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  1. If your best penalty taker is on the pitch then he takes the penalty - simple as that.
  2. And yet between 1968 and 1975 we only managed to finish in the top half of Div 1 once (in 7th) and were relegated twice. Even Yogi teams managed to finish in the top 7 twice
  3. It's also a bit depressing that we're still bad enough to worry about how Jim Duffy maybe finding out about 2 changes in the team could put us at risk of not winning against a Clyde team who only have 2 wins all season. Remember the days when our strongest XI picked themselves and we didn't have to worry about League 1 relegation candidates troubling us in the slightest
  4. Watson coming back might actually turn out to be more of a blessing than we thought. Could see Watson/Donaldson becoming our 2 first choice CBs for the second half of the season. Williamson right back when fit, McKay filling in when not.
  5. So far I'd say McGlynn has shown a willingness to change things and has learned from mistakes he's made in games. That'll hopefully lead to a settled team/system soon and we'll go on a bit of a run.
  6. If Mackie is back I'd drop Henderson for him. He hasn't really looked convincing when under any serious pressure. Would also like to see Alegria and Burrell start together and begin to form a bit of a partnership. Kennedy & Oliver are no better than McGuffie/Nesbitt so it doesn't really matter who gets the nod. I'd most likely go Nesbitt/Lawal/McGinn/Morrison Williamson has to come in for McKay if fit. BM offers nothing going forward. So something like: Hogarth Williamson. Mackie. Donaldson. McCann Morrison. McGinn. Nesbitt Lawal Alegria. Burrell
  7. The pace of our play on Saturday was far too slow and we seemed to revert from quick breaks and playing down the wings to hoofball for some reason. The amount of times we punted it long to Burrell had to be tactical rather than frustration. Lawal surely has to be given a chance soon and agree we need to start more games with 2 up top. The drawback of doing that is the only attacking option to then bring on is Jaime Wilson...
  8. We were too route 1 all day, played into the hands of their defenders with no support for Burrell all game. Far too slow in the build up telegraphing every pass we made. Kai Kennedy. Bad enough he wears number 73 but also wearing gloves then turning in one of the worst displays of the season was seethe inducing too. The only plus point is Dunfermline weren't great either oh and God. What a buzz seeing him and Sammy pre match.
  9. Should put a choice of kit templates to the fans to choose. Nice fan engagement, generates a bit of chat and hopefully helps drive sales when they're released. Even better make it an FSS perk as part of membership.
  10. Kelty had clearly done their homework. McGinn and Morrison were singled out for close attention and neither got a sniff in the first 45mins. Potter was very vocal on the touchline too and might turn out to be a better manager than expected. McGuffie has had more than enough chances and needs to be benched for a while. and I agree with @Grangemouth Bairn on Oliver. Don't think Nesbitt has done much wrong at all this year and would keep him in but with Yeats, McGinn and Lawal. Kennedy was terrible when he came on yesterday and not convinced he's going to be a big player for us. Also liked the look of Burrell and Alegria as a 2 up top.
  11. Harsh on Nesbitt who was always willing to get on the ball today and tried to make things happen. He's been far better this season and looks like he cares. McGuffie and Morrison were stinking as were McKay, Oliver and Kennedy when he came on Lawal did well and perplexing he's usually benched whole Oliver plays.
  12. Another vote for Nesbitt as MOM, he was everywhere and fully committed to the end. Deserves as high praise as McCann for turning it round this season.
  13. I think for some players it depends who they're playing with. Nobody is going to stand out in a midfield with Hetherington and Gary Miller. Probably the reason so many of our cast offs have gone on to do ok elsewhere in recent times.
  14. After a good win like Saturday the first few posters post match have pretty much said it all - fantastic performance. No point having 12 pages of everyone saying the same thing. We're playing very well - long may it continue!
  15. Which is why all the 'superfan' flak SA took/takes is embarrassing
  16. I think everyone should have a vote, regardless of whether £5, £10 or more. That makes it easy to manage. Imo the only people who would drop from £10 to £5 would be those struggling with cost of living and who would otherwise stop their £10 payment completely. This is the most straightforward route to introducing a £5 option. We're potentially locking out those who can't afford to contribute at all as things stand. Nothing to stop us introducing other (non vote related) incentives to encourage others to up their payments. Also - time to stop the under 12s go free at the gate? Would need to seek fans input here but £5 (or even £2.50) might be acceptable to most? No point giving tickets away to create fans of the future if they don't have a club to support by the time their 18.
  17. Haven't listened yet but will do so later, sounds like a very open conversation which is great. For me, something we have to do straight away is introduce a £5 minimum or pay what you can option for FSS membership then market the f*ck out of it. That feels like a no brainer. Medium term we need to be offering tiers and benefits with the aim to have all fans paying the basic level and those who can afford it enticed to pay more. On pitch success will help and this season is now more important than ever.
  18. If FSS membership is struggling then we should be looking at other ways to make it work not canning it if everyone doesn't sign up by the end of October. E.g offer a 'pay what you can' option or £5 minimum which would at least acknowledge the current climate. Add some value add benefits to membership at low cost (e.g prize draws involving shirts or 'meet the manager 1 on 1 type sessions as prizes). Refer a friend and get free pies for a month...you get the idea. The answer to getting more members isn't to offend those who aren't signed up but to get creative to encourage more members.
  19. We're probably a bit better covered in defence with everyone fit than we need to be but its certainly good to have competition. Burrell have been superb so far. Would also like to see Lawal over a full 90. My impression of him so far is he looks relaxed to the point of lazy but then pops up with something special. Hard to tell how much he'd influence a game given a longer run.
  20. So are we now saying a man with 50 assists in 224 games for Liverpool shouldn't be playing because we did well against a deflated Ukraine team (missing their best player)? Tierney and Robertson both need to play. Tierney on the left of centre in a back 4 for me. Robertson at left back.
  21. Burrell certainly looks a handful, as others have said would like to see him paired with Alegria. McKay at right back would be an absolute bombscare.
  22. You could definitely buy a monkey in Kynochs until well into the 90s. The cage was on the left just as you came in the front door.
  23. Rail strike confirmed for the day of the Dunfermline game I see. Hopefully won't hit numbers too much. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/train-strike-rail-rmt-september-b2157694.html
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