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  1. I can’t remember the exact story but I remember in the Daily Records old football insert on a Monday, the Winner, they did have a wee page with funny stuff from around the world of football. As part of this there was a story that had something to do with a goalkeeper and either a corner kick or a corner shop and below it the quip was something like “they should’ve signed Packie Bonnar”. I remember reading it as a young teenager thinking it was a bit close to the bone (even back then late 90s) and the next week they posted an apology.
  2. Good post. I think that, unless the rise of the cost of living starts to slow a little, then you will start to find more and more Premiership (or Championship)players who would probably be good enough to keep you up. I would guess a lot of the full time fringe/youth players at your lower end Premiership and high end Championship clubs are on £500 p/w as you mentioned earlier. Purely based on current fuel and energy costs if you are earning around £2000 a month you might find yourself a bit tighter financially than you were 12 or 24 months ago (I know that’s the case for me) and as such you might get guys like, just mentioning a random name here, someone like an Nouble deciding it’s better to be part time and pick up another few hundred a week/month on top of a wage at a club like Arbroath.
  3. I’m not too sure about that with a lot of players at senior clubs have quite short contracts but regardless there is still no shame in Talbot losing heavily to a club who are top 3 in the top flight. Had backed Talbot to take them to extra time despite the difference in level.
  4. Where are the million pounds worth of Hearts players? Or did you mean across their career?
  5. Watching Sportscene last night I was thinking not just about the massive fall from grace that Calum Davidson appears to be going through just now but also the speed of the rise of his success. I don’t think there will be any manager who can match his record (outside of the old firm maybe with Lennon or someone in his first season) of coming in and immediately winning 2 cups so I’m not expecting examples like that but who else comes close to him in terms of immediate success and then massively falling away. I’m struggling to find anything even remotely similar for Kilmarnock in my time supporting them, we only got the good half of that roller coaster I suppose with Bobby Williamson who went from reserve team manager to Scottish Cup winning manager in around 7 months but then of course maintained a good record with us through the rest of his time before moving on.
  6. Luckily we are provided with more and more every time you play again. See today means we can jot down another year where Ayr have failed to win a major trophy. Fair play for consistency as I make that 100% of your clubs history now where you’ve failed to have any major success.
  7. Obviously I understand what you mean with the signings but the pressure has been massive since we went down, that’s why we sacked TW in 4th place. Caley Thistle and Partick apart (due to the time spent in similar leagues) we are the cup final for the smallest teams in the league (Ayr, Morton, QOTS).
  8. Remember the owners are on the company side so no connection to the club at all.
  9. For me Naismith’s performances have been a good reflection of the entire team when TW was in charge - lacklustre, lacking energy, seemed to be slightly unfit, no creativity and worst of all I just need to turn up and produce average performances in this league.
  10. 99% of them lie to themselves anyway with the whole club/company thing so it comes naturally to them.
  11. As called out earlier you watched the St Mirren 0-0 Celtic game from just before Christmas.
  12. You would like to think so but knowing the SPFL they’ll probably be embarrassed about it and god knows what type of treatment Sky will give to Dick Campbell and Arbroath the first time they host either of the bigots. Probably super-impose a seagull onto Campbell’s head for the pre-game package.
  13. I replied to your post so I can only assume by your logic that you were biting?
  14. I’ll answer on behalf of my fellow supporter. We drew 1-1 which left us 16 points clear of Ayr in the table.
  15. I personally thought Rudden did ok last night. He’s not exactly Kris Boyd but he isn’t any better or worse than either of our 2 strikers.
  16. @TONTROOPER appears to be the only person in the country who has become excited watching that game tonight.
  17. If you could refrain from any mention of anything Welsh at all in Kilmarnock match threads I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. Not sure if someone else will already have mentioned this but I heard Bullen took all of the players and back room staff (not sure about other club staff) out for a meal last week that he paid for out of his own pocket. Nice move and you would imagine an early start for some positive man-management.
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