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  1. Dunfermline Athletic 4-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-2 Clyde Kelty Hearts 0-2 Airdrieonians Montrose 1-2 FC Edinburgh Queen of the South 1-1 Alloa Athletic
  2. SPFL have announced they plan on games going ahead this weekend, so presumably Ballantyne serves his suspension for this game versus Clyde. You'd expect so, anyway.
  3. Airdrieonians 3-0 Clyde Alloa Athletic 1-1 Montrose Dunfermline Athletic 1-1 Falkirk Peterhead 0-1 Kelty Hearts Queen of the South 2-2 FC Edinburgh
  4. To be pissed and vomited against for years to come. Would bring a tear to a glass eye.
  5. Chuckle. Utter lunacy everywhere.
  6. If they don't change the plans to include a bank holiday, it'll prove Brenda to be even more useless in death than she was in life, which is quite something. Only good to come of it will be the tears and snotters, the losses of heid and the perplexingly amusing weirdo behaviour of all the fleg sheggers.
  7. Definitely seems like the game is a bogey. Chuckle.
  8. He has been playing left sided CB for us, even LCB in a back three when we do that, for a while now, so any move away from an established role in a team always runs the risk of being a bit unsettling, including for the left back/LWB who will have grown used to having Fordyce as his next man along. As I already said though, he's obviously more than capable of managing that change. Any reshuffle always runs the risk of unsettling a side. We maybe saw that first hand at the weekend.
  9. True enough about Dycey, I just meant that he's used to playing on the left side of CB or LCB when we play a back three so might be an element of unsettling him. That being said, he's an experienced player and you're right, he should be able to adapt no bother. I also agree about McCabe, I think him dropping back allows him to read the game better and dictate the game better. I'd consider going with a back three and wing backs, if the players are comfortable enough to do it, but they'll know themselves in the group the things they are best at. Jamieson has bags of talent but it just hasn't quite worked for him last two games, could make a heck of an impact coming on later in the game and that might get him back in the groove that saw him terrorise Alloa. Gabby does a power of work on the right of the front three and that means Gal can play up top with Smith and McGill either side. It was a surreal experience, Saturday, an incredibly sore one, but I fully believe in this team who have not become bad players all of a sudden. Montrose is a tough place to go and bounce back of course, but I'm confident Saturday will look anomalous come the end of the season.
  10. My only concern here would be that both centre halves will be left sided, so Fordyce will be on the right side when he's usually playing on the left. You could put Rhys back there with Fordyce (worked most of last season) and potentially play McMaster in the middle, if he's ready, but that has downsides of its own of course. ATS could go to LB with Rhys dropping in to CB, too, if we're worried about or want to have a bit of added height. Will be interesting to see what way Rhys goes.
  11. Clyde 2-1 Dunfermline Athletic FC Edinburgh 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-2 Alloa Athletic Kelty Hearts 1-2 Queen of the South Montrose 1-1 Airdrieonians
  12. To be fair I think everyone is happy with how things have gone on the park. I think some folk have been worried about the way we ran quite light for some of the month and I think it's best not to be too unfair on people who have been, as until recently an injury to either Fordyce or Watson would have left us in a spot of bother. With Mcmaster back too, that makes a big difference to the midfield. Him and Wylie in there to support and compete with Frizz and Justin D, that makes a difference. I think we're now in a pretty good place cover wise. One or two more would be all we need I think but I'm not worried about it at this stage. But I don't blame folk who have been worried about how we'd cope with, say, two injuries and a suspension going into any of the league games thus far, which was hardly some impossible set of circumstances. We had been a bit light, but I think the best thing to focus on is that we managed to cope with that very, very well. And that we are now looking a good bit better squad wise than a month ago.
  13. We've obviously demonstrated we can bring on young players who are loaned to us; McInroy, Patterson, Afolabi have all moved on to permanent deals after spells with us (and Justin D has joined us permanently after a loan) so for players, that's a demonstrable example of career progression. Jamieson, McMaster, Wylie, all contracted with their clubs, have been sent here by their clubs because we've demonstrated this willingness to play them and play in a certain way, too (last season and this, at any rate). Both clubs and players can therefore look at tangible evidence of it being worth their while to send players to Airdrie; that stands us in good stead and might be why we've had an easier time of it than some. That being said, the Dunfermline thing read a bit to me like they had been very ambitious with their attempted loans thus far and that's why some of them have been knocked back. No harm in asking for those, I guess, and if you get one or two of them, what a signing they could turn out to be, but if you don't get them, you really ought to have back up plans in place. Good chance that they do, as there's still a good while to go until that window closes, as we've all talked about. McInroy didn't come that early last year, if memory serves. Think it was the end of the loan window. Made his debut versus Clyde I think, start of October.
  14. Feel like we owe Edinburgh one, given the other three games, especially the most recent one, but they've had a few decent results. Don't expect a lot of teams going to the recs will score 4. We'll need to watch the counter attacks and be far more clinical, but we are obviously sharper than we were in that cup game. I don't think their defence will be quite so slapdash as they were in that game either, though, when but for poor finishing it would have been a rout, so could be tighter as a contest. Be a frustrating start to September after such a great August, if we weren't to win this one. Play to our capacity and we will.
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