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  1. Look out for me on the opening game. I'll be behind the goal.
  2. I'll always champion the smaller clubs. They are totally misunderstood by some who are too lazy and blinkered to see their value in our domestic game. Many of these clubs are very well run. Many of the chairmen and board members are often successful business people and the like. They just happen to have a passion for our game which everyone on here shares. This is Scotland, not many cities, some what we would class as large towns. Then the smaller towns of 15000, 20000 etc. Why post things like only 200 fans? to me it's either made up, or these posters are just clueless. Many of these teams will be followed by a few hundred to away matches. The only people that tout this regionalising nonsense are the people that wont be affected by it. Again this is Scotland, easy enough to get around. Colt teams in the setup? Believe me imo. This would be bad for the game. I've seen a lot of gifted players in part time football, as well as good and well qualified coaches. I could give you plenty of examples of how good on their day these teams can be. ( can't be bothered just now). "Only playing for beer money" Really? £50 a week? More here say shite. Players at this level play for a lot more than that. One reason many of them do so apart from their love of football is for the extra money it brings them. More so if they have young families. The League setup; Bigger leagues of 18 or 20 or more is what it should be throughout the structure. Too many meaningless games some keep saying. When you really think things through that needn't be the case. Now my pet subject; Summer football. We've been playing at the wrong time of year for far too long . There's loads of reasons how this would work. To list a few benefits; the pitches would stay in better condition, they recover at this time of year obviously. If the turf isn't cut too short and not bone dry on match days/ nights, then you've got a good surface. It would be easier far the fans to get out to games, safer to travel etc. You could have more night games. Would the pools, and TV companys be interested in investing? I think so. Those fans who already subscribe to watch the big English and European games would still do so. Switching to summer I don't think would affect our European participants or International football too much. However it's the domestic game which imo matters.
  3. I think there's too much tension in the domestic game. Football should be entertaining and fun. Teams would still go out to win games, there would still be rivalries. Clubs like Dunfermline, Falkirk and Dundee should be back playing in the top league along with some others.
  4. They were so shortsighted, a league for the elite or so they thought. All the top clubs were relegated, only Rangers and Celtic weren't along with Aberdeen who managed to escape via a play off.
  5. They could never decide what was best. The 10 team top league was the worst idea of all.
  6. The old league 2 was a 19 team league with every team having free Saturdays. A long time ago admittedly. Worked ok. I'm all in favour of leagues of this size, including the top league. We're never going to get this unfortunately. Imo. That's what the domestic game needs. I see your point, I've just never liked these 10 team leagues.
  7. Assuming that all the clubs come out of hibernation I should've added.
  8. Good question there. If say there was a 20 team league then whoever finished top would deserve the title. Conversely the team finishing bottom of a league of that size would have little complaint.
  9. I must apologise for that, I passed the big 70 a few seasons back, so even anything pre- millenial seems recent.
  10. How could I make it up? I was there. I know I quoted a few seasons ago, misleading sorry. Both clubs were in the second tier, a poor match played on a bone dry pitch.
  11. I fully understand the points you've made there. It must be a concern for those running the club how much the support has dropped away. I attended a Saints v Dundee match a few seasons back, a big crowd was in, well over 7000. One end of the ground was left unoccupied and it completely ruined the atmosphere.
  12. Allocating both ends of their ground to old firm fans as St Johnstone do is pathetic. They'll argue that it makes financial sense. I wish I could explain to them exactly why it makes no sense.
  13. This idea will ruin football in the long run, they can't see it and the worst of it is they don't care. What an attitude. This is what we want and this is what you're being given. We need boards to tell then we don't want this. Find another way of developing your players and stop signing so many foreigners.
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