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  1. I’d be confident saying we’ll make the top 4 at the very worst but I certainly wouldn’t have the balls to say we’ll win this division. Hope you are right though.
  2. Just to confirm the Ayr United supports hall of shame so far this season: Racist chanting directed towards their own players. Racist chanting directed towards opposition players. Wishing death on opposing players.
  3. I think it's partly related to relegating your utterly tinpot outfit in hilarious fashion m8. Would any promotion bonus not have been agreed this time last season?
  4. Is this a row about win bonuses or avoiding relegation or something like that then? If so then the players are maybe at a bit of risk of splitting opinion with the fans because of the start you have had.
  5. Is Brophy just firing shots in from all angles? I like Brophy but I never felt he was really a calm and composed striker. A lot of his goals for us did seem to come a bit from the element of surprise. Is the young boy Jay Henderson getting much game time this season?
  6. Aye see on this point is the VAR completed from some UEFA headquarters location or is it someone at the stadium? I was wondering if they were having technical issues.
  7. I’m not too sure how long they played together for and of course Skyline Drifter is right when he says they have completely different abilities but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dobbie had an impact on Dykes to help him elevate his career to where it is just now with some great advice. Could be argued that Dykes has already surpassed Dobbie in terms of career achievements, although of course he hasn’t played in the EPL yet.
  8. Aye @itzdrk fair had them biting last night. Was glorious.
  9. I suppose I should take it as a compliment the fact that you guys see beating Kilmarnock in one game as something that makes your season a success. It’s that kind of attitude from your fans that will keep your club as the wee team for the rest of my life.
  10. Every single season since your club was formed.
  11. When Lee Clark came in at Kilmarnock he changed training to whatever time the next game was at. Which didn’t seem to go down very well.
  12. Rangers fans probably think Friends and Joey are the same tv show.
  13. That’s all these fans in the lower tier seem to want to do. It’s no wonder their clubs never achieve anything.
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