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  1. Any chance of a Clyde fan winning the Euromillions?
  2. Danny keeps blaming the defence but it’s deflecting from the real problem, IT’S THE MIDFIELD!!! I thought that Cuddihy would be able to step up and control the midfield but I was wrong . Some thought that Grant, Mcstay and Rankin leaving wasn’t that big of an issue but it’s HUGE . The defence have no confidence in the midfield to help them out so they are making basic mistakes, mistakes that happen when you have no confidence. The transfer window can’t come quick enough...
  3. Can we scrap the season now? Save a lot of pain
  4. A better pitch to play on! I’ll take a point to stop the rot but with kristoff and goodie playing you’d be expecting goals
  5. A short term fix , he’s a good passer and can drop back in when required
  6. To win on Saturday we need to start at pace and show self belief. Big Norway on from the start, hopefully Cunningham too. Push Lang forward into midfield . 4-1-3 -2 . Norway and Goodwillie up front together
  7. What I learned from today 1, pixie Lott loves plastic bags 2, mcinally loves playing us 3, pixie Lott can’t handle a windy day at broadwood 4, we can’t use a tail wind to test a keeper. A bad day that can’t be repeated or even this shortened season will seem very long. Can we play better, of course we can but why didn’t we today? Fecked if I know tbh
  8. Is Balmoor an abbreviation for “ we wish we could have called it Ibrox after the team we really support “
  9. Wow, do you only spot spelling mistakes on certain posts and not all? Isn’t that bullying? Shame on you, shame on you sir
  10. And to think if you could only have taken 1 point from us last season...
  11. Tinpot Falkirk, can’t get a stream right for a betfred game [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] all the Falkirk fans that wouldn’t buy the stream because half of the money was going to Clyde must be raging that not only are we going to get refunds, but now we are getting to watch it for free
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