picture was taken at? Bairns looking calm despite the pitch invasion going on behind them.
  8. Yes, Watson scored in 30 minutes to put as 1-0 up, a Persson equaliser in 38 minutes and a winner three minutes from the end scored by Johnston saw us beaten 2-1. Ended up the season being relegated along with Arbroath. However spent only one season in Division 2 and came straight back up as Champions.
  9. Looks a sore one. What is on the back of the top, Hearts Trainer? Falkirk in unfamiliar second kit.
  10. Season 1968/69 again. John Markie attempts to retrieve the ball from the feet of Jimmy Johnstone at Celtic Park. Despite scoring twice Falkirk lost 5-2.
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