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  1. Haw henersin yer sandys are pish ya smackheed c***s.
  2. 10 Murdoch 9 paterson 8 minor 7 Dale 6 Yogi 5 Rankin 4 Pele 3 Mason 2 Gold 1 Knapp Shortlees Top 10
  3. Annbank is my team. Hard tae stop this year. Big money coming in from a local fishmonger. Catch us if ye can.
  4. Heard there big backer is Tam the licensee McGraw? Could be players this season.
  5. Carlo monti surely Shortlees bound now after that disgrace yesterday.
  6. Shuggie Houston got window wipers oan they specks. State of that c**t is a laugh. Heard Pele walker goat scanted at full time was like a bonfire a guy faulk’s doon there.
  7. Shut yer mouth soccergay or yer getting bummed.
  8. Heard Gerry Peline pulling the bits back on fur Buffs this weekend?
  9. Hearing thistle had a cracking training session in Suppersonic chip shop hurlford last night.
  10. Whatever happened to the fella Mince n Tatties who played with Yoker. He was some player in his day.
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