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  1. As someone who delivers milk for a milk company during the night, the term for those amongst the drivers is a jug.
  2. It’s not the dots that bother me, it’s the following everything I’m doing. The dots are what I have to know he’s actually trawling through what I’m posting etc
  3. Know what’s not helping, is having one member of this forum (Marshmallo) traipsing through all my posts and marking them down. He’s the only one doing it. I spend every day looking over my should only worry that someone is following and watching, here I come to discuss football and have a bit of banter and what’s happening is literally what I worry about every single day.
  4. I hope it works out for you mate. There is nothing worse than going into a place you’re not enjoying working. Is there any potential promotions coming up?
  5. Would that not be a case for HR, a public reprimanding that should be conducted in private as a development meeting to improve practice? Dressing someone down in front of the entire office is no way to encourage and motivate and/or improve practice
  6. First time ever I was glad I had a record of my dental appointments and receipts to prove I had paid my bills in full.
  7. Stewards are like they bad guys in games that you kill, but instead of dying they split into two. The process goes on for two or three times.
  8. Literally the one place I don’t discuss politics is on here haha. For that very reason. There’s no rationale or debate. I’ll stick to finishing my politics degree and getting proper debate through that.
  9. After massive arguments in the phone to the debt collector and verification that the bank details actually weren’t mines they’ve finally taken the debts off my name and will reflect my credit score in the next month. Absolute wee fanny. Got hit with his dental bill cause they sent it to me instead of him. If I ever meet him he’s getting battered.
  10. Not petty. But major in my nerves. There is a guy who stays on the Isle of Skye, same name and same D.O.B. I’ve been pulled over by the police and when I’ve given my name asked if I’ve ever lived of Skye, his debts all appeared on my credit file. I got a letter relating to dental costs that hadn’t been paid due to false claim of benefits, this turned out to be his. And I’ve had a debt collector chasing me for four pay day loan debts, I’ve never had one, and it’s all been this p***k that stays in Skye.
  11. How I wish it was that man. Three weeks of preparing for the wee ones Christmas with all the mad Christmas event Glasgow has to offer [emoji23] only decent one last year was the one when the Santa was legit from Lapland in braehead.
  12. What’s the deal with Marshmallo? Is he generally just a wee fanny? He didn’t agree with my statement about our game v Linlithgow and since then he’s been jumping on and red dotting my posts. But not just football related ones, ones related to my daughter, health etc. Really fucking tragic if you ask me. Is he normally like that or no?
  13. Find out who, report them to the police immediately and have them placed on the sex offenders register. Anyone placing bare cheeks on the ceramic or squatting is just as bad as Prince Andrew.
  14. Last bit of course worked submitted for semester 1 of fourth year.
  15. Yeah I agree the gym is outstanding for that. Especially that attempt to push your self more and more. That allows you the chance to totally distract yourself from all that’s going on what sort of stuff do you do at the gym?
  16. Appreciated, always find the football is a good release on a saturday, win lose or draw, I find it rather therapeutic to vent life’s frustrations. Particular these last few weeks with increasing work loads at night, plus two three thousand word reports, dissertation chapter, and ethics to contest with. Made a few changes recently and dropped a few things I felt were making the symptoms worse, definitely feeling better in that respect but still a long road. Was out getting classroom experience, and was privileged enough to end up speaking to the advanced higher mods classes about the prison system. I was surprised at how therapeutic being able to discuss my experiences of working in that environment was.
  17. Err right sorry...what’s wanking?
  18. Not a fan of talking publicly but know that I need to overcome the hyper masculinity that comes with mental health. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and mild paranoia from my years working in the prison service. I struggle with each everyday. The depression and ptsd I’ve found easier to manage, but the constant feeling like someone is watching me or following me is relentless. Trying to make positive changes in life, finally see the end destination with a teaching post grad next year, my daughter growing more and more every day. Yet why can I not always see the positive when I have so much to be positive about.
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