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  1. Yeah, it should. Ach, we'll see then won't we. You're welcome
  2. There's usually a button that says Block. Try pressing it.
  3. Calm down. 5 people tops asked to see the designs.
  4. Yep you're right. Maybe the family who tidied up Terregles street end could do the other side too.
  5. Some clubs might not be in a position to "be too choosy." Us being a prime example.
  6. It makes more sense to train in Hamilton. A lot of players we sign stay in or around the central belt, the good majority of them won't want to travel that extra hour or so (on top of whatever already) to train 2/3 times a week and then again for the home game. We struggle to attract half decent players who put a shift in as it is - throw in that amount of traveling on a poor wage then there's no chance we'll attract decent players. As for attracting players south of the border - with the exception of some - I'd much rather we didn't go down that route again.
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