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  1. Glasgow City u18s development are looking to add a few more players to the sqaud particularly in the cb and cm areas, if anyone may be interested please send me a dm and I can pass you on all the details, its a good set up with eventual progression to the first team, training is Tues and Thurs at Glasgow Green with league games on a Sunday starting in February
  2. I'm not sure to be honest it was more a point in general, would be nice to break the trend and maybe look for new hungry fresh faces than the usual names thats always banded about when jobs come up, I realise the point of getting someone in who has been in the leagues for years and that's fair enough but surely there has to be a time when we start looking for younger fresh faces and being a club who is not scared of giving someone a chance to gain experience and progress there careers
  3. Why is it the same names are always banded about what happened to looking for new blood from elsewhere? Surely there is plenty out there who want to prove themselves at this level who just never get the chance or opportunity, it seems that clubs are scared to try someone new from outside of the wosl which is a shame as I'm sure there is plenty willing to work hard to make a name for themselves at this level given the chance, is it that clubs are just too scared to take the chance or are they looking for instant success without giving a lesser known name the chance to build and grow within a club
  4. Saturday morning amateur team looking for a coach or two for sat and wed evening, if anyone is interested drop me a message and I'll pass you the information, team is Glasgow based , if anyone is looking to step up to the adult game this could be a good start for you to step up and gain experience
  5. Saturday morning amateur team looking for a coach or two for sat and wed evening, if anyone is interested drop me a message and I'll pass you the information, team is Glasgow based
  6. R u still looking for a club to coach at?
  7. Are you still looking to so some keeper coaching at a club?
  8. Just wondering which teams have confirmed they will be taking part in the u20 development league this season coming?
  9. Bearsden AFC who play in the central Scottish AFL div 1 are looking to add more experience to there young squad for the forthcoming season, the club is under recent new management and have added to there off field management team in the past week, the squad could do with adding more experience to the team so if you may be interested please drop a direct message on here for more info, on and off the field the club is rebuilding and has an exciting future ahead so if you may want to be part of this then please make contact with a little about your playing experience and age, we are rebuilding in all areas so we will consider anyone interested and you will be invited along to one of the clubs training sessions so you can take a look at us and us at you so get in touch and join the new Bearsden AFC
  10. I believe the closing date for applications was the 24th so be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of days regarding the vacant manager role
  11. I'm sure the club will make the best choice with someone who they think can take the club forward and help rebuild again
  12. I've managed before but would think the club will go for a familiar name it's very rare clubs go for a new face they tend to go with names that have been around for years in my experience
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