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  1. Not a great second half performance but I don’t give a shit. Played better and lost
  2. I think we forced them back more rather than them sitting back as Tanser and Melamed’s chances were us hitting them from deep, well deeper than most chances we create
  3. I think last night saw why. United tried to win the game, I’m not sure that was their priority at McDiarmid. As we all know our philosophy of getting the ball wide and crossing into the box hasn’t really worked against packed defences, certainly not with the players that were playing. Last night we saw much more variety too.
  4. I have to say I’m happier tonight than I’ve been. We looked like we could score and can’t say I’ve thought that about every game. First goal was slack and we have to cut these out.
  5. It’s good for Spanish and Italian football. I don’t think they have ever denied taking Scottish was only ever about two clubs
  6. I think it’s £12.99 if you take the rolling monthly contract and £9.99 a month if you sign up for 6 months
  7. Motherwell fans on their thread seem to think Alexander has got it
  8. Brophy, Kilmarnock, I wonder if there may be a link there with someone at the club?
  9. System matters not a jot when that’s the standard of players we have.
  10. I wouldn’t get too optimistic about new faces in January. Not sure our Director of Football Operations, or whatever her title is, will allow anything other than one or two 35-40 year olds come in.
  11. As much as this may be part of it, the club can’t go blabbing about any person’s medical condition. Huge difference to being able to work it out at game time and making announcements if the player hasn’t done it first.
  12. Ah the hard done by Rangers fans. Of course when we come to Ibrox we get in cheap. How the over privileged see the world
  13. They think they are being overcharged? How do you think the rest of us feel? Tv companies bias towards Rangers this season has been ridiculous. How many away games have you played? This the tenth? Less than £2 a game?
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