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  1. Shortlees were the better team by country Mile, the lees goalie had had ice hanging aff his nose in the second Period. The number 6 for the dynamo is a big Fairy, plus nae bog roll in the away dressing room !
  2. Glenburn are getting more and more like thistle every season, it’s a shame to be honest
  3. Shame Donaldson couldn’t play today, currently playing Pinocchio at the pavilion
  4. I heard you were at the Ayrshire amateur Xmas night oot sinead O’Connor ?
  5. Poor show from glenburn, fella O’Connor should be ashamed of himself.
  6. Looks like We’ve found shuggy Houston’s account
  7. I heard that, also the Italian lad Marco pepperoni will be going to thistle with him
  8. They also tried to sign minishant full back blair Worherspoon while we was ordering a fish tea !
  9. Only 7 players at thistles training tonight, looks like pancho is back at new farm
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