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  1. Yes Where do we collect our asterisk? and, Do we raise it at the first home game?
  2. They can be lactose intolerant, they’re not all inherently lactose intolerant, same as us. None of the working cockers i’ve had have been, fine with an occasional bit of cheese & a mini milk, but they’ve all been hardy little characters, only the odd ear issue. Had a retriever & a yorkie that were intolerant, both show stock, both with loads of other health issues.
  3. Used to think the same on ZX but 600 & some 750 colour ways look good with selvage jeans. Can’t deny them but never got the Jordans obsession but did stoop to a pair of Patrick Ewings.... Has to be gazelle and all that followed, city series, Berlins in standard & reverse & the mint Solebox release. Stockholms, Hamburgs etc
  4. Picked: The Road To Wigan Pier as a thread recommendation, unexpected & enjoyed it more than I thought I would. where next on Orwell?
  5. Looks like they reinstated anybody who didn’t find work elsewhere on Saturday morning
  6. Just listened to the Adam Buxton podcast with her, it’s an ok hour if you need to waste time on a drive. The book joins the ‘i’ll get to it’ list. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6Dt4nS36DO4YyGV5fux7T0?si=wY2t8sc2QnCywo0Xm1RrDg
  7. Bizarre is more Dundee fans commenting on Shankland than tipping up to home cup games
  8. Horrible, never got the obsession over them. Trimm Stars though
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