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  1. Well, the next time I log into this forum, we'll either be moving on up, or licking our wounds. Enjoy the game folks (not too much, QP supporters) and I'll see you on the other side, one way or another... Mon The Diamonds
  2. Pretty much every QP and Airdrie fan taking reasonable and logical positions on last night, sunday and the tie overall, then randoms from other clubs start claiming we've ideas above our station blah blah blah. Trying far, far too hard, folks. You'll see one of us next season. Deal wi it.
  3. QP did a very good job off the ball all game, of smothering our ball players and pressing us, and it was evident the difference Coyle has made, even if in hindsight 1-1 was the obvious, peak-QP result we should all have anticipated. I think we played (marginally) better in Montrose and lost, so getting the late goal to take a draw away is not too shabby at all. Thought QP looked pretty ropey on the ball first half but improved in that regard second half, whilst we were quite sloppy all night, just wasn't clicking in the final third. It's a clear penalty, too, obvious to all of those in possession of functioning eyeballs. Terrible from the goalie. Definitely expect us to be better on the ball on Sunday and for the game as a whole to be less eye-bleedingly awful, as both teams will play something more akin to the actual sport of football in better conditions. Win a home game versus QP to get up? Cannae ask for better than that.
  4. Nervous yet? It looks like it might be a nice evening for a game. Expect we'll bring a healthy support along and hopefully QP do the same after an outstanding result in the last round. I don't really anticipate either team taking a doing in this opening leg so the tie is almost certain to be alive come Sunday. I'm curious to see just how different QP look under Coyle, and I'm wary of their clear improvement, but after Saturday, it really is impossible not to be confident. A win at firhill would be a bit of a collectors item for us in recent years, so smart money is probably on a score draw tonight, but I'll stick my neck out and predict a wee 1-2. Fearing a penalty shoot-out finale I have to admit, but hey ho. If that's how it goes, then that's the way the mop flops. Just keep yourselves in it, Airdrie. The home second leg should suit us better. The players will have atomic-powered belief after THAT game, so here's hoping they use that and run right through the opposition.
  5. Oh yes, look at all that hooliganism. Bear hugs and brutal slaps to palms. Sickening scenes.
  6. Missed it last night but watched it today, 57 mins in to the Iplayer of the game it starts. Absolutely brilliant. Proper lump in throat stuff as well, with Ian's voice over. What a guy. Can actually see myself in the video a few times, too. Red jacket and wee heid. As @Mybitchunderprotest says, very good piece, well produced. God I hope we do this.
  7. That was moved from champ to here by an admin. They say as much in the thread itself.
  8. "I get extremely upset by claims that Cove Rangers have bought the success we have enjoyed over the last three years" Tough titties, mate.
  9. Still a bit annoyed by the 1310 kickoff time on Sunday, but hey ho. Thursday to get out the way first.
  10. Oh for sure, I did say that earlier in my post. Coyle only stepped in after our last game against one another and, unsurprisingly, he has made a difference. It's an overly long post mind you, so I can understand forgetting the start by the time you got to the end!
  11. Not the only one who had a feeling QP would find a way past a Dunfermline side who I was going to call demoralised, but that would presuppose they were ever, ehm, 'moralised' to begin with. Despite fancying them to go up in the summer (what a beamer for me) once the matches got underway they've had a look of a team with no guts right the way along. Granted, they got a few statement wins like when they massacred thistle, but over the piece it seems these were lapses out of general dreadfulness that never lasted long. The QP sides we have played were different animals than the current version, I would suspect. Coyle has, to the surprise of nobody, made a big difference to them since stepping in and his being one of my footballing heroes growing up adds a certain fear to the whole thing, but in brass tacks terms, this is as good a chance to go up as we could ever really ask for. The second leg at home feels gigantic, albeit that didn't stop QP in the semi-final. Even so, what we did on Saturday underlines our capacity at home to overwhelm our opponents. A narrow defeat wasn't a disaster last round nor will it be in this, but you'd have to reckon we've a better chance of getting away from Firhill with a positive result than we did at Links Park. Needing to go through extra-time did for us last season, but as many have pointed out, that was more the straw that broke the camel's back after the hectic schedule and injuries incurred. We should not have anything like the same level of fatigue this time. QP cunting their way through is something a lot of posters have forecast as a distinct possibility and if they do it, it'll be some achievement for a side who struggled most of the season and will underline how crucial it is to sneak into that top 4 any way you can (chuckles in the general direction of falkirk). All that notwithstanding, we're a better team than QP, with better individual performers, more attacking threat, more creativity and an absolutely ferocious appetite, as that stupit game of football on Saturday proves. We're favourites, and that likely suits our opponents, but we're favourites because of how evidently better we've been over the season. League standings count for nothing now (apart from the home second leg of course) but they do demonstrate that we have the players to win this tie. I'll be hoping QP win the third tier next season, so they can come up and join us in the championship with a fully finished Lesser Hampden. nouveau riche or not, I'd rather them than Kelty, and of course everyone would rather them than dunfermline or falkirk.
  12. I'm still in a little bit of a daze after that preposterous game of football. Without question the maddest match I've ever witnessed in the flesh. I stood outside the ground for a good ten minutes after it in a bit of a stupor. Obviously we don't want it to be for nought and we couldn't ask for a better chance to go up than the one we've now given ourselves, but no matter what happens, that frankly stupit game of football will live with me for the rest of my life. I presume the same applies for everyone else there to witness it, too. What an incredible squad of players and coaching staff. Delighted beyond words for them all.
  13. Said yesterday that a narrow defeat wouldn't be a cause for panic, but it was disappointing to see the panicky start the players made to the game. The goal was a calamity, a real gift, and whilst we got to grips with the game part way through the first half and held on to it for most of the game after that, we fluffed the chances we did make and looked uncharacteristically sloppy in the final third when in promising positions. If we were going to have an off day, leg 1 away from home was the time to do it I suppose. Trying to put myself in the place of a Montrose supporter, I'd be thinking that an out of sorts Airdrie side not playing to their potential likely needed punished by more than one goal and would be worried enough was not done to capitalise. Have to expect we'll be sharper on Saturday. I certainly hope so. A one goal deficit is by no means insurmountable and we can play a lot better than last night, this we can be sure of. Frustrating night, but the tie is very much alive.
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