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  1. Thought Clampin looked half decent last night. That's the positives out of the way. If he wants to persist with one up then it has to be Thomas. Hannant might be a better option centrally or in Cameron position if rested.
  2. Can't really play 442 with Cameron so might be the reasoning for one up. Have a feeling playing Hannant wide will be similar to Mulligan.
  3. I'd agree re: last nights subs but think only Kwame and Sheridan can play that one up role in our squad.
  4. Painful stuff. Robinson or Jak can't play upfront on their own. Not sure why McCowan doesn't come on.
  5. Maguire off for McCowan, stick Mulligan centre. Robinson for Jak after 60.
  6. Bowyer clearly doesn't rate him. He can still go out on loan I think. Maybe Dunfermline.
  7. Agree re: Ashcroft, organisation seemed to go out the window and they were running through us. Was he injured? seemed to be complaining about something? Sheridan came on and was winning everything been punted at him. I think he could have been a decent 20 minute bench option for us as his game time and fitness improved but he's done at Dundee now. Could see how gutted he was.
  8. Would be good to see Bowyer give the new lads lots of time in this game...something like Sharp Kerr Fisher Sweeney Clampin Hannant Maguire McGowan McCowan Tolaj Robinson
  9. We did sign a lot of lge 2 lads on loan under McIntyre but in Bowyer we trust/hope and the 2 from Colchester look like they could very useful.
  10. Suppose ideally Bowyer would want to keep Rudden as backup but has to juggle the finances and there are no offers for any of our other decent earners.
  11. Is he really a striker? 2 goals in 42....3 in 30 at Alloa...
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