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  1. For Hibs, who are currently whining about bids for their players being disrespectful, a ‘take it or leave it’ bid would be a bit hypocritical
  2. I agree but at the moment I’m not sure there are any bids for those two from down south. I know there is reported interest but that’s to be expected right now. Now I think the chance of us keeping them is probably slim but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.
  3. I’ve no idea how these things work but if the player is desperate to go, I would sell him and throw a lump of the money at Kerr and McCart
  4. Nope, I’m working so suits me to have a better chance for Saturday
  5. Do we have evidence the manager wanted Kiltie? Or are we just jumping to conclusions?
  6. Congratulations, well deserved. Happy to see you back up
  7. Perhaps a different manager may look at making a different quality signing. Not trying to blame Wright, ah f**k it I am, but Callum doesn’t seem to have a scattergun approach to signings. Particularly not donkey target men
  8. Yeah, saw someone on Twitter with a couple of pics quoting 33 minutes. Not something that I was going to spend any time verifying.
  9. Pretty sure he is the only player to score the winning goal in the 32nd minute in both
  10. According to Caledonia Braves, Gilmour is a great example of why the colts teams should be allowed in the Lowland League
  11. I don’t think we would be nearly as good without Callum. Certainly don’t think we would have had the success
  12. Even if you are thinking that, I’m not sure saying it is a great idea
  13. I said staff, not sure what your point is? If you need clarity, I said it because I think the staff deserve to get some reward for the work they have put in this past year. How they use the ticket(s) they get, if they do, is entirely up to them.
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