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  1. I don't think so; If Robertson gets injured or suspended, you move Tierney out to LWB and you put Cooper in at LCB. I'd have used that space for another forward or midfielder. We've only taken 3 strikers.
  2. Greg Taylor is a pretty pointless inclusion and fleck is lucky to be in there. I'd have taken Griffiths as an option from the bench for the last 20 mins or so if we're chasing, but hey ho. Exciting squad. Hopefully McTominay injury from last night isn't serious.
  3. I'd like to think we could hold on to them if we go up! You might well be right, though.
  4. Good number of us booked into The Volunteer on Baker street for the game, if folk are still looking. Some of our number booked yesterday without fuss.
  5. I can see the logic behind all of that, aye. Josh Kerr comes into the conversation for me. He was a solid presence up to the break even as a midfielder, and a colossus when he came back from injury, which we initially thought would keep him out all season. Fordyce has been steady and reliable again. Then again, how vital have Gal's goals been during the business end of the season? Huge. O'Reilly in with a shout for young player? Might have played too many games for your criteria mind you, but especially when we came back from the break, he made a real difference and it's a shame he has missed the last wee batch of games with injury. Was getting better all the time. Connell has been brilliant and we can all see Robert has the potential. The lad should spend another season with us to continue his development, in the Championship...
  6. That's me caught up with my match reports, all of which can be found at the link below. Every league match this season, a couple of the pre-season friendlies and a couple of the league cup games. And of course, the two playoff legs thus far. https://www.idlehandsduffy.com/blog/categories/fitba Anyway, as I argued on the OTL podcast, this is better than winning the league for me. Tomorrow, I am going inside the pub for a cupla pints then heading to the football. It's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it will be some feeling nonetheless. We only get this because the players have fought tooth and nail to get us to this stage and showed such tremendous guts and bloody-minded determination last week to push themselves through. It was magnificent and I'm genuinely incredibly grateful that we've got this opportunity. Kudos to the players, the manager and the staff. Sensational. I said repeatedly that I thought the winner of the Cove and Airdrie tie would end up going through so I won't try and walk that back now that it's us, but I do think we're more than capable of sticking a few on them tomorrow night. A win and a clean sheet and I fancy us to see it through at Cappielow. Connell will be a massive miss, a warrior who can make and score goals, occupy defenders and lift the attacking verve of the side. Kerr was a colossus upon his return and if he misses as well, as expected, then he'll also be a big miss. Paton, the same. I don't expect our midfield to be as overrun as it was by Cove, though. Anyone have a shout for player of the year, or are we better waiting until after Friday?
  7. This is going to be nerve wracking. Get back down the road without having lost and I think we'll see it through on Tuesday, but I expect Cove to be much much better than they were on Saturday past.
  8. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2021/05/06/open-letter-from-the-chairman/ It gets better. "The pain is almost physical" " I want to thank him for taking on what was an almost impossible short-term task"
  9. "an almost impossible short-term task" Getting two points in league one to finish top 4. 'almost impossible'. Oooft.
  10. That's two favours now, the split and the playoffs, so we're going to look like right mugs when yous pip us to the championship in the final... Haha nah was brilliant hearing the score at Montrose just before we opened the scoring. A flurry of 'IT'S HAPPENING' messages all at once Delightful.
  11. On the other hand, it gave Partick Thistle a chance to get their better players back from injury in time to push for the title. Had the suspension not happened when it did, I think they'd have ended up losing too much ground and dropping too many points before those guys were back to go on and do what they did (which fair play was excellent). Funny how things work out.
  12. I'm sure that's supposed to be possible, yes, but I've never had to do it again. Might be worth checking with Cove and seeing what they say?
  13. Just edged you out and no more, CC! Another thank-you to @BWAClyde for running this, has been good fun.
  14. Anyone make out what hes saying after the second one? I genuinely hope hes offering folk out Aero style Seems to be giving Neilson dogs abuse. Credit to Mutch, he actually seems to give a f**k about what is happening. Made a couple decent saves as well.
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