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  1. When I read the article about the lad who had been let go from bury I had assumed that bell might be going in Jan. That boy coming in as bells replacement. Could be way off.
  2. At east fife it seemed like sammon was incapable of jumping what so ever.
  3. We all know what the fifers will be getting up to in this house...
  4. For some reason most pictures just appear with the broken image logo. Any ideas why?
  5. Looks like the kind of guy that would offer square go’s outside of a pub having a fag
  6. Must be a modern change since fife is still in the 1800 you still need to shout gardeloo in Kirkcaldy?
  7. 2009 at the age of 16 in edge, shut down and converted into a coffee shop. Situated right next to falkirk grahamston. Also the day I felt gallous and bought my first box of fags (only regret from that day)
  8. On another note, my wee lassie just passed her first highland dancing exam today. She’s only three and a half and she’s so happy about it. Forked out on the attire and honestly couldn’t believe how grown up she looks. She’s now old enough to understand the magic of Christmas and getting her gifts sorted has me and the misses all excited this year.
  9. The mothers do it as it’s soothing. During their time in the womb they hear the mothers heart beat. So no top on is a comforting thing as they get the comfort of skin to skin contact, primal security instinct, and the soothing sound of the heart. Even in the case of dads it’s a soothing and calming experience for them. Rightly so, since they were tightly packed in the womb and now out in the open, cold, big world. My wee lassie is three and a half and sometimes asks to listen to mummy and daddy’s heart.
  10. I don’t know if it was just me, but we looked more energetic when Macmillan came on and sammon went off today. Certainly within his first five minutes he had done more than sammon did the whole game. Tbf fairly certain I did more walking from my seat to the toilet and back than sammon did the whole game.
  11. Sounds like the shitty Netflix synopsis for a documentary on the SPFL
  12. Honestly, didn’t think the officials had a bad game. Thought the ref we lenient. Durnan could’ve been in the book earlier, as could your no. 8. I’m the first one to give it pelters to a ref, and actually thought this was one of the better ref performances. Can’t complain, we were shocking. Not easy Fife’s fault. Not the refs fault. We simply are not good enough.
  13. Thought the ref had a no bad game. Plenty of our fans blaming him for Durnans stupidity
  14. In front of the far side linesman, In front of the near side linesman. There’s two both from the first half.
  15. How anyone could applaud that at full time is beyond me. East fife deserved a win there and we were lucky to get a point. I’ve given praise to M and M, but today was the first proper test against top 4 opposition. Whilst the last two weeks had seen mild improvement (in contrast to mckinnonball) but today proved that they are still no where near good enough. I’m happy to eat my words. Can’t say I’m enamoured at the prospect of raith next week. If we play like that next week, then we will get routed by raith. I’ve said before Doyle and Durnan are absolutely atrocious. Again, both were absolutely useless. The amount of times both lose the ball is unreal, and the amount of needless fouls Durnan gives away is unfathomable. The best player consistently was Mutch. Two outstanding saves.
  16. I usually scoff a bowl of coco pops when the bairn is eating hers. It’s acceptable whilst she goes through the phase of wanting the same as daddy.
  17. There was one a few weeks back in the local Ayrshire rag:
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