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  1. If FSS membership is struggling then we should be looking at other ways to make it work not canning it if everyone doesn't sign up by the end of October. E.g offer a 'pay what you can' option or £5 minimum which would at least acknowledge the current climate. Add some value add benefits to membership at low cost (e.g prize draws involving shirts or 'meet the manager 1 on 1 type sessions as prizes). Refer a friend and get free pies for a month...you get the idea. The answer to getting more members isn't to offend those who aren't signed up but to get creative to encourage more members.
  2. We're probably a bit better covered in defence with everyone fit than we need to be but its certainly good to have competition. Burrell have been superb so far. Would also like to see Lawal over a full 90. My impression of him so far is he looks relaxed to the point of lazy but then pops up with something special. Hard to tell how much he'd influence a game given a longer run.
  3. So are we now saying a man with 50 assists in 224 games for Liverpool shouldn't be playing because we did well against a deflated Ukraine team (missing their best player)? Tierney and Robertson both need to play. Tierney on the left of centre in a back 4 for me. Robertson at left back.
  4. Burrell certainly looks a handful, as others have said would like to see him paired with Alegria. McKay at right back would be an absolute bombscare.
  5. You could definitely buy a monkey in Kynochs until well into the 90s. The cage was on the left just as you came in the front door.
  6. Rail strike confirmed for the day of the Dunfermline game I see. Hopefully won't hit numbers too much. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/train-strike-rail-rmt-september-b2157694.html
  7. I was at the Australia 31 v 0 American Samoa game in 2001 when Archie Thompson scored 13.
  8. A joy to watch at times today which hasn't been said often in the last few years. Everyone contributed today, big save from Hogarth at 2.v.1 too. Think we'll see Henderson and Donaldson start if fit from here. Nesbitt and Morrison both did well, McGuffie fairly anonymous until hooked. Thought Burrell looked a real find, would like to see both him and Alegria up top together. Brilliant goal from Lawal though did think he looked a bit lightweight and struggling to impose himself up to that point then a superb run and header.
  9. Suspect Henderson will come into midfield in the 'Hetherington' role. McGlynn will want Mackie to play so if Henderson doesn't move to midfield then think he'll push Mackie to LB and drop McCann which would be harsh. Of course he might have a stinker today and make McGlynns choice much easier come next week.
  10. Chance to stretch our lead as the most decorated club in Challenge Cup history by winning that one though...
  11. Reminded me of a Stokes goal during his spell with us. Remember him saying that it used to be drilled into him at Arsenal to score into the sides to perfect his finishing. Very composed finish by Burrell and love his confidence.
  12. Fantastic result Didn't manage to see it but pleased Oliver seems to be doing better. Great that Burrell got his goal too - confidence high into QOS next week
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