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  1. Amazingly well. Anyone who would have the Gallagher brothers shot is alright in my book.
  2. You might as well have drowned a kitten you utter b*****d
  3. Quite deceptive really though, I read a book about that and it wasnae won by lassies in a sarong wi their baps out wielding a sword, even giant ones.
  4. Yeah but that's because of people like Brazilian Ronaldo and Maradona. Messi and Cristiano couldn't have had the longevity they have had if they played in his time as they would have got the shit kicked out of them. Now you can't touch them. So its not fair to say oh they've scored x many goals over x many seasons as the game is completely different. If he played now he'd have done that too. Imo its only fair to compare players at their best, and at his best there's no doubt Maradona is the greatest there's ever been. The world is a slightly less wondrous and magical place for his passing. Legend is a word made for guys like Diego Armando Maradona.
  5. He also fucked Riquelme out of the squad a few days before the tournament started. Slated him in the press then Riquelme went home. They had a nonsense squad that year too if he picked the right players. With a good manager they could have won it. All adds to his legend though. Genuinely gutted tonight, the only person I'd describe as a hero probably.
  6. Absolutely devastated. RIP the greatest of all time. A genius and a legend.
  7. Rainer Bonhof did a good job with the 21s, was unfairly maligned and tarred with the Vogts brush. Probably about 80 now though. Just an example, he was doing good work.
  8. Fuckin laughable. You can install a full size artificial surface floodlit pitch with the cage and all that for about eighty grand. You would need the land as well obviously. Absolutely laughable clubs like that paying players 400k per year and buying players for 500k the last thirty years pretty much can't spend even a few hundred grand to make some sort of basic facility to train on. You could have put something small together for a million quid most likely, couple of pitches and a changing room, paid with a mortgage for a club with a turnover of 15 million it would have been f**k all. I remember Berti Vogts said he spent all day driving round Edinburgh looking for somewhere for Scotland to train and gave up cause there wasn't anywhere suitable in the whole city. And people wonder why we got left behind.
  9. Scott Allan similar at Utd. Played about 3 games, looked great, offered a contract and turned them down cause West Brom came in with a much bigger offer and longer contract. Got a lot of stick for it and didn't work out predictably, but he actually has type one diabetes and didn't know if he'd even be able to play professional football at 25, so if he was being offered a contract at 18 that he could retire off he'd be mental to turn it down. You never know the circumstances behind it.
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