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  1. “Time for bed” would be applicable to ANY Pars fan wanting Peter Grant to stay in charge. we’ve not won a league game in front of spectators since February 2020.
  2. Some of you clearly have far too much time on your hands, and it’s great to see it put to good use in these dark times as a Pars fan
  3. Just spat out my tea while on a work teams call. Thanks for that
  4. I’m only on here for the Simpsons memes. Quite frankly some brilliant work from our opposing fans. Well done you magnificent b*****ds.
  5. I thought you were decent. No more no less. On the other hand for all our pretty play at times, there are massive issues with the balance of our team, and leadership. We genuinely are by some distance the worst team in this league right now. Incredible work from Grant.
  6. The ignore function on here is an absolute god send.
  7. If ever an image of ticket sales completely illustrates how Pars fans feel about this fixture right now, this is it. sparsely positioned but almost exclusively close to the aisles and exits for a speedy getaway for when Dorrans sets up their 4th goal.
  8. Damn they got me in their web! I really need to use the bounce site more to help get it going. Once more folk post on there than the other place, then it’s job done. Then see if they go full Enoch Powell to try and win back lost posters.
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