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  1. When the prem clubs come calling I think they would be foolish to turn it down
  2. Frizzell Greenock & Bamford Port Glasgow both sign with Kilbirnie Ladeside. 2 very good players.
  3. Congratulations guys. Not the way use would like to receive it but no doubt about it I believe use would have won it if all games could be played.
  4. So when do teams start recruiting for next year? is it a case of players just go to whoever has the money? Largs in the past have usually took players from Greenock and Port Glasgow as none of them boys at the two clubs get paid at all. Surprising as both teams have some great players.
  5. Now that the leagues are over. Who are the best players use have faced (if you can remember)
  6. Did any games manage to get played today?
  7. What parks would that be? Poor from Lanark didn’t even give the park time. I fancied use big time against Port Glasgow
  8. Lanark v Port Glasgow game off? Seen that it was called off at 8am very strange. Photo evidence should be used on this one. Wonder if Lanark have players suspended for this one...
  9. Bit harsh saying they don’t stand a chance. I take that back but I fancy Lanark big time on Saturday
  10. Fancy Lanark for that one. Don’t think port Glasgow stand a chance
  11. Any ideas of a game I could take in this weekend?
  12. I’d be surprised if bellshill , EK, larkhall & shettleston games went ahead. Rained none stop. Any updates from use guys how the parks are holding up?
  13. All grass parks will be off this weekend
  14. A lot of money thrown about for Greenock & Port Glasgow to be where they are in the league table is a credit to themselves. Having what I believe 0 budget. Is there any other clubs not paying players in this league
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