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  1. Would be great if anyone could give a list of any/all friendly games in Ayrshire.
  2. You do realise I would have to be reading about it in the Ayr thread, unless of course there has been more crowing elsewhere. Moron indeed. As for JG, would agree he is a dick.
  3. I’m sure that in the 90s the old Eglinton amateurs had a bit of a reputation of being wild. Not sure if anyone here can confirm that or knows any stories.
  4. Beating Darvel in a friendly and crowing about it. What a small club.
  5. I haven’t said that anything like that is fair, all I’ve done is ask for, if it is the norm for players to be abused for their cultural background, examples of this happening to McCarthy in the last year as I would said it’s a really fair comparison with McGeady and I would say that it would then be fair for you to predict it will happen to him as it has McCarthy.
  6. The team they play for doesn’t matter. You’ve said it’s started with McGeady and he hasn’t played yet either. So please let me know the examples of it happening with McCarthy since he signed.
  7. Can you tell me about all the abuse James McCarthy has experienced since moving to Celtic? His circumstances similar to McGeady so assume he would have been getting it tight for the last 12 months?
  8. They’ll often make the smallest clubs in the league favourites for relegation so putting you and Ross County in the bottom two feels about right to me.
  9. Down is all they are used to just now.
  10. Apologies I do seem to have got it wrong earlier with Crunchies career and ability. Was talking to a few of the older guys last night about him and they told me he was basically Falkirks Ally Mitchell. So if he was that good then I defo take it all back.
  11. Love it when people make shitty wee videos like that and are zooming in and out of the food as if we don’t know what a pie looks like.
  12. I saw a St Johnstone fan on Facebook earlier saying that he would’ve been delighted if you had signed Murray. Couldn’t quite believe it.
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