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  1. Thanks for your post, great read, hope you guys can get back up to see QP. I made a trip down to see Accrington a couple of seasons ago whilst spending a few days with relatives near Kendal. The rail journey from Oxenholme and back made during a partial rail strike with limited services. Meant the trip was an adventure to say the least but I was determined to get there and I'm glad I did to see the hosts beat Bradford City. Good luck against Lincoln on Saturday, enjoy the rest of the season.
  2. They always check my bag which is fair enough. Brolly, reading specs, mobile, gloves etc. If they checked the contents of my phone that would be ok, nothing dodgy on there either, except a certain Morton troll, you know the one. ,
  3. Annan defensively were wide open first half and that was enough to lose them the game.they tightened things up second half to deny us easy chances. I've said before on here that the final ball, crosses from wide areas is something we need to improve on. However it's easy sitting up in the stand whilst the players once again are battling against the elements You really can't fault the players for effort and lots of great passing and movement from what is a new team remember. Some around me were being a bit too critical I thought especially towards one player. However I'll single out Davidson for another good display in the middle of the park a wholehearted player who gives everything
  4. Well done to QP fans heading up for this I hope you're rewarded with a good display from the boys and three points. I'd like to have been there but it's just not practical, not in midweek. Ray will probably make changes over this game and Saturday. I'm sure he'll know how to utilize what is a strong squad.
  5. Brechin pulled of an escape from relegation a few seasons ago, looking doomed and being well adrift at the bottom of league one. In the last few months the just kept on picking up points home and away. So who knows there's enough games left. Perhaps a BC poster can recall how that unfolded, they called it the great escape as I recall.
  6. This exactly. Obviously the teams hoping to get third and fourth spot will be the ones who have less slip ups between now and the end of the season. I'm optimistic that we'll be one of them. We've hauled ourselves up the league and that's great. If we are in league two next season then I'm sure we'll be well organised and in a strong position.
  7. Dreadful game, two dreadful teams? Really? Can't agree with that. Well done to both teams for their efforts in tricky conditions. Doig looks a player, he'll be real asset if he keeps giving those performances. A mention for Davidson as well both for last week and today doing a good job in midfield. We look a much physically stronger side now and that has definitely made a difference. One criticism though is the final ball, that seems to be the thing that let's us down. However A big thanks to the squad and the staff for the work that's going in.
  8. There are some positives to take into Saturday from the second half at Stirling. With players more willing to push forward we seemed to be more competitive in midfield and Salim didn't look so isolated, he'll be much more effective with players coming up in support. I'd expect Keiran to be involved,his confidence will be up after last week. The quality of the squad is impressive now. I'm not getting carried away just yet as there's a few teams eyeing a top four spot.
  9. Extremely difficult conditions out there for both teams, and just the sort of conditions that lead to mistimed challenges, a lot of those. And if course the odd defensive mistake or two affecting the scoreline.
  10. Are there pubs on the way to Forthbank?walking from the station.
  11. Willie Muir may well become backup if he's to stay with the club,I don't know. Willie spent a full year at Forfar as back up for Marc McCallum and only played one game. It's just the way it is for a lot of good keepers now and in the past. Saying that I hope he is staying with us.
  12. No one on here has answers to these questions at present, As the weeks go by we might get a bit more info regarding the new permanent signings.
  13. The defence looked tight today. Grant shouting instructions from early on and looked focused and composed along side Jaimieson.
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