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  1. f**k Killie Dirty b*****ds I’m guessing although it should’ve been FDKB if in keeping with the lads from Somerset.
  2. Were you not the guy giving the minute by minute updates on the Kilmarnock league cup group game on this very thread just a month or two ago?
  3. If you think a cup full of “B” teams is a cup worth winning then you’ve got a strange view on football.
  4. Kilmarnock have been away less than 6 months and the clubs are saying they need a restructure? I am shocked, absolutely shocked.
  5. Who? (PM if not for public consumption) PS - If it’s someone well known with books and films don’t bother but I’m guessing you are talking about someone I don’t know.
  6. I agree with you. Whilst nobody commenting here knows exactly what the objectives are or what the plans will be, my opinion/hope is that whatever is suggested from this review actually works and then allows clubs like Hearts and Aberdeen to gain a bit more commercial income (or again whatever they are trying to achieve) and someone eventually breaks the Old firm monopoly on the title. I’m sure if Aberdeen or someone else started winning title after title the rest of us would just get as sick of watching them as we do the other two. Then my next hope would be that by having a more exciting division and increased revenue that money would trickle down and maybe we could all start to benefit in a better league. Sadly however I doubt any of that will end up happening. Surely even if the clubs do come up with a strategy then Celtgers just block it using the 11-1 rule?
  7. I’m sure he’ll be delighted you chose to share that. Threads not about you but now you’ve put the attention on someone else totally unrelated to the matter.
  8. Happy with the 3 points of course but a further reminder that we are not as good as we would like to be/some fans think we are and that this season is going to be tough every single week. Speaking purely for myself I’ll be happy to get promoted just winning like this for the majority of the season. However I haven’t and wouldn’t put any money on us being promoted, we aren’t good enough at all to really be thinking that is a guarantee. Last season Hearts fans turned against their side a bit due to performances but I don’t think we will do that nor do we have the same expectations as Hearts.
  9. Missed the part that he got sacked after being defeated by yourselves, we hardly laid a glove on you because of his tactics not because you were that much better, by the return match in a few weeks we might have a competent manger who might try and win the game so be careful what you wish for. I do expect Ayr to beat us at least once this season.
  10. Ayr have waited 28 years to be in the same league as us and we’ve absolutely broken them within 6 weeks of the season starting.
  11. Given that Derek McInnes was apparently getting closer every day to the Ayr job a couple of weeks ago he must be at Somerset signing his paperwork now eh Diego? Genuine question though for the Ayr fans. Was Hopkin worse that Mark Roberts as a manager in your opinion?
  12. For the record I wasn’t trolling earlier I’m actively calling you out as bit of a disloyal supporter. I don’t even know what AU500 even is but to say you will support your club in this way when things are going well but now will pull back on that is bullshit if you ask me, regardless of what club you support. Managers and players come and go but (assuming this is some sort of trust) your club will always be there.
  13. Pretty good just finished watching the Scotland game. Good result.
  14. Nothing like pulling back on your support during your club’s time of need.
  15. What do people about the tit-for-tat outing of old tweets that is now going around Twitter? Also, on a related note, what about the boy from Middlesborough who has been charged by the FA for tweets he made 9 years ago as a 14 year old?
  16. As I said earlier, have you ever been to a game against them where they haven’t sung that song (sang that song?).
  17. If the club is trying to move away from some of the old fashioned views then you have to wonder what they are doing about a whole stadium singing “f**k Bobby Sands, he’s deed” Unless of course this a football reference that I’ve missed? From what I know it’s a song relating to the troubles in Ireland no?
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