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  1. What's the appeal of Stuart Taylor other than he's a bit of an unknown quantity? His record isn't exactly great and he's been closely associated with serial failure Paul Lambert over the last few years. What am I missing?
  2. Hearing Raith have offered a contract to Telfer
  3. Just a helpful reminder that just because we once brought in "some old guys/an ex player/someone who looks like they should cruise it at this level/kids/loanees etc". IT DOESN'T MEAN EVERY SIGNING THAT FITS THAT DESCRIPTION WILL BE A DUD Let's judge each signing on their individual merits.
  4. Was talking about his reaction to the fans emailing him their anger and disgust and him saying he was just deleting them.
  5. That Holt deleting emails chat is wild. Absolutely no self awareness. Lots of talk about creating a fans fund and shouts for BTB or other fans groups to take the lead in organising some meaningful protest. All very commendable but 99% of the team those suggesting it expect someone else to take the lead. These things are hard to mobilise. I wonder how much visibility the Rawlins have had of our last 12 years of failure. Maybe pressure needs to be applied there to educate the Rawlins about the state of what they've bought into and to force them to step up sooner rather than later. Let's face it they're very unlkely to have heard anything negative from MSG or Deans. Do any of the fans groups have direct contact details/email/any other way of getting this message over? If so, now is probably a good time to step up and make our voices heard. Might be a quicker solution that trying to starve the MSG out (which based on past experience is only likely to make them even more stubborn).
  6. I don't think these players are capable of raising their performance whether Holt shouts at them or not. To get a reaction would need them to have some sort of base level of ability first.
  7. Why do so many people seem to rate Mutch and Keena? Both have been absolutely sh*te this year. Clear out the lot of them and start again (again).
  8. The "Summer of Hartley" saw us sign a lot of guys from down south, but there were also plenty of signings from up here that i'm sure Harltey himself would have identified and signed (Haber, Mackin, Petravicious, Russell etc). Let's not pretend Hartley is a good manager. He's also an odious wee p***k as many others have pointed out.
  9. What actually happened with the Crunchie Initiative? Is it not going ahead?
  10. Gomis should always start in place of Miller if fit. We've absolutely nothing down the left side if Connolly not back. Fotheringham and Leitch are just a waste of a jersey. Maybe Sammon out wide and Keena up front (assuming Dowds not fit). Dowds probably now our no.1 pick up front if fit which says it all.
  11. Almost certainly not. Hate to say it but he doesn't even reach the standards of the likes of Kallum Higginbotham Having said that, he's our best player at the moment.
  12. Better that than the problem of being chronically addicted to failure like the last few.
  13. Wonder if Billy Davies fancies re-establishing himself as a respected manager? Went a bit mental during his last spell at Forest but has had a few years to cool down and at 56 he's not too old for a new challenge. Over the years he's succeeded more than he's failed. I expect he'll have plenty of decent contacts too..
  14. Can't decide whether Holt is thinking he'll protect the few players he has available and bamboozle the opposition by trying to accentuate a myth that we don't have a plan or whether he's just deliberately being a smart a*se by talking in riddles. Suspect the latter which would be a red flag for any manager coming in if they're going to have him as their boss.
  15. We need an experienced keeper who can shout and organise a defence for next season.
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