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  1. Sorry just for clarity could you name the EPL clubs that he should be good enough to start for?
  2. From the outside looking in Kearney was a disaster at St Mirren. ETA - Before all the buddies jump on this I appreciate he picked up from an even bigger disaster with Stubbs but still.
  3. What’s the deal with the seat colours? Genuine question - did the seats come from Ibrox mid-90s?
  4. Whilst I appreciate the circumstances this year are a bit different it’s worth remembering that hundreds of footballers across the country are laid off at this time every single year.
  5. Fans of other clubs who slate the FOH fundraising (like RandomGuy) are simply jealous that their own fans cannot match anything like these levels of support.
  6. Ever since Kilmarnock Football Club took the step of calling out fans at Ibrox for their bigotry (a full stadium chanting ****** b*****d at our manager) they have added us to their rivals list. The oldco used to have rivalry with Celtic and at times Aberdeen. Basically title challengers. The Newco have instead set their sights a wee bit lower, focusing their energy on Dundee Utd (generally a second tier club), Hibs (generally a second tier club) and Kilmarnock (well it’s Kilmarnock). Maybe, due to the fact that they get regularly beaten by their current rivals, they should focus on other clubs who have also won zero major trophies.
  7. Hope someone can do the magic stuff here but there’s been a video kicking about that Scottish football memories page on Facebook and I think it’s Airdrie vs Falkirk. Keeper punts it, EVERYBODY misses it, opposition defender kicks it over his own line.
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