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  1. Hahaha. He would, as well. Agree with the sentiment, we ought to be winning this if we carry on our form and the players will feel they should have had the three points wrapped up before the red card and collapse in the reverse fixture, but when you're doing well, as a fan, you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Definitely expect this to be a tougher game than Saturday past, but it's there to be won.
  2. Of course, no footballer in the history of the sport has ever ended up regretting a move that on paper looked a fairly obvious step and afforded a higher wage. None whatsoever. Unheard of. Never happens. Never has, never will.
  3. There's also Luke Lyons, who I think is now back training. Paul Watson would be a great get for anyone in this league, and most teams in the league above frankly. I'd expect him to get a move to another club in the first division, but I'd definitely not turn him down.
  4. There's plenty who have never been his biggest fan, that's for sure, but at least for me he has consistently improved us every year. The facts would tend to bear that out vis a vis league positioning. Even so, most if not all would accept that he can at the very least competently coach a side. Some feel he is or has been too cautious a coach, too negative. The evidence before everyone's eyes on Saturday told its own story regards the relative coaching of the two sides, though. Falkirk players looked lost. There was also a complete inability to change the game in any meaningful way at half time or at 2-0 down. Nobody in that coaching staff seems capable of getting a reaction out the players, that seemed obvious.
  5. You did say that Airdrie set up to stop Falkirk playing, though. That it was a 'prime example'. In reality, though, this is simply false. Falkirk had a paltry 6% more of the ball, which for a home team, I mean that's more or less an even spread of the ball. We remember the reverse fixture quite differently, too. That Falkirk have regressed is very true, though. They looked a dangerous team that day. They looked toothless on Saturday. They looked clueless on Saturday. If it was a prime example of anything, it was a prime example of a better team skudding a poorer team. A prime example of a competently coached team riding an incompetently coached team. A prime example not of an away team setting out to stop the daunting footballing side that is Falkirk playing, but simply of the better team winning.
  6. The delusions really do run deep, eh? Not just Sheerin and the goalkeeper, even you Falkirk fans are unable to see reality. Saturday was far from a prime example of a team coming to Falkirk to stop them playing. It was a prime example of a well coached team of players who know what they are doing, know their roles in the team and can play tidy football, capable of the odd bit of basic defending in the very rare moments it was required, visiting an absolute rabble who are capable of none of that, and turning them over. It was a comprehensive victory by a superior side who used the ball far, far better than their limp hosts. Airdrie played better football, created more chances and eased to victory with plenty possession of their own. It wasn't just 'fight and guts'. It wasn't setting out to stop Falkirk playing. Airdrie imposed themselves on their hosts and hounded them. It should have been more than 3 and our centre halves had the cigars out for most of the 90.
  7. Getting very unseemly in here. We've no idea, from the outside, how this has been handled. However, if it is the case that Rico Quitongo, to whom the club have a duty of care first and foremost as their employee, feels let down, then there is at least a fair chance that he has indeed been let down. That he feels this way (assuming he does, I have no confirmation of this that I can rely upon and deeply hope this is not true) is in and of itself a failure, as the club should have made damn sure it was not possible for him to feel let down by their efforts, even if they could not in the end identify the racist moron in question. None of us know this, not right now. If Rico does not feel he has had proper support from the club, in my view that is a failure and something that could and should have been avoided. The guy himself said at the get go he knows you cannot always catch the idiots so it isn't like he had unrealistic expectations of how easy it would be to pick out and confirm one guy. It should not be impossible, then, to leave the player frustrated as we all are that the culprit could not be found whilst still feeling he had the full support and exhaustive efforts of the club at his back. I sincerely hope that he has had that support and if I'm honest I do find it hard to believe that the genuinely good people in the club would have failed to make Rico feel fully supported, but I cannot rule it out as a literal impossibility. Ultimately, again, we have no way of knowing as things stand if Rico's agent is being unprofessional and unfair, or if they are lashing out because they have a genuine and justified grievance with the investigation and the club handling. To reiterate, though, the club have a duty of care; looking after the employee should be the number 1 priority of the employer in such instances. It's deeply depressing that a young man has to deal with this when going about their work, or in society in general, and we as a support base, like all support bases, need diligent self-policing to try and stamp out anything like this happening in the stands, home or away. Anyone who wants to support Airdrie (in a sensible, non bigoted way) should feel they will be welcomed with open arms and have no concerns about how welcome they may or may not be by fellow supporters. Listen to the latest OTL podcast interview with an Asian former supporter to hear what I mean. That is deeply, deeply shameful and made my skin crawl. Anyone who wants to come and play for Airdrie should expect that same welcome, and should be able to expect that if they are getting a bit of grief from their supporters, it is purely on the basis of their performance, without any chance of their ethnicity or orientation or anything else coming into it. ..I was on such a high after Saturday as well. Hate that this thread is full of this issue and not the usual glorying in an utter pumping of Falkirk, but it has to be done I suppose.
  8. Airdrieonians 2-0 Dumbarton Cove Rangers 2-2 Clyde Montrose 1-2 East Fife Peterhead 1-2 Falkirk Queen's Park 1-1 Alloa Athletic
  9. Tweets arenae journalism, are they? Get this in the special wee cheeks forum with all the other pish yous two talk.
  10. Alloa Athletic 1-0 Peterhead Clyde 0-2 Montrose Dumbarton 0-1 Queen's Park East Fife 1-1 Cove Rangers Falkirk 1-2 Airdrieonians
  11. @Jim McLean's Ghost is saying that Rudden should be in the under 21 squad. He is not saying that he should be in the senior squad. This is obvious. Read his posts properly and you'll notice that.
