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  1. What are your thoughts on Rangers fans refusing to stand up for themselves and allowing their club to die?
  2. Is it not about time that Hibs were forced to close the first few rows or certain sections of Easter Road because of this, it happens a lot. Maybe the chairman should worry more about sorting his own house out before he goes on about fixtures again.
  3. Aye I hated winning all those games last year, it was terrible.
  4. Imagine being in the bottom half of such a terrible division. Thank you.
  5. It’s worth mentioning that, with the exception of Aberdeen, the league is already looking like a list of clubs from biggest to smallest with both Saints clubs, Livingston and Ross County at the bottom.
  6. Based on that assessment then shouldn’t Leishman be playing in the top flight?
  7. I’m not sure that would be the case. Certainly they could offer him more than his current £0 p/w. I suppose a big part of it would be the exposure it would get him and the potential opportunities down the line.
  8. I wouldn’t say he would be a fine appointment and it’s hard to judge either way on the few games he’s had. However I would certainly rather Motherwell (or whoever else needs a manager during the season) would take a gamble on a guy with clearly some passion like Ferguson instead of the usual suspects. I could see Motherwell going for Tommy Wright as a really safe pair of hands although I personally don’t think that would be the right decision.
  9. Fair point and proves my point as well, I don’t know why people just assume we should beat Irish teams.
  10. It’s not really tin-pot though, probably one for a thread on its own.
  11. Even though its a bad result (any defeat is) and maybe it’s purely because my own club had our own disaster a few years ago that I don’t look on this quite as harshly as some others. First reason is that I don’t think Irish teams (north or south) are as bad as they were 40 years ago and we know that our league isn’t in the same place either. Secondly, I‘ve been watching Scottish football since around 1995 and the feeling has always been that we should be hammering teams from smaller countries/weaker leagues. For people my age this has been taught to us and we’ve probably taught it to the next generation too. In my experience though we don’t have too much to back this up though and it’s not a new thing, I remember us squeezing through against Shelbourne in 1997 (3-2 on aggregate). The same team were then 3-0 up against Dick Advocaats Rangers EBT 11, admittedly losing in the end up. I can’t be bothered going through to check all of the Scottish teams results against the others in the British Isles since then right now but might do later. But I doubt I’ll find many results this century where teams (outwith the obvious 3) from Scotland have easily beaten others from our neighbouring countries. To summarize - a bad result but not one that is completely unexpected.
  12. Oh I read he had been freed, clearly duff info I should’ve checked.
  13. How was Glenn Middleton for you last season? I expected you to snap him up after he was freed.
  14. I would also take a draw on Saturday but hoping for a win of course. Utd could/should be 4th this season, on paper it looks like they’ve brought in plenty of quality.
  15. I’ve put a lot of eggs in Dunfermline’s basket.
  16. Aye I don’t think it will happen either it seems a bit daft for Rangers to sign another 3rd choice goalkeeper just to let the current 3rd choice go out on loan.
  17. I heard today that Zander Clark was due to sign for Rangers as a backup but McGregor’s u-turn on retiring threw that up in the air. Apparently he knocked back a couple of moves waiting for this. I also heard there is a chance that he still signs for them and then Robbie McCrorie is coming to you on loan.
  18. Clear unsafe release for Sainz there too.
  19. I would teach him we are DKB and not let him go. I had a slightly different, but similarly challenging, situation where my daughters mum bought her a Rangers top and I went off my head. If it had been Ayr/St Mirren etc I would probably have been less bothered about it but keeping your kids away from the Old Firm shite is just good parenting in my opinion.
  20. Aye but people would still call him Jimmy. It’s just Rangers, but without the titles (apart from the last one of course).
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