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  1. Searching for the young soul rebels. Dexys Midnight Runners. 1980. Without a doubt Kevin Rowlands finest 41 minutes or so.
  2. That was a worrying performance from Annan today. Didn't lay a glove on QP and were chasing shadows all day long. I accept that Queens Park are the champions elect but they never needed to get out of first gear. Definitely have upgraded on the pitch. Annan sadly lacking any threat up front and need a physical presence. Smith, Anderson and Wright simply does not work. If Flanagan is fit he will provide the width but need some body capable of getting on the end of a cross. Tuesday nights game at Brechin(weather permitted) is one that we can't contemplate losing and getting dragged into the relegation quagmire. Merry Effing Xmas indeed!!
  3. Looking forward to getting back in to Galabank for the first time in what seems like years. Has been 10 months since our last home win so well over due. Would have been good to get in to the club but can't have everything. Will settle for the points, pints can wait... Prediction. Super Annan 2 QP 1
  4. And are now constantly in the lower half of the lowland league. Friendly warning. Be careful what you wish for...
  5. Matchday morning and it would have been good day to be at Galabank. Ideal November conditions for football. Almost tempted to take my step ladder (Never knew my real ladder) up North St and take in this spectacle of two former EOS giants clash. Thinking back to our non league days the best thing about the winter games was the early kick offs. Meant you could watch the whole game and then be back in the club for several pints and Jeff Stelling. any way, prediction for today .... Annan to win by the odd goal 3-2 with Blair Henderson cutting a disconsolate figure up front for EC. Mon the Annan!
  6. Hope it goes well and all clubs are allowed fans back in soon. Question. Do Elgin have more than 220 season ticket holders? Will it mean ballot for each game?
  7. High spot of the week end for me was always the trip to the corner shop to pick up Tiger, it later morphed in Roy of the Rovers.
  8. Stenhousemuir looked to have improved after the shambles of a team that were relegated. Annan seem to be better playing away from galabank for whatever reason. Think this will the normal bad tempered affair and going for a narrow 1-0 Annan win. PS think Tommy Muir will score goals for you, just hope not today!
  9. Thee. Fully expect Annan to be among the mix this season
  10. Apologies for butting in where none of our business but is the opposite of being a glory hunting b*****d?
  11. Annan 3 - 1 Albion Rovers Brechin 0 - 1 Stirling Elgin 2 - 1 Queens Park Stenhousemuir 0 - 0 Ed City Stranraer 1 - 0 Cowdenbeath
  12. Absolutely brutal assault by Gallagher on Jack Pardue. Hope the lad recovers but won't see him again this season. Cracking strike by Moxon for the equaliser, contender for goal of the season already. Annan seemed rattled after that "tackle" and didn't really get going until the last 10 minutes when were unlucky not get the winner. Positive is still unbeaten and not looking as if we will leak goals. Bizarre though to hear the HT results being read out to a practically empty ground!
  13. Looking forward to this. Going for a hard fought 2-1 home win. Stream seems to be working fine. Beers in the fridge and pie in the oven. Not the same as being there but better than watching Jeff Stelling et Al!
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