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  1. And never forget that those "guid Jooner men" put up every conceivable block to a club wanting to join a higher and better grade of football.
  2. You have no self awareness at all.
  3. He was, allegedly, supposed to be doing a photoshoot at 7:30am with Drew Brees around an hour away from the hotel he was staying at so was clearly running late. Reports from those at the hotel that he took off from there at speed.
  4. Still trying to change your tune after years of advocating something? Nasty aggression isnt a good look for you, even if it is your only posting style, just admit you were wrong and move on.
  5. Its 192 pages, what school did you go to where you think thats nearly 300?
  6. Havent been on for a while, good to see you are still an aggressive bully. Still lying about your stance on the pyramid?
  7. The only people who play or watch rugby are Tory c***s, M64. Outside of the Tory enclaves of Edinburgh and the Borders no one gives a f**k.
  8. That'll be the leagues off until April at the earliest. When they can get back to playing, finish off 20-21 with either each team playing the opposition once (so Tranent have 5 games to play, Jeanfield 9 to play etc)and then call promotion and relegation from there or PPG the existing tables and settle the issues from that, the likes of IHS and Blackburn were already as good as down so its only going to have a limited impact - makes sense compared to another year of null and void. Ditch the cups.
  9. People like this have a vote. My god, this country is fucked.
  10. Surely now all but the most fervent Indy supporting CyberTwat can see that Edinburgh has handled this just as badly as Boris & Co.
  11. I've never met anyone who plays or watches the public school borefest that is Rugby who isnt a massive tory c**t.
  12. He had a good gag about turning over to the cricket instead of watching the game but aside from that its like listening to your Grandad trying to tell you that he was brilliant at everything despite the fact he lives alone in a council flat on a scheme in Govan.
  13. Teams in this competition and the strength of those teams make this the premier non-league cup in Scotland. Good senior clubs in a good senior competition.
  14. I'm not sure what I've posted to offend you and why you are trying to start an online fight so I'll put you on ignore and you can go on shouting at various randoms online in an attempt to make yourself look like a big man. Instead you are coming across as aliquis qui indoctior. Cheerybye wee man!
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