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  1. WULLIE SAWYERS SIGNS FOR MINISHANT. Big intentions this year from the Shant!
  2. Thistle officially folded, would like to say I’m sad to see it but I’m not!
  3. Heard the guy spanks formally of Craigmark Burtonians is also on the shortlist. Guy is used 2 working with big budgets and won’t be disappointed at thistle.
  4. Ardeer have signed the boy Scott Chegg from Kilbirnie. Good player. Likes 2 play his fitba on the carpet.
  5. Ryan caddis one of the biggest wankers in the game. Would fit right in as thistle manager.
  6. Soon as going gets tough the management bailout. Says a lot about them.
  7. Better off with Donald Ross mate.
  8. Hearing the management team at thistle have resigned. Could this be the end for the biggest cheats in amateur history??
  9. Thanks for that chief but whats this got to do with spanks?
  10. Spanks was poison and had lost the dressing room. Lot of big egos on big cash. Had to go!
  11. Wullie Sawyers and Christian Nade signing this week.
  12. Hearing Skidmark Burtonians spending some heavy cash down Dalmellington way.
  13. Haw henersin yer sandys are pish ya smackheed c***s.
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