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  1. Yea it is so hard to properly enjoy winning a game these days. Other teams fans repeatedly pointing out that we don’t have an acceptable size of support sure puts a dampener on things doesn’t it
  2. I see ticket sales are now open for the Hamilton game at Hampden but there doesn’t seem to be any reductions or incentives on the ticket pricing which I’m a bit surprised at
  3. Eze has two headed goals from corners already this season. I’d say he did a pretty good job out battling the Partick Thistle defender at Firhill.
  4. Got a bad head knock against Cove so concussion protocol applied. Although he may find himself on the bench now with Charlie Fox back
  5. I wouldn’t be starting him straight away when he’s back fit either but worth noting we have won games against Arbroath, Raith Rovers, Cliftonville, Cove Rangers, Hamilton and Partick Thistle with him starting so I’ve certainly not written him off yet as others seem to have done
  6. Any time I have seen them questioned on it they have no answer and just pivot to “hospitality when there are gigs at Hampden”. Which of course has no relevance to choosing only to have 40 seats overlooking the pitch
  7. From the plans it looks like the concrete from the wheelchair section will block part of the view on the far end of the pitch.
  8. Oh and 30 of the seats at the back (20 non padded, 10 padded) have now been tagged as “restricted view seats”
  9. Believe it or not their middle section is padded seats. Noticed it on the latest version of the planning documents (council website). Good luck to any regular supporters who are hoping for a seat with a good view
  10. Hard to believe that the Democrats “vote for us because………democracy” campaign strategy hasn’t paid off.
  11. Went past it today and there are 6 rows of seats although can imagine the view in the front two rows in particular will be absolutely terrible. I do think the East Stand is about as big as you could make it given the boundary wall which makes the decision to sacrifice the full West Side all the more infuriating.
  12. At times like this it’s worth remembering that QPFC charged 95 pounds for a kids season ticket
  13. Ayr fans continuing to be concerned with the size of our travelling support….. The reality is that our support has held up pretty well considering we haven’t had a home game in the south side of Glasgow since March 2020 We’ve never really had much of a casual support who turn up only for big games. Like Ayr have when an older, more successful, better Ayrshire Team come to town.
  14. to the several club directors who we know read this thread regularly. Any news?
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