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  1. Peter Murphy at Annan signed a further two year contract earlier this year. Decent guy doing well with he has got to work with. Annan have never been a sacking club and can't see that changing anytime soon.
  2. Listen to Beat Surrender and Stereo Underground on BBC Sounds. Both local radio shows (Newcastle / Southampton) that play music for those of us that are a certain age. Punk, New Wave, Indie, Britpop all together the best 4 hours every week.
  3. For anybody making the trip down the M74 you won't get a drink in the social club. Being used as additional changing rooms until proper season starts. As it's scorching here would recommend a pre match drink in the Shed, the Anglers, or Blue Bell.
  4. Greg Fleming has signed on at Galabank. About time too! Rated him in previous seasons as one of the best keepers at this level. Starting to feel positive vibes about this season.
  5. More likely to be Sam Henderson from what I've heard. The young lad that got injured by a cow!
  6. Really didn't see that happening. Some mileage in that Northern league which bizarrely includes the the like of Hereford and Gloucester! Can't see it being easy fitting in with his teaching job in Carlisle. Two keepers now urgently needed...
  7. Finally got the dial up connection restored and think the time is right for a new thread for the Galabank Galacticos! Looking to forward to the new season starting (once the euros are out of the way) and really believe that this will be a league that any team can win , or finish as team 42. Would hope to see us challenge up top and our form certainly improved at the tail end of the season once we finally won a game at home. On the playing front so far the ones that have put crayon to paper are Defence Cammy Clark – Matty Douglas – Jordan Lowdon- Steven Swinglehurst Midfield Owen Moxon – Jack Pardue – Lewis Hunter – Kyle Fleming – Dominic Docherty Forwards Tony Wallace – Aidan Smith – Tommy Goss- Ian Anderson No keeper signed up yet but can't see any reason for Alex Mitchell to go elsewhere , unless his day job commitments interfere. Happy with new/improved management team of Peter Murphy & Colin McMenamin. In fact delighted to see Colin return to Galabank back to where it all started for him and am sure that he will help the young uns up front. Wondering if they will both register as players ? their combined experience at different ends of the park could prove invaluable . Pre Season Friendlies Three BCD games lined up against Atherton Colleries - Dalbeattie Star – Queen of the South. Surprised to be playing Queens when we have got a "proper" game with them in the "dontknowwhatitscalledthiseffingyear" trophy but hey ho... Anyway looking forward to getting back into games - socially distanced and masked up- and after being three down at half time would much rather spend the second half in the club!
  8. Flanagan on his day is an absolute cracking player. In the days when you actually saw games brought some excitement every touch. Would definitely have liked him to stay at Galabank.
  9. We had two from Workington reds. Matty Douglas who was our POTY this season. The other was a keeper, Arran Taylor, who took the huff and left to go to Gretna
  10. Agreed that it's getting harder each season for us. We start each season aiming not to finish 10th and anything higher is a bonus. That said, we tend to be a yoyo team in regards to league placings so after these two fractured stop start seasons we might be the surprise package! Have followed Annan in the Carlisle & District league, Southern Counties and the East of Scotland so have enjoyed these past 13 years... Glory days!
  11. Subbueto. Spent all pocket money back in the 70s on this. Could never have enough teams. And for the accessories... Photographers, Score boards, almost certain you could buy a set of "Football Hooligans" too!
  12. Sounds good to me. Handshakes all round?
  13. Most pleasing result. Was never in doubt after the first goal went in. A home win has been long time coming so aiming to finish the season in the mini losers league with a flourish. Interested to hear what other Annan fans think of Peter Murphy being offered a two year contract? Personally surprised about timing with until yesterday relegation still a real possibility.
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