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  1. Judging by the way some of the Queens Park players either shirked 50/50 challenges or just fell to the ground I would agree in your summise that they have chucked it already. Good finish off your goal however.
  2. Given the weather conditions I thought both teams played some entertaining football. Obviously would have been far more enjoyable without the wind but credit to both teams for trying to play a passing game . However as an SPFL listed ref lives in the Montrose area would it not have been mor3 sensible for the SPFL to have asked him to make an early decision as opposed to waiting on match ref turning up at 1800hrs
  3. Tommy Campbell was definitely the worst ever appointment (almost on a par with David Hannah)
  4. Can’t help thinking that Cove would be a far better team if Vigurs and Fyvie spent less time trying to influence the referee and get on with playing football. Also Hartleys tactics are always devoid of flair. Do Cove fans enjoy this approach?
  5. I am not sure SP’s substitutions were correct today. Ross Campbell looked heavy legged and that was just jogging onto park. Would have given Struthers a run at the East Fife defence personally
  6. Always rated Forbes as a player, take him at Montrose certainly
  7. What have Ferguson & Co done with the monies received from TV games and high profile cup draws. And this man has a voice at Hampden does he not?
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