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  1. I hope the same. We need to concentrate on the league, IMHO.
  2. Anyone seen Better Than Us? It's a Russian drama and, having just watched the first episode, it looks really good.
  3. I have no experience of it. Besides I'm reluctant to use my bank details on the interweb. As someone on there remarked I expect more tickets will be sold tonight, but poor show from St. Mirren. I overestimated our support I suppose.
  4. Whoops! Maybe we should have given Motherwell more tickets after all... https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50476-very-few-tickets-sold-for-motherwell-8th-feb/
  5. Might be a leveller. I just hope it's not postponed or abandoned.
  6. Aye, I'd agree with that. Motherwell have been more successful for a long, long time and still don't attract bigger crowds. I'm cautiously optimistic we'll put them in their place on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get a morale-boosting win tomorrow night, and there's a good chance they'll get hammered by Celtic. With home advantage, and given recent form, I think we should get a result on Saturday. COYS.
  7. Just watched the highlights! A great game, and a stunning injury time equaliser from Hearts. Have to say they rode their luck a little bit. Also it looked as though there were more Hearts supporters in the ground than St Johnstone...
  8. I would nationalise football, with each local authority financing their local football clubs. Smaller clubs would be merged, to make them more sustainable. One would have to prove they live within their club's authority's boundaries in order to purchase a ticket for the home end, so hardcore supporters would have to relocate.
  9. Just heard there are "well over 1,500" tickets available in the home end, and that doesn't include ST holders who have not yet purchased their seats...
  10. I'm off to a party with a couple of bottles of sparkling English wine to celebrate! I genuinely thought we would never be liberated from the EUSSR, so I'm over the moon. Enjoy yourselves whatever you're doing.
  11. I have had to laugh given the Motherwell supporters' condescending attitude on here, which indicates they seem to think they're a much bigger club than St. Mirren. https://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn/avesco.htm 7 Motherwell FC 5.656 11 3,8% 8.822 8 St. Mirren FC 5.533 11 3,3% 7.332 According to the above link, Motherwell have averaged 123 more spectators this season! I have always categorised Motherwell, Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle, Dundee and St. Mirren together in terms of size... Now consider the two clubs' fortunes this season. Edit: I would also include Falkirk in the above category.
  12. Agreed (that's why I said I understood why they have done it this way) but tickets do have seats printed on them and there's a good chance that some muppet will come in 5 minutes after kick off and insist on 'his' seat. That definitely will happen...plus there will be those who come in late, due to traffic delays or the pub or whatever, and will be looking for free seats and walking about blocking people's view.
  13. Celtic fans will be easily identifiable from their obvious lack of personal hygiene...
  14. I think every person trying to buy a ticket in the St. Mirren home end should be forced to take a polygraph test, and anyone who fails should be reported to the police.
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