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  1. Well I was right - I knew Yogi would lift us into the top 6 Pity nobody took my bet
  2. Does Cardle say anything positive? live life positively please
  3. It was chosen as it is a game between Queen of the South in relegation trouble and the absolute Kings of the North. Get in the glorious Caley Thisle
  4. no takers yesterday - plenty of takers now that we are all positive now
  5. Yogi will inspire everyone at East End Park. Infectious enthusiasm and hard work. Get in Yogi
  6. just telling u who the next assistant is - no patter intended
  7. just accept I told who will be and should be the next manager. I was right you were wrong and you called me an imbecile. @lie down
  8. BREAKING NEWS - Brian Rice to be appointed assistant manager on Monday
  9. Listen carefully - Pep could not have kept that RR team up. If Rovers do not get serious investment they will very soon be the rd force in Fife. The PARs are now sorted and will invest in the window and go from strength to strength
  10. I have only been in Hamilton 3 times buddy. Wrong track mate Best Wishes BooBoo ps - is that stand roof at the macaroni still leaking
  11. I was talking about RR. Pars will win more than draw between now and May. The squad only needs about 3 additions
  12. trust me my friend you have no danger of being relegated now that you have quality manager. 3-4 wins takes you into top 6. Sleep easy and enjoy your footie and then I will gladly accept your Haribo then buy you a pint
  13. Who am I? I am the guy that has been saying for two weeks that Yogi would and should be the next manager whilst being called an imbecile and incoherent. ps cardle is not magic and never was otherwise he would not be playing in league 2- sorry Joe but the truth hurts
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