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  1. Red star par has just hit out with the “snowflake generation”. I too am waiting on “woke” For the boomer bingo fulL house with Daily Mail Jackpot prize too.
  2. Both articles are horrendous but the blatant homophobia in the cinch one is just incredible.
  3. Unfortunately I’d expect nothing less the other way. When we were cutting about at the level you are at now getting cuffed 5-0 by Stranraer and finishing 7th, we had a fair few from the other side of Kincardine with their “hilarious” gifs and memes. While we sat there and said, “yeh we know we’re shite”. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s quite hard to be original in humour against you because to be honest, Falkirk being so shockingly bad and finding new ways to get worse, takes the edge off how turgid we are. The material has already been used up, and credit where it’s due, the gallows humour is so apparent, you’re doing a better job taking the piss out yourselves than any opponent could. To end, Get it right fuckin up ye 😉
  4. Just getting settled in my seat here lads.... carry on. 🍿
  5. Well that was disappointing. A mere 4 out of 10 on the rant scale. for what it’s worth I agree with you. That’s an awful song for an anthem if you listen to the lyrics.
  6. I knew the goal music would trigger him. I remember a similar conversation on here some time ago and the rant then was Impressive too. He is at least consistent. And very ranty.
  7. I don’t recall it being used before the 2000’s to be honest. Wonder when it started.
  8. Don’t recall anything other than into the valley tbh. It’s a tremendous anthem, everyone knows within a second of it starting that the Pars are here. while we’re at it, goal music “Glad all over” needs a change. How about some proper German Hard House riff. Or here a novel idea, get the players to pick their own goal tunes. Maybe motivate them to score more and hear their own music while they celebrate? Before I hear widespread condemnation, I’d also add every time the opposition score due to an OFW kitkat finger related error, the goal music plays either the circus theme tune or “wah wah wahhhhhh” to motivate him to be less bloody shite. A lot of fun could be had with this....or not
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