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  1. Taylor Morgan has to be in any worst XI surely. I started going in the mid/late 80s and always wonder if we over exaggerate some of the players from those days (e.g McWilliams) when most of the time we were championship and so many of them are remembered so fondly. Truly top drawer players I think I've seen are Weir, McAllister, Stainrod, Vaulks, Latapy, McGovern, Waddle, Gray, Johnston Guys like Hughes, Parks, Marshall, McQueen, Miller (L), Coyle, May, Stokes not far behind. Another good list would be unsung hero's. Guys like Stevie Fulton, Steve Tosh, Alex Taylor, Kevin James
  2. Muirhead use to get absolutely slaughtered on here every week.
  3. Red shoulders on the home kit now and we're good to go!
  4. Have to hope QP find a way to get past Airdrie and go up. If they stay down I expect they'll be far more competitive than this year with the £££ behind them. As others have said, if Airdrie stay down, there's a good chance some of their players will be nicked.
  5. That's not true. If Raith had been offering the same money and length of contract he's have stayed there.
  6. Can only wish some of our recent managers had left us in the Premier League and Europe.
  7. I have an uneasy fear that this is the case too but prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and let's see what happens.
  8. It's just a bit of fun, lighten up. Leaks do happen from all different sources, would rather folk shared them as a bit of speculation keeps the forum interesting. Nothing is guaranteed until its officially confirmed.
  9. @Brockvillenomore think you'll find I told you on Sunday
  10. He's trying to bring Musonda, Benedictus and Spencer with him. Musonda and Spencer have other offers in the championship.
  11. A few decent signings and I'll start feeling much more optimistic. Feet firmly on the ground for now. Will be renewing the ST with the usual hope that THIS time, things will be ok.
  12. This is a very good point, grass would be destroyed quickly with Shire playing on it too. A winter mudbath would be worse than the astro. Wouldn't have Jim Dawson to look after it either. If there are grants to be had for making it available to the community (even if bookings are low) then probably makes sense to replace with a newer version of astro.
  13. I'd be amazed if Griffiths finds another club willing to take him on. Career over.
  14. If he wasn't considering it he'd have signed with us last week. I think its odds on he'll choose us but hope its for the challenge rather than just the money.
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