  12. You've missed out the 3-2, which is the actual 5th game in the sequence of 'last 5 games'. The 2-1 win for Israel in Israel would be 6 games. Pedantic, I know.
  13. Undeniably true, and it does speak volumes the amount of times there is space out on the Scotland right to exploit because the opposition are so concerned with our left flank and can and do get away with it as they know the chances of O'Donnell capitalising on it are slim. The amount of times we should have gotten a goal or at least a chance from this out in Austria was crazy. And hawl you, ya auld crooner; my eyes are up here.
  14. O'Donnell is obviously a player with limitations, and his delivery is consistently poor (albeit he actually has a couple of assists to his name for Scotland and has played a key part of a few goals) and we do need something better in the long run so as to not seem quite so imbalanced, but performances like the one he put in at Wembley, and actually both matches versus Austria, show he is far more capable than you are giving him credit for here. Whilst he wasn't able to capitalise on the several excellent positions he got himself into in the away game, he was defensively solid in that match (and made good runs forward even if his final pass, cross and shot wasn't quite up to it) and kept Alaba fairly quiet at Hampden. He also had a good game in Serbia. I think everyone is hoping Patterson can make the jersey his, that guys like Ramsey continue to develop, force their way into the squad and that they become the future of the position, but at the moment, given Ramsey's inexperience and Patterson's very irregular game time, as well as the guys own performances in several big games for Scotland, O'Donnell merits his place as first choice, in my opinion.
  15. Looking at that squad, if we go with the back three, then it's one of Cooper, Hendry or McKenna. We did look better in the reverse fixture when we switched to a back four, so I suppose it's not completely out of the realms of possibility that he does that from the off this time, but I expect he will go with the 3 in any event. A few years ago I would not have thought we would be dearly, dearly wishing Grant Hanley could play in a crucial match, but here we are. The guy has been a colossus since he came back early in this campaign.
  16. Aye, looks good, glad to have McTominay back and shouldn't be surprised by the return of McLean. Ferguson can consider himself a wee bit fortunate to be in given that he can hardly be described as 'in form' at the moment, but Clarke is on record as admiring him for a while and he presumably showed up well enough in the last camp to be recalled. Cannae wait for this. Huge game in the group and hopefully the last time we play Israel for a considerable period.
  17. I personally don't think the entire team were honking against Russia in the 1-2 defeat at Hampden. I'm not sure anyone apart from maybe McBurnie were 'honking' that game, and even then it is his pressure that spooks the goalie into spilling the Fraser cross to McGinn for the opening goal. Cooper, however, did struggle quite a bit and had a poor evening. Was he alone in that? No. I thought Hendry was fine against Czechs, actually. Anyone laying blame at his door, especially the second Czech goal, is extremely harsh in my mind. Hendry has, impressed me in other matches, particularly in his last outing versus Austria. Some of the criticism of Cooper might well be harsh, but I hardly think 'I've yet to be impressed by him' falls into that category. That's not harsh. No like I left the guy without a name, or called him something OTT like, I don't know, 'honking'. We agree on why he is left out for Tierney, but most telling for me is that he is also left out for Hanley in that central role in the three. Simply put, he has looked less defensively strong than the Norwich captain. That is why I'm not convinced about him stepping in for said Norwich captain. I can't honestly say I'm convinced about any of our alternatives, to be fair, but it hardly seems the 'obvious' choice, at least in my opinion. I don't think there really is an 'obvious' choice.
  18. I don't know that I'd go as far as to say I don't like him, but I don't recall ever being that impressed by him. He has done okay in some games, but he had quite a poor game in his debut at home to Russia, and he didn't cover himself in glory versus the Czech Republic in the Euros, either. There's a reason that he is consistently left out of the XI. Granted, much of that is due to accommodating Tierney, which means he's going to miss out in that back three, but he is still losing his place as a central defender to a guy who isn't really a central defender and he is consistently overlooked for the role of the middle centre back. Generally, unlike, say, Grant Hanley, I don't recall ever thinking 'wow that was impressive by Cooper there' or 'good defending from Cooper' or 'what a good game Cooper has had', be it for Scotland or even the few bits and pieces I've seen of him for Leeds. I'll no be throwing a fit if he fills the space Hanley leaves in the upcoming game, but aye, yet to be impressed by him. Hardly character assassination, but hey ho.
  19. Airdrieonians 3-1 Clyde Alloa Athletic 1-2 Cove Rangers Falkirk 3-0 East Fife Peterhead 0-0 Dumbarton Queen's Park 1-1 Montrose
  20. It looks like he was playing right sided midfielder in a central 3 and got forward quite a bit in the highlights of their game versus Bologna, but that's highlights from one fixture, so one can only take so much from it. I don't anticipate he'll be called up, despite starting the last 3 games in Serie A for his club (56 mins in a 3-0 defeat, 90 mins in a 2-0 win and 71 mins in a 4-2 win)
  21. Tomorrow it is, then. Not anticipating many surprises, but I don't really mind that. A lot to be said for a settled squad and consistent XI.
  22. I wouldn't really mind if he replaced Ferguson, but either way you're talking about a player who is unlikely to feature much if at all in the Israel match, so it's not a big deal. Clarke likes Ferguson, so presumably he'll still be in the squad.
  23. Hahaha well at least I took you down with me.
  24. Well that's reassuring. There was always the possibility that I was talking mince.
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