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  1. We are working on that side of it and hopefully it will be up and working soon
  2. We have a new format and it's a long show as well so hopefully you will enjoy it
  3. Yes we are both together again and we have a two hour slot and when the lockdown is over we hope to have a phone in and WD are working on a podcast so that fans can hear it if again
  4. If you are into your football then here is a show you will not want to miss it's called The Scottish Football Show we go live at 6pm tonight and every Friday you can catch us on Alexa & Google Play and here are the words for Alexa say Alexa Launch Expat Radio Scotland and for Google Play say ok Google Launch Expat Radio Scotland or you can hear us online by going to our website expatradioscotland.com Hope you can make
  5. Due to unforeseen circumstances this Episode is a shorten one and the Guest tonight is Gordon Ronney Enjoy https://anchor.fm/bill-kilgour9/episodes/The-Voice-of-Junior-Football-Podcast-EP-15-ebvr7o
  6. Listen to the Voice of junior football podcast as we had the fixtures secretary on the and he was asked that question
  7. Here is the latest The Voice of Junior Football Podcast you can hear it by clicking on the link below https://anchor.fm/bill-kilgour9 Enjoy
  8. Hi all as promised next week podcast Preview just click the link below https://anchor.fm/bill-kilgour9/episodes/What-on-next-week-podcast-eb9hmn
  9. As Promised here is the nest show promo for who is coming on the podcast https://anchor.fm/bill-kilgour9/episodes/The-Voice-of-Junior-Football-Podcast-eb5df7
  10. Good idea we will start that for the next one thanks
  11. Hi all here is the latest The Voice of Junior Football Podcast EP13 you can hear it by clicking the link below Enjoy The Voice of Junior Football Podcast EP 13 by The Voice of Junior Football Podcast • A podcast on... A talk show for ju7nior football fans in Scotland and around the world anchor.fm
  12. Hi Guy's here is the latest version of The Voice of Junior Football Podcast EP12 you can hear it at the link below Enjoy https://anchor.fm/bill-kilgour9/episodes/The-Voice-of-Junior-Football-Podcast-EP-12-eauvj6
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