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  1. Good point and if they are true would u be happy?
  2. The club have only just sacked dunky so how can people already have an idea of who's getting the job as they haven't even advertised it yet
  3. I'm not sure mate to be honest I'm just posting stuff for them so I'm it sure how things are going to be honest
  4. Did u not speak to petershill
  5. I'm helping post things for them on here mate as they don't have an account so said I would post stuff for them as my dad knows someone at the club
  6. A last call for anyone that is interested in the vacant outfield or GK coaching positions that are available for the up and coming 20/21 season to get in touch with the club today as we are looking to arrange a night this week to sit and speak with anyone who is interested, so if you or anyone you may know is interested then get in touch with the club by the 9pm deadline tonight to be considered for one of the coaching roles, interviews will be held at the electric bar Motherwell one night this week, you can contact the club through there Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Colville-Park-EFC-306490622854221/
  7. U may find it difficult at this stage of the season as most clubs tend to have there staff in place so you may be looking at pre season now, the only club I have seen that is looking is colville park in the central amateur league but that's for next season I think but depends what your looking for and if you have the experience for juniors or wether you may be better off looking a little further down and building up your reputation, good luck anyway mate
  8. Yeah I agree with that report was difficult conditions but thought arthurlie could have kept it down more as long balls up top to them 2 lads are no good at all
  9. So why doesn't the club do something about it? Or are they committed to the manager for the rest of the season? Just wondering if they have actually said anything about it
  10. Arthurlie were pish today
  11. Was at this game today and thought meadow deserved the win they had more chances in the 2nd half to have won the game by a much bigger margin, Arthurlie on the other hand look like a rudderless ship! I thought they were pish today and look like they are in a bit of trouble surely it's time for a change now to give the fans some hope
  12. Might be worth an enquiry mate can't hurt to ask and c what's on offer I suppose
  13. Colville Park were looking for one for next season mate may be a good start off for you, amateur level I think, i saw something on Twitter and there Facebook page
  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
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