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  1. With a quarter (or possibly more, who knows) of the season gone this game could go a long way to defining the rest of the campaign for both of us. If we win then we give ourselves a real fighting chance of being one of those clubs eying a European spot. If we lose then it probably indicates that we aren’t really good enough for that. Hibs can afford to lose and still be confident of finishing above us but again it’ll be a good indicator of where you are at if you take the 3 points. My prediction? 0-0
  2. You should delete that picture mate before someone fucks about with your stuff (if there is any possibility they can do anything with the info). ETA - Ignore me.
  3. Stick to selling heroin mate I don’t think you’ll do well at the bookmaking.
  4. Fair play to Gavin Swankie for getting into the Halloween spirit early with the comedy witches nose.
  5. Probably suspended betting because they know we will absolutely smash Hibs.
  6. That particular charity is still looking for that particular donation.
  7. The positive impact that P+B has had on various clubs and in really enforcing the fans views on the Rangers situation back in 2012 should not be overlooked.
  8. Without it sounding like a dickhead question, because it’s not aimed that way, but can I ask why? Are you researching a book for example?
  9. DL bitterness will be a joy to behold once football gets back to normal.
  10. You probably didn’t want your first club to die either but thems the breaks.
  11. On the question of who has the better team my opinion is that I would only swap Morelos and Barker for Eduard and Forrest (and even Forrest sketchy over the last 12 months performance). Maybe Ajer instead of Goldson but that would be more to do with overall future potential and Goldsons age. Celtic will get decent money for Frimpong at some stage but currently Tavernier provides far more to his team. However you only need to think back to the social media reaction to the draws Sevco had a few weeks ago from their own fans. At that stage the majority of their own first 11 were getting hounded. If Celtic win the next derby game and end up ahead at that stage you’ll find the negativity swinging the other way. Thats football, the Kilmarnock support were turning towards sacking Alex Dyer just 6 weeks ago.
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