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  1. First PSF played today down at Raydale. Annan coming from behind twice to draw 2-2 with Morton. Nearly had a coronary when realised Brian Schwake ( ex Edinburgh City) was in goals for them.
  2. Gutted. Just absolutely gutted. Hard to avoid the clichés but that's football! Congratulations to Edinburgh City and all their fans. Hope you do us all a favour and finish above Clyde next season.
  3. Can't argue with the result on Tuesday night. City were definitely the better team for at least 60/70 minutes with a poor Annan performance. Still it's a game of two legs and if I had been offered this opportunity last July I would have snatched your hands off. If we can get an early goal it will certainly make it interesting. Need to be more attack minded than Tuesday... Go four up front? Anyway, looking forward to a Friday night out and maybe just maybe having something to celebrate!!! Mon the Annan!!
  4. I have got the feeling that this is finally the year for Annan. Would say that this is the best squad we have had since we joined the league many moons ago. Hoping we can get some type of result tomorrow night and then finish the job off under the Galabank lights on Friday. League one needs a little Plastic Bertrand!!
  5. Best Annan performance for months last night. Just disappointed that we didn't get a least a two goal cushion to go up the road on Saturday. StIll can't work out how Aiden didn't tuck away that chance in the last five minutes... A touch of "And Smith must score..." Annan looked fired up as if they had been reading the pre-match comments from the Forfar faithful on here! Not one player let us down and particular stand out displays from Moxen (as usual), Swinglehurst, Johnston & Goss. I know the tie is a far from over but from last night , nothing to fear. BTW, Does Gary Harkins earn his living a bad Tyson Fury lookalikely ... certainly not a footballer!
  6. Aye this is going to be a tough one. Strangely feeling upbeat about our chances even coming off four defeats in a row. Think once we had clinched a play off spot holiday fever kicked in and we lost some of the hunger, which will hopefully be back tomorrow night. Murphy had said in local paper that he would prefer to have the home leg midweek for travelling reasons so this suits us. Would be happy with a draw and a narrow 1-0 win over the two legs and just hope we don't leave it as late as we did up at Clydebank ! Mon th Annan, Ca plane pour moi!!
  7. Hope to get three points today in bid to finish second. Next three games look tricky and could do with resting players before play offs. Would happily settle for 1-0. Mon the Annan!!
  8. Heading into club for traditional pre match beer to calm the nerves... Last time we played Stranraer at Galabank it was a cracker. Hopefully more of the same today and another three points to guarantee our play off spot. Prediction Annan 3- Stranraer 1 . Ca plane pour moi! Mon th Annan!
  9. Have been blitzed there on many occasions.
  10. Hoping against hope we can pull off a cup shock of seismic proportions. Teeming it down and blowing a gale will level things a bit, maybe sneak a goal from somewhere. Forever the optimist!! Ca Plane Pour Moi! Mon the Annan!!
  11. Apart from the first 10/15 minutes Annan were never in it. Winning run had to come to an end some time. Good while it lasted! Must be great for the Stenny defence having a keeper that literally fills the goals. What height is he? Reminded me of the Russian guy from the Rocky films back in the 80s...
  12. Annan to win 1-0 from a spectacular Greg Fleming clearance.
  13. Back to the bread and butter of the league after last week's cup thriller. Blowing a gale right now so not expecting the silky football associated with Annan. Undefeated run has to end some time but don't think it will be today. Prediction. Annan 2-Stirling 1. (Garritty hat trick)
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