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  1. Getting an overwhelming sense of apathy for this fixture,and the whole season to be honest. Shame as it would have been a great day to enjoy a game and Stirling tend to bring one of the larger noisier supports down to Galabank. Saying that, not all seem to make it into the ground , some for some reason, preferring to enjoy the hostelries whilst strumming their guitar. Going by what I have seen, albeit through youtube etc Annan just don't seem to be getting the breaks. Felt before season started we would struggle for goals and this has proved correct. Hopefully today will see me proved wrong and Annan hit form just at the right time. Could be 10 games without a win if we don't get anything from this. Desperately need Swinglehurst to get the ok to resume playing and take it from there. predictions - Annan 2 (Smith & Moxon)- Stirling 0 / Cloth Cap for the National. Mon the Annan!!!
  2. Galabank isn't Annan's happiest hunting ground these days either. Haven't won a league game at home since February 2020 which is why where we are in the league. Will be interesting to see what line up Murphy plans on going with - Christie on loan from Pollok certainly has a decent pedigree in the juniors and we are crying out for goals. Mibbe been saving them all up for tomorrow! Prediction . Long overdue home win Annan 2- Elgin 0 Mon th Annan!!
  3. Ian Dury... Definitely a clever b*****d!
  4. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Will bring a start to normality in our lives. Hopefully though normality doesn't mean yet another gubbing at home. No idea what to expect as would struggle to recognise half the team this season - no offence to them. This playing behind closed doors still doesn't seem real and soon this season over the better. Prediction... Annan to edge this 1-0...Pidmoondo with a sclaffed penalty.
  5. John Collins. Would get more sense from Joan Collins... What a fud!
  6. That's Entertainment Pretty Green Saturdays Kids To Be Someone Thick as Thieves
  7. Good to see the players having a decent training session this morning. Got to hit the ground running once this stop/start season eventually starts again. Pleased to hear that another training session is happening tomorrow. Just hope that their no expecting double time for working Sundays...
  8. Disappointed but not surprised to see that Peter Watson has decided to pack in playing after more than 350 games for Annan. He has been a loyal servant to the club even before we achieved league status and will be a huge miss to the club. Not noted for his finesse but more than made up for it with his enthusiasm, attitude and physical presence at the back. Hope he sticks around in some capacity. Appreciate his own business/ family circumstances have to come first and combined with lack of playing time probably made the decision easier. Thanks for your efforts Peds!
  9. Joe Strummer Pete Shelley Poly Styrene Mark E Smith The Ramones (all of them!)
  10. Think these clowns have forgotten it's supposed to about the absolute game
  11. Searching for the young soul rebels. Dexys Midnight Runners. 1980. Without a doubt Kevin Rowlands finest 41 minutes or so.
  12. That was a worrying performance from Annan today. Didn't lay a glove on QP and were chasing shadows all day long. I accept that Queens Park are the champions elect but they never needed to get out of first gear. Definitely have upgraded on the pitch. Annan sadly lacking any threat up front and need a physical presence. Smith, Anderson and Wright simply does not work. If Flanagan is fit he will provide the width but need some body capable of getting on the end of a cross. Tuesday nights game at Brechin(weather permitted) is one that we can't contemplate losing and getting dragged into the relegation quagmire. Merry Effing Xmas indeed!!
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