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  1. About a month ago I took my first sick day at work. I got a text from my manager saying “if the jobs not for you just tell me”. Now I work myself into the ground between full time nights, full time uni, and a parent. Simply stated if he wanted to continue down that dialogue it would be between me, him, and my union rep. Funny that I’ve had no hassle from him since
  2. I know man, just noticed it had a wee bit of character about it and wondered what the history of it is. Hopefully no rain or it will be a soaker behind the goals on Saturday [emoji23]
  3. Random question, what’s the deal with the terrace behind the goals. It’s an usual shape (I like it to be fair) but seems odd it curves into the pitch and not the stepped terrace along the pitch. Any historical reasons for this?
  4. Agreed. Neither deserved their first yellows. But both deserved their second yellows for breaking a promising attack.
  5. I was sat right in line with this he didn’t push him over he ran into him.
  6. McShane has his best performance I’ve seen today. Some of his through balls towards McManus were excellent.
  7. Happy with the draw after playing the rest of the game with ten then nine. Telfer had to go, felt the other two reds were wrong, gomis should never have been cautioned in the first place and his second was a caution. Same goes to raith no. 6. Number 22 of raith should’ve been away, ref spoke to him on three separate occasion.
  8. f**k me has the ref got new cards? He loves showing them off
  9. Utter stupidity from telfer...best hope for a draw the pessimist in me says
  10. Seems like you’re creating the memories for him just now anyway, it may not seem like much but it’s still significant, I was a mascot at Falkirk when I was 11, that was 15 years ago and I still remember it vividly. And hopefully with that he will also grow fond of the special bond it creates between a father and a child. I take my daughter to the odd game, difficult as she has classes in a Saturday so I go to the football on an afternoon and her mum goes out for a bit at night so we both get to do something we like on Saturday. But, she’s been to hampden twice, TFS a couple times, and when ever we drove past she always says daddy is that where we watch the footballs. So even at three she still remembers the memories of it.
  11. The only thing I can think is saying to the players that you have till January to prove yourself or these are the guys who are going to punt you. Give them the authority an interim manager doesn’t have? Or am I giving them too much credit?
  12. Head coaches. Do they have someone in mind for manager?
  13. Guy I work with said the following to a new start “You’ve got the hands of a 12 year old, gies a handjob” Didn’t know whether to laugh or call the police to check his basement.
  14. Pushing towards record season ticket sales there ae On a serious note, congrats to you all mate. I hope all goes well and the wee one arrives happy and healthy
  15. Absolutely, ownership of the stadium has the bonus of being able to rent out office space, take in car park revenues etc. Speculate to accumulate. Or maybe a touch too far fetched for lex...seeing his previous record on buying things for the council, couldn’t even buy the lot he was renting from them and it went to another bidder.
  16. At kelvin hall for food while the bairn is in a class, asked for a baked potato and beans. Lassie brings the plate out, baked potato and beans which is what I ordered, but it was placed on top of a napkin...
  17. Is that no what they use as currency in fife anyway?
  18. I would love to see the back of those two, but, like you say who is going to pay for them, they are atrocious.
  19. Thinking ahead we need a new RB and CB, Doyle and durnan to go (if someone will buy them) A holding mid to support Gomis, and replace miller, someone confident with moving and working the ball. I’d like to see more of Macmillan, as I think he and McManus could do a job up front. But those are the three positions we drastically need addressed.
  20. I’m going partly because I need to get a pressure washer from my grans, partly just pure masochistic tendencies...
  21. I took the misses out on Friday night after her graduation, got back fire the suit in the cupboard. Went to east fife to watch falkirk and realised I’d left my wallet with in my suit jacket. Realised when I got to the ground I didn’t have cash for anything to eat so had to nip round to somewhere that took Apple Pay. Absolutely annoyed at myself for it as I had been prepared and put an extra 20 in the wallet for the football and meant I had a tenner in case I needed it for something. (Thankfully bought my ticket the Saturday before)
  22. He still has a good 70-75 minutes in him, he could have more if we had more quality and he wasn’t so heavily relied on. The guy puts in a shift every week. He’s got some quality passes but no one with quality to get on the other end of them.
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