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  1. Clyde fc u19s are on the look out for somewhere to play there Sunday afternoon home games for this coming season, we have 17 home games and the odd cup game, this could be a good opportunity for a club to make some extra revenue as they could open the snack bar and bar for before, during and after the game to make a bit extra revenue, the team would be willing to pay a nominal fee to cover the games which could be discussed between the 2 clubs, ideally in the Glasgow surrounding area but would consider elsewhere aslong as it a not too far away, if anyone is interested drop me a message and I can pass on the details, thanks
  2. Sorry I know this is a bit out of context to what your talking about but can I ask that if anyone knows of any clubs releasing u20 players could you let me know so I can make contact or you can ask them to contact Clyde u19s as I know they are desperately looking for new players and it's been a struggle for them to get players in due to alot of players joining u20 teams, I know some teams have big squads now and will be cutting numbers down so any help would be appreciated, players can contact Peter Kane on 07774327119 or message me on here and I can pass information on to the club on there behalf, any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time
  3. It's a good point raised, I know a few clubs who haven't stepped up to the u20 level and they are all in dire straits now when it comes to trying to get new players in which is a shame as I've a feeling that some of these teams may not see the start of the season because of this but on the other hand the u20 development league teams seem to have huge squads right now and have signed alot of played a without even seeing them play very much like panic buying so what happens to the lads who don't make the grade in a few months time I've no idea but I've a feeling alot of them lads may walk away from football altogether which is a real shame if that happens
  4. Just wondering are clubs outside of the u20 development league struggling to recruit players? I've heard of a few teams who are in this position, I know one team that has only 11 players and another that has only 12, it seems that since the u20 league has came in to place that all the young players want to be in that league which leaves the other teams outside of that league really struggling to survive, just wondered what people's thoughts are about this and if anyone else is struggling to recruit at all? I can see a few teams going under at this rate as the teams at u20 level seem to have squads of 25+ at the minute
  5. Clyde Fc u19s are on the look out to add quality players to there squad for the new season, this is potentially a pathway to the first team and possible training opportunities within the first team environment in time, the team has a new manager in place and a new coaching team all of whom have joined from Celtic Fc, this is an exciting opportunity and if anyone is interested or required more info then please contact club secretary Peter Kane on 07774327119 the club is planning to move into the u20 development league the season after this one so exciting times ahead for the club
  6. Hi I know Clyde fc u19s are looking for a Gk coach for this coming season, I think you can find out the details on there Twitter page
  7. I know it's a little far away but Clyde fc u19s are looking for a Gk coach for this season, I believe you can find the details on there Twitter page
  8. Clyde fc u19s are looking for a Gk coach you can find out details on Twitter about how to apply
  9. Clyde u19s are on the look out for an experienced Gk coach to help progress the young goalkeepers potentially through to first team level, training would hopefully be tues and thurs evenings with games on a Sunday afternoon, it's a great opportunity to progress your career and be involved with a Scottish league one club, the team is under new management and we are wanting to build a solid coaching team around that, anyone interested drop me a direct message and I will pass you details of how to apply, applicants must have gk coaching experience, thanks
  10. I think the fans will flood back as it's been a while since they last watched a game but obviously people's safety has to come first and if certain measures need to be put in place by the club then so be it but I certainly think that the fans will come back to there clubs
  11. I'm thinking of doing a possible amatuer podcast about clubs and managers so if any clubs are looking for a manager or coaches let me know and I'll add it to the podcast and if any managers may be interested in having a chat on the podcast let me know aswell, just trying to get an idea of wether it's worth me doing one for the amateurs or not also if there is anything you think may be useful to add to a possible podcast that people would be interested in then drop me any ideas on here , ideally I'd like to help clubs looking for managers and coaches and also speak to current managers, I'm just getting info together at the minute so if u know any clubs looking for managers or coaches let me know and I'll contact the club's to get more info from them directly and if any managers would be interested in something like this also drop a reply on here and I'll get in touch at some point, thanks
  12. Good point and if they are true would u be happy?
  13. The club have only just sacked dunky so how can people already have an idea of who's getting the job as they haven't even advertised it yet
  14. I'm not sure mate to be honest I'm just posting stuff for them so I'm it sure how things are going to be honest
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