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  1. After a rigorous interview process, Owen Coyle Jr has been appointed Head Coach of Young Queen’s Park
  2. I think we have the third most expensive kids season tickets in Scotland and are not far behind Celtic’s cheapest option. Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee United etc all have more affordable options for families and our price sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the Championship (many of whom are free) It is a disgrace
  3. How is the ticketing/turnstyles set up at Ochilview these days? QR Codes + patg etc? We’ve yet to hear any details from QP how match ticketing is going to work for our games there
  4. First friendly on Wednesday where presumably the new kit will be worn, wonder if we are going to get a reveal of it in advance? Also first home League Cup game a fortnight tomorrow with still no word as to how ticketing etc is going to work at Ochilview
  5. Meanwhile they are all off to The Netherlands for a week for some reason along with all the “Young Queen’s Park” players That list is clearly not ready to be a competitive Championship squad. Hopefully someone is working on that while they are away
  6. The emotional rollercoaster of being excited to see a Friday morning tweet from QPFC only to then realise it’s another contract extension for a youth player
  7. For anyone on LinkedIn it’s not difficult to find some of the other companies involved in the build (civils, electrics and the pitch)
  8. At first glance, we seem to be alternate home games with Stenny for the most part so should limit the number of Friday/Sunday games
  9. Not heard anything about that at our end, been very quiet in terms of signing rumours actually. Mostly just been various youth team/apprentice players being paraded this week
  10. Yea whilst these young players are important for the future/new structure (and I’m sure the photos ops etc are a nice moment for them and their families), the lack of news on the senior squad is starting to get a bit frustrating
  11. That would require a new/amended planning application which hasn’t happened
  12. On the Stenny thread it has been suggested our games there will be on Friday nights……………
  13. Someone on the QP thread asked if Syngenta were going to be using Ochilview for games this year, any of you guys know if that is the case? Not sure how that would work for fixtures etc.
  14. Dom Thomas confirmed on a two year deal A proper signing that is
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