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  1. I agree, I think he'll start with McGinn, Hetherington and Nesbitt in the starting XI. Strikers are the clear priority at the moment. In the same way Yeats did well, Gary Oliver gave the impression of a jersey filler and I think will turn out to be a more of a wasted signing than Yeats or Carroll who both have potential. Don't yet see what he's been brought in to do. Ugwu seems likely so interesting to see whether we go with young loans or another permanent signing up top. Sibbald would still be the dream signing though I suspect McGlynn sees Nesbitt and Morrison as providing the creativity.
  2. Jury is out on McGlynns signings so far as far too easy to tell how they'll do but on the evidence so far, my gut is saying that with limited budget available his next few need to be a lot better than Gary Oliver
  3. McGlynn needs to pull a few rabbits out the hat with signings as not convinced he'll get more out of the likes of the inherited players (I don't think most of them have any more to give)
  4. His career is over. He's had chances at Celtic, Dundee and us to knuckle down and get his head in order but he can't do it. Anyone daft enough to take him on will regret it as quickly as we did.
  5. As others have said, thought Mackie was excellent, especially first half. Don;'t think Yeats offers anything we don't have in spades (ie small, lightweight midfielders who can pass the ball sideways). Neat and tidy but not what we need imo. Shades of Jaime Wilson from the number 9 - hopefully we don't default to just signing whoever we have on trial this year. Morrison (PJ) looked fairly solid and Hetherington much improved. We desperately need strikers and some strength in the team.
  6. I see we've sold 1400 tickets already for Friday. Anywhere near 2000 on the night would be superb
  7. Re red on the kit. We've never not had a successful season with red shoulders (Hummel and Stokes season).. . sign up Hummel next year and bring them back!
  8. Looks like Morrison and Oliver up front for Fridays game then. It'll be interesting to see who from those remaining McGlynn might fancy as starters. Hope there's a plan to bring Crunchie on for 5-10minutes and a testimonial style dubious penalty
  9. Can't see us going anywhere near Adam after the Griffiths debacle
  10. Get a few crunchy carrots down the players and we'll have no problems in the evening games
  11. Always a let down when loads of new comments just means some nutter has polluted the thread again
  12. Dipped into some other teams threads there (which I rarely do). Quite a bit of quiet optimism on show, especially from QOS and Airdrie fans. With the Fifer likely to be decent and yet to make a few signings too its building up to be an interesting season. Nothing really happening yet for Kelty it seems though they might be happy to consolidate this year.
  13. Talking of FSS, I still didn't get that most recent newsletter (had everything else up to that one). Anything of interest in it?
  14. Would be surprised if Telfer doesn't end up back in the Championship next season.
  15. I heard it was down to money. We'd offered over £1k a week and Dunfermline have offered more. His first choice was a new contract with Rovers so maybe staying in Fife played a part too. Can't say I'm disappointed. Signings have been solid if unspectacular so far. Hopefully the next few will be more mouth watering.
  16. A commanding keeper would be an excellent next signing, ideally someone experienced who shouts, organises and comes for cross balls if such a thing can be found at our level
  17. Think since the new board came in I've only really been critical of DGW and LG and I certainly wasn't in the minority. In fact in the last few days I've been praising the podcast, Swinney, crunchie initiative but let's not let the facts get in the way.. You've gone from 100% everything is sh*t to 100% everything is rosey. The reality is always somewhere in between. Hopefully there'll be more for us all to celebrate than criticise in the season ahead.
  18. No need to take everything so personally. I asked about the scout and what the story was as it seems he's been about a while and we haven't really heard from him or what he's been up to or impact on signings. Hardly an unreasonable discussion to have Great to hear he was the one who found Mills (though wasn't exactly impossible that perhaps Kenny Miller knew of him via Arveladze, Docherty or Scott). Having a good scouting network is going to be worth its eight in gold if we can start finding gems from outside the SPFL so fingers crossed he and the new guy from Raith can be the difference.
  19. For them to have been his recommendations he'd have to have been all over England etc to unearth Coll Donaldson. Was he involved in Holts signings last year? Doesn't seem likely either. Just so it's abundantly clear, I'm not having a go at the board here so no need to get all defensive. Just genuinely wondering why our chief scout seems to have been at the club for over a year and we don't seem to have unearthed any gems. Not sure many fans would be aware of his movements or that he'd been all over England etc based on the signings we've made that's all.
  20. Not sure what the story is with Allan Fraser. I posted asking who he was back in July 2021 as he was claiming to be 'Falkirk FC Chief Scout' on LinkedIN. So his involvement doesn't seem to be recent. But if thats the case then what transfers has he actually been involved in? Even now, the signings look very much to be McGlynns. I agree we need a chief scout but this guy seems more like a ghost?
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