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  1. She can give me a bed bath any day of the week
  2. Any photies of aforementioned nurses?
  3. There was some cracking tackles going it from both sets of players
  4. That's made my weekend. Just about in tears at the end of that. What a fkin day that was and what a night as well.
  5. An ex g/f of 20 odd years has started messaging me in the the last week or so. She's recently split up with her man and says she just needs a friend and someone to speak to and that I'd always been a nice guy when we were together. I'd been friends with her on FB for a few years before this starting so I know what she looks like now compared to back then. Fk knows where its going. I'm married and she knows that. My wife is a fkin ignorant cow though BTW she's a nurse 😉
  6. Anyway joined the Rock the Lock Down page on Facebook? It was like Tinder the other
  7. I used to work with a big Fifer (I think he was from Buckhaven) and he always described his wife as "having a fanny like a pulled out fireplace"
  8. We have similiar. We have 1 guy replies "Noted" to every company email that comes out
  9. Today I did 7.30 to 12.30. Stopped, had lunch, went to Asda then went for a walk round Strathy Park. Then did another hour from 4.30 to 5.30 preparing stuff for a colleague to work on tomorrow. Its slow as fk accessing the work network drives through the VPN
  10. Any more nurse pictures? (asking for friend...)
  11. Mine has developed an annoying habit of playing Candy Crush in bed on her tablet. Last Thursday night she went to bed about 10pm. I went up the back of 11 and she's lying there playing Candy Crush. Luckily I can get to sleep through just about anything. Anyway I woke up about 1.20 and she's still playing it. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night were pretty much the same so as a result she's absolutely fkd and crabbit today as she's had fk sleep over the past few nights. Hell mend her
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