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  1. Fryzo, Alex james and young andy gilgannon, must be throwing some cash aboot
  2. Kilbride been busy during the break, some big names signing, got to be good for the league
  3. Heard that bigot goofy is sniffn aboot the thistle pub, looking for an interview
  4. Caddis couldnt do a job at onthank what chance has he got at thistle. He’s been kidding himself on at the juniors for years noo,
  5. I hear you mate, well done on winning they trophies but I’m allowed my opinion and I stand by it, yer clueless
  6. Mark Ross the obvious replacement, the man is clueless though.
  7. Yes mate it’s true, the club are looking for a new manager, bracki will take the training for the time being
  8. No he’s not, spanks is only in it for himself, he’s got tae go, biggest ego in the game
  9. Shug the dug burd and the tash McCall got the kello job apparently
  10. Gav mac working hard during pre season
  11. Well I am sick of underworld cartels trying to launder money in the Ayrshire game
  12. Correct, it would appear there’s more than one Ayrshire team throwing about dirty money
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