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  1. Just seen the highlights and thought we were good tonight, but definitely got the rub of the green. Had to laugh at Jim's comments about penalties! We've had a fair few controversial ones given this season. Sad to see Foley go.
  2. Would you like to live in a tenement block filled with people with 'addiction issues'?! It is well known that such people are more likely to steal and shoplift, to neglect their children and pets, and to be anti-social, nuisance neighbours. Sure, not every addict is like that, but see when you hear of an 80 year old lady getting battered for her handbag, you can pretty much guarantee that the culprit had an 'addiction issue'...
  3. I agree that there's an underclass, to deny otherwise is folly. I live in a less than salubrious part of the West of Scotland. One thing I noticed early on when face masks were in short supply, was that all the junkies waiting for their methadone were wearing them. It was like they were sporting a fashion accessory, though about six of them had formed a tight circle and were chatting away with no regard for social distancing whatsoever, and most were not wearing their masks properly or had even removed them to aid conversation. Very bizarre. I think statistically the underclass are more likely to smoke, drink heavily, take drugs, eat unhealthily and possibly indulge in many other risky behaviours. I can only conclude that they are more fatalistic or place less value on their lives.
  4. That was it, they both were in on goal and should have, at the very least, tested the keeper. They were excellent opportunities squandered. I'm not too downhearted about this to be honest, as I would have been devastated if we reached the final and couldn't go.
  5. Yous need to watch it. The way you're going you'll slip into second and then the league will get called...
  6. That's a really good effort! With not being able to go, the pre-match anticipation's a bit flat. A nice bit of culture, too.
  7. Not so much on here. But aye, that's what I was referring to.
  8. Have you ever read Elvis's posts on BAWA? 🤣 As I said, I know of a few Old Firm fans who've seen the light, though most seem to switch to Thistle. Your experience sounds like an epiphany.
  9. I agree with all that. I believe people should support their local club. I know folk who've lived in Paisley all their lives and have no attachment to their town's club, and I find it astonishing. I have that feeling, too.
  10. I understand completely, as most folk I know follow one of the Old Firm, too. I enjoy not being one of the sheep, indeed I revel in it and wear my colours with pride. Like you I enjoy supporting the underdog club, which we are in the SPFL, given our budget. With fan ownership on the horizon, I'm really optimistic about our future. I'm also proud of our support, and the likes of the recent win against Rangers gives me immense pleasure, when I expect none. How I wish we could have been in the stadium for that one.
  11. Excellent stuff! I'm glad you've seen the light. You're far from the first former Old Firm supporter to have done so. Those clubs are toxic and, I agree, not just because of the bigotry. Their fans' expectations essentially mean that unless they win the league they're unhappy...even raging. I forwarded a funny, non-football-related WhatsApp message to a Celtic supporting fiend the other day. I received a terse reply asking me to stop sending him messages when 'the Celtic' are playing. When I quipped that he needed cheering up, I received a barrage of abuse, including the suggestion that I was an unhygienic Orangeman born out of wedlock. To be fair, I think he's suffering from poor mental health because of the lockdown, as well as Celtic's 'dismal' form. ETA: @Div, could you not do something about this poor guy's username?
  12. I see you post a lot in St. Mirren threads, and yet your name indicates you support Celtic. What's the script?
  13. Physically going to the games is 80% of the attraction to me. If I wanted to sit at home and watch footy, I might as well support Barcelona...like many cretins do nowadays, it seems. Not going to this is actually depressing. It is an incredible story, to be fair. Let's see whether he sustains this success, though. Also will Livingston's faith in him be rewarded with loyalty if he is successful, or will he quickly depart for greener pastures? That's a pretty stunning statistic. It's cheered me up a bit. I've stuck £8 on a 3-1 Saints victory. The rest I put on a 3-3 draw, because I can imagine us going 3-1 up and being on the precipice of jubilation, only for us to throw it away.
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