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  1. It’s about having a chairman/board that see the bigger picture. Also have a look at the names you mentioned, all were young in managerial terms other than Wright who was assistant to Lomas. The board do their homework and are confident in the work they have done
  2. Not unhappy at all at Bryson signing for another year. Has proved his worth.
  3. Been poor defending balls to the back post tonight
  4. That’s as clear a penalty as you’ll ever see, he leans into it.
  5. Poor performance with Clark particularly bad, a clean sheet and into the next round. If you heard the second part of that first you would probably have thought we had been at least adequate
  6. Not sure if Muzz will be risked. Callum said he is much the same as before the cup final and thinks he could be a big player in the remaining games.
  7. You’ll need us to agree not defend as well
  8. Met Brian Easton a few times, he comes across as a really nice guy. Always willing to spend time to talk
  9. Will need to take this seriously, Brora showed last night what these wee teams can do
  10. I used to work in criminal justice and there is a huge spike after old firm games. It’s such a big spike it’s difficult to argue against it as a causative factor, although as previously stated an abuser will find an excuse no matter what. There are pissed people in Scotland 365 days a year yet there is a spike after old firm games. I am not saying alcohol isn’t a factor but it’s the only game that has such a huge rise in domestic violence after it
  11. I think Callum’s too bright to take over that shitshow. He’ll play the long game
  12. Got a couple of weeks off so that will hopefully help any injuries
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