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  1. Have yourself a greenie. They were all over this thread like a tramp on chips just a few weeks ago.
  2. Only in your brains bud! Falkirk are playing in League One, and have been since the start of this decade. May well be playing there again next season. He’s managed Raith and Livingston, both in the Championship, and both clubs playing at a higher level than Falkirk.
  3. The biggest gig of his career? Managing Falkirk at the lowest league level he has ever worked at? fucking hell
  4. Agree with this, along with his usual post January slump. Let’s not forget his Rovers team that got out of League 1 did so because of the Covid pause. His only other league win/promotion was in 2009. Hes a dab hand at winning the challenge cup tho to be fair.
  5. This really could be a horrendous season for Falkirk. A loss v Inverness in the Semi final, followed by a McGlynn bottle masterclass in the playoffs, would be the absolute chefs kiss to finish the season. Another season in League 1 for Falkirk triggers decisions that your board will simply have to make to ensure you avoid administration. Part time/hybrid football or what will be the next step? You won’t make THAT much out the cup run to be able to cover up all the losses. After all the hope and hype you’ve been crowing about this season too, makes it all that bit more sweeter for us. Go on, make it a right laugh and choke against Clyde, we’ll see you on the 8th would be a perfect way for us to win this league.
  6. totally agree with you, i think you could make an argument for all 4 of them to be punted next year without too much of a whine. Wighton and McCann I’d keep, Ohara and Todorov if they were to move on then I wouldn’t be too fussed.
  7. Why won’t it work in the Championship? Almost every successful team in that league plays just like we have done. If we go up, strap yourself in, shitfesting is the way forward!
  8. Give that man a lollipop. Falkirk ahead. That little c*** Kennedy.
  9. It was on the Clyde site, but the club has just posted on social that it’s the main stand so fk knows
  10. I read that too, I was surprised we were being put in the main stand after last time where it was getting right to fit everyone in those sections. Maybe they’ve realised that there was a chance we’d out grow that section and need the other stand, hence the change.
  11. Aye he got relegated with us after signing a 2 year deal at the start of last season. Like most of our squad tbf.
  12. Attempt number 3 is due tomorrow. Dundee fans, what’s the chances?
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