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  1. What time is kick off on Wednesday and are you able to just turn up or is there a set number for attendance?
  2. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If you are 4-0 or 4-1 up and have dominated the entire game the way Raith fans are describing it then you probably aren’t too worried about tightening up. Then once it does to 4-2 you are left in a bit of a difficult scenario where you know that by sitting back a bit and inviting pressure you could make it worse. Obviously McGlynn and the players have got it wrong but (as a bit of a happy clapper when it comes to my club) you sometimes need to just say that’s football and move. 99 times out of 100 you take the 3 points in that situation.
  3. Let’s hope on Monday that Ayr return to their Ground with Zero points.
  4. Anyone reading this post please click onto Buckfasts profile then content and see how much this £13 million of debt is keeping him up at nights.
  5. Exactly Brian can’t believe they are just telling blatant lies. Have a nice weekend thanks for confirming.
  6. Ayr fans fair making up some excuses for these scarves.
  7. So selling in the club shop is “nothing to do with the club” ? Seems legit.
  8. Lies Ayr united didn't was produced and sold by a street vender nothing to do with club. Doubled down on lying. likes people who tell lies.
  9. So who is lying here you or other Ayr fans who said the club were not involved at all? Honest Men indeed.
  10. Pretty gutted that Celtic are having a bad time which means we need to put up with @WhiteRoseKillie on the Kilmarnock threads again. As for the 50/50 scarves, I’m pretty sure @North British will have bought one at the time.
  11. Pay the £10 that a Capitalist culture would want you to.
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