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  1. Pretty sure I will speak for a fair number of Kilmarnock fans when I say that we would happily take Derek McInnes as our new manager if he ever left Aberdeen. Also I’m not too sure why the Hibs fans are so happy. I doubt Aberdeen would want Jack Ross it McInnes left but if they did I would expect they would just take him. After all Aberdeen are a far bigger club than Hibs.
  2. Kilmarnock fans have raised the money to pay our £10,000 fine today, with a bit extra left to spare. Great effort.
  3. I see Falkirk’s policy of meandering around the lower tiers of Scottish football for decades at a time is working out well for them.
  4. Reason #834 as to why women shouldn’t be allowed to go to games.
  5. Got all sorts of dodgy notifications when I clicked into a couple of links on that link.
  6. Any insight from St Johnstone fans or anyone else as to why Tommy Wright doesn’t appear to have been mentioned or considered seriously for a job as yet? I assume there isn’t any financial advantage for him in being unemployed?
  7. Understood. I would’ve just imagined it would’ve been an issue for Brophy to be sitting in his group of 6/8 in our changing room today and then potentially tomorrow sitting in another teams changing room with a different 6 guys.
  8. What’s the process for a player moving club in terms of changing Covid bubbles? Would Brophy (or anyone else) have to isolate for a period of time first?
  9. I think this is a good move for Brophy and for St Mirren (and to a lesser extent for us too as there is no point keeping an unhappy player). St Mirren have picked up a player who will score more goals every season than Erwin and Obika will in my opinion. Even with that being the case I wouldn’t mind either at RP as they are different types of player than Brophy. Despite all the goals he scored Brophy was never the main man for us, probably due to the fact he was a bit of meh signing when he came in. This is quite a high profile move for our level so he will feel more loved and more important at St Mirren at least in the short term.
  10. I’m not sure if it was discussed on the match thread but I thought Duffy could not have looked less interested in coming on at the weekend if he tried. Then he seemed to be desperate to get himself sent off.
  11. So if Celtic are found to be in some kind of breach, even if it’s just a breach of morals, then the punishment will be to not let any other teams following them do the same thing?
  12. I’m just opening this out for a discussion I don’t believe this is the way to go or anything: Remember back during the London riots of around 10 years ago after the guy was shot by the police? At the height of those riots either there was discussion (or I think it actually happened) of the government closing down Blackberry instant messaging because a lot of people used it for communication and the authorities felt the riots were being co-ordinated in some way through that channel. Well in this current situation I continue to see some crazy stories coming out about protesters outside of hospitals, people in America dying of Covid whilst at the same time claiming it’s a hoax and I’m pretty sure a lot of this thinking is helped along by all the mis-information shared on social media. From those with millions of followers right down to your local Facebook full time mother talking to her friends. Do you think at any time any of the democratically elected governments have considered closing down social media or any section of the internet in any way and/or what do you think the reaction would be if they did? Twitter is the main social media I use and I think it’s a great source of information but I do feel it should be in some way more audited, quality checked etc. However that then would start to impact on supposed free speech. The main reason behind posting this topic is the growing number of people who either work in the NHS or have lost someone close to them whoI see replying to the conspiracy theorists around Covid. Personally I have not suffered any loss of anyone close to me at all but I can only imagine the anger/frustration these people must feel when they have to read posts claiming it’s all some kind of hoax when they are so closely affected by the virus.
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