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  1. Hello folks, you may remember us as Ayrshire Juniors on here and on Twitter. For obvious reasons we have rebranded, and you can now find us @AyrshireFitbaw on Twitter. We have launched a new WOSFL Podcast and we are aiming to bring this to you regularly with a whole host of guests. Check out episode 1 here: And feel free to follow us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/AyrshireFitbaw
  2. We will be covering three games today... assuming they stay on. They seem to be beating the weather so far. Live updates and goal videos at all 3 games, stay tuned into @AyrshireJuniors Twitter.
  3. Hello folks, I know this belongs in the Domestic Cup Football forum, but thought it would be of interest to those around the Juniors. P.S. feel free to give us a follow on Twitter (@AyrshireJuniors) - a small team of us trying to bring a spotlight to the Ayrshire game! We aim to cover all teams in Ayrshire, so if there’s any good stories going on you think should be covered give us a shout!
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