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  1. This is exactly how I felt about him but it is difficult to argue against his record. I would guess, moaning about his budget will come next
  2. I love deadline day. It takes knicker wetting to the highest possible level.
  3. Wasn’t the semi final you won superseded by the final you lost in importance? Therefore the two lost are the most important
  4. I wonder if the transfer speculation has been getting to Jamie McCart. He hasn’t quite been at his own high standards recently. He hasn’t been bad but not quite the level he has previously shown.
  5. Seems locality plus time passing has different spellings
  6. Did she mean a minodge? Ménage is often followed by, a trios. I’m not judging
  7. If someone falls off the wall and injures themselves, there will be all sorts of investigations. If it’s then proven that someone previously climbed the wall and Saints did not take all reasonable measures to prevent it happening again then they will get absolutely hammered by HSE and probably the football authorities too. Closing the section is a reasonable measure. It’s really not too difficult to understand
  8. For Hibs, who are currently whining about bids for their players being disrespectful, a ‘take it or leave it’ bid would be a bit hypocritical
  9. I agree but at the moment I’m not sure there are any bids for those two from down south. I know there is reported interest but that’s to be expected right now. Now I think the chance of us keeping them is probably slim but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.
  10. I’ve no idea how these things work but if the player is desperate to go, I would sell him and throw a lump of the money at Kerr and McCart
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