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  1. Just back from Wishaw General A&E with the wife. She took a header down the stairs this afternoon and has broken her collar bone. She's currently sitting here with her right arm in a sling and doped up on painkillers. She's to go to the orthopaedic clinic on Monday for further investigations however it looks like she's not going to have much use of her right arm for 4-6 weeks
  2. I used to work with a guy that did puppy training for guide dogs. He would regularly bring them into the office so that they could get used to an office environment
  3. Got my Irish passport yesterday so I've now got dual nationality. Planning to go back to work in the NL later this year so hoping this will mitigate any potential problems regarding visas and/or work permits.
  4. That's my Dutch team - NAC Breda - in to the semi-finals of the KNVB Cup after beating AZ Alkmaar 3-1 this evening.
  5. Yes. He came on as a sub to chants of "Who are you? Who are you?" A couple of minutes later he's scored
  6. Not the first and definately not the last MSP/MP (regards of party) to be involved in this sort of shenanigans. Do they not realise that you have to be squeaky clean in this day and age as any sort of misdemeanour will be picked up and exploited by political rivals and the media
  7. Surprised he didn't have "1 World Cup" on the t-shirt as well
  8. The Longer Listen with Alan Burrows a couple of weeks ago was very insightful. He seems to talk a lot of sense
  9. Ticket purchased. Could be a good afternoon evening out in Paisley/Glasgow
  10. 0-2. Long & Grimshaw…(can't wait for the scenes) I'd love to be going but unfortunately I'm in Singapore for 2 weeks with work
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