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  1. My buttocks are clenching at reading that - time to accept the past is history and the future is the way ahead. Those clinging to the Junior past are those that will soon be left behind.
  2. Ignore the bitter losers, Govan is fine. Get the right part of it and you'll be fine and dandy. Essentially anything with a G51 postcode is what the losers would class as Govan and you can find plenty of great places. 8 and a half years on Langlands Road and proud.
  3. Paying for having that hooky engine last season that masked the problems with the car, now they and Alfa have a shit (but compliant) engine they are screwed.
  4. Its amazing hwo Hearts have gone from being a team that nobody outside of edinburgh gives a single iota of thought about to being the most hated team in Scotland. Managing to make yourself more unpopular than two clubs that exist simply to stoke the fires of religious bigotry and intolerance in the general population is some going.
  5. Starter - Stirling Albion were 8 points off Alloa in top spot with 6 games to play in 2009-10 , tier 3, they went top with 2 games to play and won the title. The Alloa bottle crash was so severe they didn't even win the playoffs. Bound to be bigger ones than that.
  6. NHS must be really struggling if they cant afford uniforms that fit.
  7. As someone whose last remaining parent is 70+ there is no way I'm going to visit him right now when this thing can be in your body for 2 weeks before symptoms show. I don't want to kill him because that p***k at work decided to come in when they had a fever and cough. How can visits from family and neighbours be deemed an acceptable risk but bingo isn't?
  8. Cant void the season as they wouldn't be fulfilling contractual obligations with sponsors and broadcasters never mind fans too. All due money back Any sponsor or broadcaster wanting their money back off the biggest crisis the world has faced since 1962 would be committing commercial suicide.
  9. Somehow do not think I shall be partaking of any trips across the pond for a while.
  10. There is a potential 4 month lockdown coming for anyone over 70, start worrying about next season rather than this one. Its done.
  11. Peston clearly has a govt approved leak to get the news out before any sort of official announcement this week,
  12. So you recommend an article that recommends 5 of the most popular tourist traps. Aye. Ok then.
  13. Juniors are dead mate, cant be any clearer than that.
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