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  1. Morton game now Tues 4th October Cove away now Fri 4th November (on TV) And they’ve also quietly slipped in another Friday night Ochilview special on 14th October Stenny are at home on Saturday the 15th which makes it all the more laughable that the Club President seemingly told people that there would be no more Friday games other than for TV
  2. It’s particularly galling that the entire west side of the ground is being used for this, leaving us with a capacity that is just not fit for purpose (and that’s not even considering our alleged ambitions to grow the club in the community) “Bigger and Better for Lesser Hampden” was the laughable headline when this shambles was announced.
  3. Really quite glad that our CEOs repeated attempts to convince Jack Ross to be our head coach were unsuccessful
  4. Yeah as much as I thought he was a good player for us, I don’t think he comes across well at all on that podcast
  5. Nice of Akinola to run the opposite direction from Tommy Robson for his goal
  6. Malachi Boateng is the best footballer in the world
  7. Wasn’t there today but certainly would have taken a point. Looking forward to the next couple of home games. Disappointing to hear though that Lee Kilday did his sit down then walk off the park thing again. How many times is that now?
  8. One 34 seater bus was all the company (Parks) have available for this weekend.
  9. Another week done and we haven’t added a single player to the squad that went to Holland. This despite all the chat that the team would look considerably different by the time the league started……….big week ahead then
  10. I suggest as many people as possible contact as many club officials as they can about this as possible. Both the “public facing” ones and the ones that have been in hiding for months. There are genuine grounds for season ticket refunds to be demanded here.
  11. The Ayr game has now been moved to the Friday night. No reason has been publicised, presumably because we are too embarrassed to highlight that Syngenta FC (EOSFL div 2) are at home that day and clearly have priority over us for use of Ochilview. We can expect something similar for the Partick Thistle game the following week and Raith Rovers in October no doubt. Selling season tickets (remember those kids prices!) without making people aware of this is the latest in a long line of actions showing utter contempt for the support.
  12. Dreadful first half, better second tonight. If Lewis Moore hasn’t fallen over instead of shooting at the end we’d have taken it to penalties. I think the weaknesses in the team were exposed by the first decent side we’ve played. Davidson, Kilday (before he sat down then walked off the park again) and Thompson were miles off it Impressed with Jarrett and Savoury along with Charlie Fox
  13. Hopefully the Mcpake deal gets confirmed in time for the game on Tuesday. I do wonder if Coyle might be looking at adding a strong defensive midfielder to the squad. Liam Brown and Patrick Jarrett are good footballers but don’t offer a lot of protection to the back four. Jack Thomson is obviously highly thought of (given the recent contract extensions) but I’m not sure if he is quite ready yet to fill that role in the Championship every week. We could use an alternative option at least.
  14. Daily Record transfer guy reporting Josh Mcpake is coming to us on loan from Rangers, a few clubs were interested but agreement been reached for him to join QP
  15. Indee, crowd shots are excellent when they show the whole support or a particular group celebrating a goal etc……but zoomed-in, individual shots of people browsing their phones or eating a pie are a bit creepy at times
  16. Yes it was really disheartening to read that tweet knowing how much the lad in question has been enjoying coming to Queen’s Park games in recent months. I sadly don’t hold out much hope for a change in the bus policies given how they have doubled down on the disgraceful season ticket prices for young kids. Wonder if either of these matters will come up on Leeann Dempsters next podcast appearance…….
  17. In news that will surprise no one, the ticket purchasing site for tomorrows game isn’t actually letting you buy a ticket (either for the home or away ends)
  18. Exactly For all Irn Bru have “brand recognition” they didn’t actually pay us that much. So I don’t agree that this should be filed in the (already bursting) blunder folder
  19. He played a couple of games in the Glasgow Cup as a trialist for us towards the end of the season. Think he did ok but doesn’t seem to have been involved in any of our pre season training
  20. Grant Savoury looks to be an outstanding player
  21. I think your are spot on with this, accurate rather than cynical
  22. After a rigorous interview process, Owen Coyle Jr has been appointed Head Coach of Young Queen’s Park
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