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  1. Not too sure how I’ll feel if we go down as I haven’t experienced it before but of course not our season has been a disaster.
  2. If we stay up on the last day it’ll probably match some of your greatest seasons this century. Quite sad really.
  3. Commiserations to St Mirren but still you have to look back on your season and think it’s been a job well done. At least 7th in the flight and an incredible Scottish Cup (QF) win. Best season for St Mirren in my lifetime. You’ll be able to tell your grandkids about this one.
  4. I think one of the biggest drawbacks around the Falkirk job is that it’s the Falkirk job in League One. Hear me out. Of course Falkirk are a reasonable sized club and at this tier one of the (if not the) biggest club. For any half decent manager of the type you want then they either have to succeed or have their career potentially ruined by failing with a full time club in this league. I know it was pie in the sky thinking but let’s just say you were able to put a financial package together and tempt McInnes along. If he came in and had a disaster then that would really be it for him. The list of managers who Falkirk fans would accept and be happy with I would guess already is quite a small one.
  5. Think you said she charged him 4x the normal price. Just the same as the people who chap the door of vulnerable people and overcharge them for gardening work and things of that nature.
  6. Was it not you who posted on here about your friend committing fraud with Paul Gascoigne or have I mixed that up?
  7. So it’s really just St Mirren fans doing to others what they forever moan about Hearts fans doing to them* *by this I am of course referring to the whole 86 Hearts/Celtic/St Mirren thing and not St Mirren relegating Hearts last season.
  8. Did he actually say that? That is really poor if true.
  9. I stumbled across a video on Twitter of some of his saves over the years - very good goalkeeper. The first save was against Dundee, I’m not sure if I’m mistaken here but is it Dundee or St Mirren fans who hate Alan Main and label him a cheat? What’s the story behind that? It’s touched on here a lot but what exactly happened?
  10. I would genuinely guesstimate he has had more mins playing monopoly since the season started than on the pitch for the first team.
  11. Yep that was kind of my point, I wasn’t defending Lennon I was slating those who were defending him over his supposed alcohol issues.
  12. No somebody did actually tag police scotland on the tweet. Unsure if it was just a whoosh.
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