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  1. Big year ahead for Ayrshire amateur league
  2. Well done for managing to find a coaching roll for David watters !!! The man peaked at fenwick amateurs, absolute clueless!!
  3. Well done Craigmark, going great guns
  4. Anyone know if the pant sniffin and junior reject will be playing tomorrow?
  5. Mr Macintosh up to his old tricks again.
  6. Great result for new farm, well deserved the win. Shame gav the pant sniffer Mac is back on the scene.
  7. Heard the guy spanks was also being tipped as potential replacement
  8. Mick is out of his depth at Darvel and his pals in the dug out aren’t exactly helping him
  9. Time for mick to go, you can quite clearly see it’s jobs for the boys doon the brae
  10. Agree, what about caldwell, is he even interested? Shocking attitude
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