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  1. Anyone properly put them on the spot or give them a bit of heat?
  2. The point of emailing is to keep up the pressure and to make it clear folk aren't happy. Witholding ticket money is futile if there isn't a concerted effort to build it into an actual group or movement and get momentum behind it as lots of folk will always renew. That takes leadership and organisation though which most folk won't have. In any business, receiving lots of regular complaints from hundreds of different people is never easy to ignore. If all they get is 2 or 3 emails from those who can be bothered that's never going to be enough to drive change sadly. I'd actually argue that whenever fan voices have been loudest change has happened. SA and MR standing aside from day to day decision making I think was an attempt to do that, so was the departure of ML and CC. Change hasn't always led to success which is a different argument.
  3. Because if you're not going to games to protest and not emailing the board or going to the Q&A how exactly are they going to know you're unhappy? @Harry Kinnear touched on it with his post - clearly the director he met was judging the number of emails they receive as an indicator of how unhappy the fans are. The protest so far at games has extended to a bit of booing and 1 x banner so they'll hardly be feeling hounded out will they?
  4. Ferrie, Grant, Doyle, Robson, McHugh, Longridge, Moore.... I make that 7.
  5. Wrong. The post didn't assume you'd only won 5/10 while 'playing your best' it said you were nothing special which you've just confirmed by saying you've been relatively poor for a while now. Half your team are our cast offs too so we know very well what they're capable of.
  6. [email protected] I used it earlier in the season and got a reply from Colin McFarlane. A reply I didn't agree with but a reply none the less. Amazed if true that regular posters on here haven't been using it to make their feelings known. Maybe they think they're in for an easy ride tonight (and maybe they are if folk aren't planning to go along to that either).
  7. @D'Jaffo @virginton You are perhaps forgetting we actually watch our games and so know what we can be capable of & also get a good look at the opposition. QP are nothing special and having only won 50% of their 10 games will tell you that. We've also had some rank rotten players for a few years now who have gone on to regular games in the league above after leaving us. Players worse than some of the lot we have now. The truth is it doesn't take much to win this league but we seem intent on making a mess of it time and again.
  8. I still believe we have the players, however limited, to scoosh this (very poor) league. As many others have said a good 6/7 of our strongest starting XI would most likely find championship teams if we released them today. With the recent tactics and head scratching team selections/subs we're our own worst enemy. The question is why do we continue to self harm when the league is there for the taking for anyone who can put together a half decent run. Who is calling the shots and why?
  9. So no sign of any sacrificial lambs in the build up to the Q&A. Fully expected there would be at least 1 departure before tomorrow night to try to quell the anger. There may still be but it looks like they're going to try and front it out which is bold if nothing else. I just hope most posters (and certainly the most vocal) on here are going tomorrow night to confront the board & Holt etc directly or have at the very least submitted questions (I certainly have). There is no better way to get your anger across than to turn up tomorrow night and make your feelings known. Really hope the questions go beyond "why doesn't Keena start" and get to the real root causes of our complete collapse in recent weeks and who is to blame for the current shambles.
  10. Been on holiday so thankfully didn't have to watch the horror show on Saturday. Would be incredible to think there won't be any attempt to drop some good news in prior to the Q&A on Tuesday to try and quell the anger. Holt out announcement tomorrow?
  11. 2 goals in 3 starts is about as good as we could have asked for as he gets up to speed.
  12. Why haven't we signed this guy if we have a new scout in place? So much for the supposed scouting network. I hope this isn't because The Rawlins have said we mustn't sign Gary Goals. Why are they allowed to make these decisions with only 26%? The NB investment could have given us enough cash to bring in Gary Goals and have some left over. Sheerin probably wouldn't have played him anyway he's so stubborn. I can't believe he favours his own signings over Gary Goals. What a shambles of a club. #notapennymore
  13. Yes but the point is Keena does it - Ruth doesn't when up on his own. Taking it to extremes and using another famous player analogy, he seems like more of a Wayne Rooney than a Ruud Van Nistelrooy. I assume this is why Dowds was also loaned out (because he's not what Sheerin considers an 'out and out striker') Best option remains to play them both of course.
  14. I actually agree that (when he plays) Keena doesn't get into the box enough. It was something I called out when he was playing earlier in the season - he drops too deep, too often.
  15. It was positive that Sheerin did seem to notice his plan was a disaster on Saturday by switching to 2 up top at half time. The worrying bit for me was how quickly he made the subs after we went ahead to 'shore things up' which almost lost us our lead. Convinced that with confidence high we'd have gone on to score again had he not made those changes.
  16. If Sheerin can get himself in gear I've seen nothing to change my view we have shortcomings but still have enough about us to be winning this league. An midfield to attack of the following would easily score more goals than we'd concede. Telfer Morrison Nesbitt McDaid Keena Ruth
  17. I agree with most of this but he has to do better than Wilson, Ompreon, and Ross (I assume promoting C.Williamson and Weekes was also his choice). So far Ruth and Lemon look like the only successes.
  18. Yesterday was extremely frustrating and on that first half showing the boos were more than deserved. The most frustrating things for me: The starting line up and unwillingness to change The constant backpassing ourselves into danger. With McKay, Miller and Martin (who looked less comfortable with the ball at his feet than Mutch) this is going to lead to lost goals Think everyone had a sigh of relief when we went 2 up top at half time - we get the lead and realistically would have gone on to win that game 3 or 4 v 1 but almost immediately after going ahead Sheerin replaces McGuffie (who had been shite but had just created the goal) and Nesbitt our biggest creative threat and put on a defender and (another) holding midfielder. We were then clinging on and very lucky when East Fife hit the post late on. The assault on Nesbitt on the touchline not leading to a sending off Brad McKay Sheerin coming over to the SS. I was there and took the opportunity to shout at him to play 2 up front. I couldn't hear much of the 'conversation' he was having with the young guys but just before he walked away he was animated saying "we were 2 v 1 up" which I assume was defending the fact someone was having a go at him for his subs. As others have said he simply HAS to learn from his mistakes and quickly. The 3-5-2 we moved to in the 2nd half had us far more dangerous and when Morrison is back on the right for McGuffie we'll score goals. I get that as a fanbase Keena is a focal point to everyones frustrations with results and tactics but based on what I've seen since he has come in Ruth is better than Keena. His harrying, hold up play and goal threat has been really good when he has a tiny bit of support. Up front together those 2 will score goals.
  19. Going about it by calling other fans c*nts on a forum was specifically what I was rallying against..
  20. Raith will be in for Gullan you'd think if they were sniffing about Keena.
  21. I agree with the logic but it's not working and so would be the slowest of slow burners as next chance isn't until next summer. Protests are the only way to make voices heard now.
  22. Unless we bring someone in today it does suggest that we're going with 1 up front though which is disappointing. Ruth/Keena with only Sammy as back up would be short of back up (not that Wilson was ever going to offer much but you get my point).
  23. Pretty sure the contracts were all incentive based so if he doesn't hit a certain number of minutes/goals etc he'll be gone before the 2nd year kicks in. Would have been a lot safer to have just given him 1 year to begin with or let's face it left him well alone!
  24. Attend games and protest. I guarantee that banner at the last game will have been noticed and discussed - you need to escalate that and make voices heard. Speak to likeminded fans, organise the same in bigger numbers and hound them out over weeks. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the most vocal anti-board protesters haven't even emailed the board to make their feelings known - I certainly haven't seen any emails or replies shared here. I'm not saying there it won't be hard to do but organised protests have a far better chance of causing change than sitting back on a PC abusing other supporters for being 'soft' or c*nts
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