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  1. And take yer fancy changing rooms with you !!!
  2. Mick your losing the plot mate, just walk away
  3. Heard the guy spanks was also being tipped as potential replacement
  4. Mick is out of his depth at Darvel and his pals in the dug out aren’t exactly helping him
  5. Time for mick to go, you can quite clearly see it’s jobs for the boys doon the brae
  6. Agree, what about caldwell, is he even interested? Shocking attitude
  7. Absolutely your spot on, the development of the ground/infrastructure has been top notch, BUT we are still Darvel, too many people are forgetting that. ESPECIALLY THE PIE MAN
  8. So your faith on the pie man is based on a you tube video that’s the problem !!! Wake up and smell the facts sir!!!
  9. Exactly, it’s very obvious the pie man is fulla mince!!! GET OUT OUR CLUB
  10. Naw, I’m sorry yogi but enoughs enough, time to go
  11. The money and time that has been spent we deserve more, times up mick
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