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  1. People like this have a vote. My god, this country is fucked.
  2. Surely now all but the most fervent Indy supporting CyberTwat can see that Edinburgh has handled this just as badly as Boris & Co.
  3. I've never met anyone who plays or watches the public school borefest that is Rugby who isnt a massive tory c**t.
  4. He had a good gag about turning over to the cricket instead of watching the game but aside from that its like listening to your Grandad trying to tell you that he was brilliant at everything despite the fact he lives alone in a council flat on a scheme in Govan.
  5. Teams in this competition and the strength of those teams make this the premier non-league cup in Scotland. Good senior clubs in a good senior competition.
  6. I'm not sure what I've posted to offend you and why you are trying to start an online fight so I'll put you on ignore and you can go on shouting at various randoms online in an attempt to make yourself look like a big man. Instead you are coming across as aliquis qui indoctior. Cheerybye wee man!
  7. i answered your question in a PM as it wasnt relevant to the thread but you've carried on with your bizarre "LOOK AT ME" behaviour.
  8. Mark Gonelly, sounds like he's been a bit pissed and acting like a twat.
  9. erectile dysfunction ads, Sky clearly understanding the needs of the Edinburgh populace.
  10. Andy Walker AND Kris Boyd, Sky you really are spoiling us.
  11. 2 junior clubs in the top 65 clubs, hate to think what you think of as high up.
  12. I'm confused as to how many places you've lived/come from/been to - its almost as if you are a habitual liar.
  13. This is a senior league champ, all those clubs that left the cesspit of the Juniors behind to further themselves with better opportunities and less racism.
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