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  1. Yes there is. 53 at the last count. Senior clubs mate. "Grade" traitors wanting to piss all over the real Junior clubs and ensuring that the real honest Junior men never get to win the Junior Cup again but you and your sidekick are very quiet about that for some strange reason.
  2. East and North only, west juniors died M67 - hate to break it to you like this.
  3. Denis Lawson did it with QPR back in '92 Cultural reference for the kids there.
  4. More pointing and laughing at you seaside diddies and enjoying the meltdown.
  5. Please take your own advice and please please get the help you so desperately need.
  6. Amazing that he's signed on to do comms at a club where he can still reel out his "that memorable night in Barcelona" pish in every single game.
  7. Lies. Complete lies. As if that odious Weegie ever had a joke book.
  8. You are working from home and doing f**k all so if the Zoom meeting starts at 10, turn the f**k up by 10:00 Not 10:03 or 10:05 but by 10:00. Sheer bad manners to be late.
  9. It gets good when shite (former) Tv tit David Tanner joins in and makes a complete James Hunt of himself.
  10. He's a Junior troll who has had 20 plus accounts during lockdown, all attacking clubs that have improved themselves whilst he pines for the dead "grade". A strange little fantasist.
  11. West Juniors was an odious cesspit of racism and all of the clubs moved to the senior leagues to get away from the rotten stench of Junior football. Clubs like EK managed to bypass the cesspit and mark themselves out as a progressive entity whilst ra Jooners were left behind to such an extent that the "grade" died in the West. Tedious little fantasists like yourself can not accept the Juniors being dead. Your grief, anger and salty salty tears contained within every single one of your posts makes me very very happy that 63 clubs couldn't wait to run away from guys like you. You and your ilk killed the juniors and that makes me so so happy.
  12. It'll take at least a decade for 5 or more ex-West clubs to make it into the LL, not only do they all need to be licenced but they would also need to beat the EoS champions and thats in no way a given.
  13. Juniors are still dead mate and that cesspit of a "grade" isnt coming back. Accept it, move on or get the psychiatric help you clearly need.
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