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  1. It doesn't stop anywhere after just eight games. For me this is the salient point. Things may not be exactly as we wish but I’m not sure that we should be executing anyone at this stage.
  2. You demanded Davidson go if you are to renew your season tickets. I am demanding Messi and Ronaldo be signed to renew mine.
  3. Personally if it was Saints, as a season ticket holder I would buy my next season ticket. The future of the club is the most important thing. I reckon plenty would do the same whether Saints fans, Motherwell fans or fans of any club. I’ll buy mine again next year if I don’t get in this year although having read Dick Van Dyke’s post I’m thinking of not renewing if Saints don’t sign Messi AND Ronaldo.
  4. That’s the type of goal that I’ve seen quite a bit of. I think the keeper believes the defence is going to deal with it, presuming it’s a straightforward cross, or a forward will head it towards goal. Neither happens and the keeper is caught on his heels as it curls into the corner. it’s a stupid goal to be losing.
  5. Very rarely I’ll be happy when we lose and I think we need to vary our attacking play a bit but some of the stuff I’m reading is absolutely ridiculous. There are bellends on social media shouting for Davidson to go. He is a new manager with 8 (eight) games experience ffs.
  6. I was coming on to say something has to change. Our philosophy seems to be built on getting it wide and crosses into the box. Either that has to go or we need to sign a big striker to get on the end of things, although the quality of crosses needs to improve too. Don’t know if the manager thought we would counter attacking a lot but that hasn’t happened, we’ve had a lot of the ball.
  7. My laser surgery must have been brilliant as I’m having no problems at all telling the difference.
  8. Although he didn’t look up to top flight standard everyone around him was absolutely honking too so I’ll give him a bit of leeway.
  9. Streams perfect but Motherwell need to borrow an iPhone to improve the quality of that tinny piped noise.
  10. The perfect hat trick, left foot, right foot, head and it was absolutely baltic.
  11. As much as Duffy wasn’t playing that well everyone round him was absolute dug shit too.
  12. I think we made sure that they were. It’s always one of those, were we so good because they were so bad or were they so bad because we were so good? I’m going to go for the latter. Moved the ball quickly and I think they struggled to get a handle on McNamara and Kerr coming from deep
  13. And that’s why St Mirren fans enjoy a good crowd w**k, they have very little else.
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