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  1. I just remember the game very well because, (as is alluded to later by BA) we don’t win very often v Morton - even back then. I also recall some interesting articles about the Cameroonian keeper Mr Boe being a bit of a character. Or chancer. One or the other….
  2. I just don’t see how they can justify him staying after their statement was pretty clear that the manner of the relegation was displeasing. Now that’s all on Hughes. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I suspect our new CEO fresh from Celtic, Man City and Notts Forest, isn’t that impressed by seeing 3 defeats and a draw in last 4 games, all with negative football. Cook, in his first interview, spoke about how he trebled season tickets at Forest. He will know fine well that keeping Hughes in charge (regardless of whether it would be the right decision or not) will result in disastrous season ticket sales and therefore smaller budget for the season. Im clinging onto the hope the reason its taking a bit longer, is because there is a huge restructure underway which dictates why it’s taking that time. Its the hope that kills you.
  3. When mentioning Rajamaki etc, How could you possibly forget your legendary goalie, Andre Boe…? 62 caps for Cameroon allegedly, and of course star of a certain game at East End. Happy memories….
  4. Feeling like shite thanks, and frankly Fort William would fancy their chances against our heartless rabble of imposters.
  5. This thread has turned out to be a right treat to read from page 4 onwards Long way to go would not put it past Ayr to win v QOS and us to drop points at firhill.
  6. Shade of shite indeed I think it also comes into play how you feel about the club in that moment. I’m adding in my own take about how distant I think the club is from a lot of its fan base. The Potter 7th season was bad, but I’d argue that it didn’t feel as hopeless and apathetic as this season does. Picking up comment about “awful football”. I’ll stand by that one too. So many games (and this is my opinion about Championship games in general) are stuffy tight horrible to watch. That league 1 season I recall a couple of decent matches in regards to action (not quality!!) and teams being more open. Matter of personal thoughts I suppose. But I fear this season is about to play out in a way that might kill off the shade of shite argument…
  7. I kinda get what you’re saying, but at least with that League 1 team we could at least understand some of the issues were caused by coming back from admin. There was definitely more of a “thankful still got our club” feel about it, which didn’t excuse the underperformance but it didn’t feel as empty and woeful as this season has. Ive been watching the Pars since 1987, and this is by far the worst season for apathy, awful football, and the biggest Underperformance v expectations that I’ve seen from Dunfermline. The managerial appointments, the board communications, the seemingly incredible ability to pull negatives out of positives all the time is just absolutely galling. And it was all so avoidable and foreseeable too.
  8. Right to be clear Grant in my thinking… the board are 60% culpable because they’ve been making the horrendous appointments PG 30% culpable because he set this seasons bar so horrendously low Hughes 10% but that was before todays game, he has at least progressed a little more than Grant did. Not enough agreed, but then for me goes back to the decision to appoint these two in the first place.
  9. For me the culpability is more:- Grant - 30% Hughes - 10% board - 60%
  10. Put me down for a kicking while he’s down at BA thought keeper was excellent and composed. Few times (as illustrated on highlights) where he released ball early from hand and mixed it up.
  11. I was standing in the Pars end in line with it, what surprised me more was the real lack of any reaction from your end or your players. Looked an obvious one to me… and it wasn’t borderline, it looked a good foot or so out the box.
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