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  1. My main gripe with Buchanan is he lacks leadership whilst being appointed the captain. He does the job at this level and I don’t have too many issues with him, but I’ve never seen him take charge in any way near the level miller did yesterday
  2. One thing that stood out was that miller displaying more leadership on the field than Buchanan yesterday
  3. It’s cheaper out the supermarkets but then I suppose the draw is fresh milk on your doorstep twice a week. It’s 8 hours old when it hits the doorstep haha, I still just buy mines out the coop since it’s only a job that suits uni and family hours.
  4. And who ever finishes 2-4 will be in the playoffs [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
  5. Absolutely outstanding [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] On a separate note, we looked much more solid at the back without durnan, I’d leave him out again this Saturday. Only liability was Doyle, which almost proved costly. The pair of them can gtf, Doyle is much more interested in making an arse of himself off the pitch when he actually makes more of an arse of himself on it.
  6. She goes away with her friends for the day or the weekend and I take to do with the bairn. Me: ok enjoy yourself and have fun. I go away for the weekend or go on a long away day to the footie (like Montrose away today) Her: you’re abandoning me...
  7. Suppose your downside is having to wait on someone to answer the door that takes up most time. We have between 250-300 a night but, it’s just a case of whip it next to the door and in to the next night. One night of mines is really spread out but my other run is like that, concentrated really close together
  8. Any advice on stopping cats trying to knock the bin over and get stuff out of it? My two are horrendous for it, can’t leave food for two seconds or they’ll be off with it. One has simmered down (marmalade the house cat) the other one who likes to go out and about is unreal sometimes
  9. We have our busiest two weeks this week and next with double milk orders and every door being delivered too on Sunday Monday both weeks. Only plus side is I have a week off after the second week, down side is I’m back at uni so no rest for the wicked.
  10. Apparently type text for honey is bleeped our cause of the bigot bros [emoji23] wisnae swearing at you haha.
  11. Last week I delivered 600 Christmas cards to deliver to all the customers I drop milk off too during the night. I don’t know their circumstances but I do know some may have no one and will be spending Christmas alone, it’s a bid to combat social isolation and hope it brings a smile to someone’s face. If it does, I’ll be a happy bloke.
  12. I don’t even know what happened, I was about 15/20 yards from what ever was going on
  13. Big test next week for M&M but by all accounts not losing a game thus far for them must be a good confidence booster, only bad result was the 0-0 at east fife, but last week we would’ve lost under McKinnon, this week we wouldn’t have fought back for a winner under McKinnon. The fight and fire seems to be slowly coming back, a few new additions in jan if we get some will be 1. A boost, 2. A judge of what M&M view as the expectations of standards. As someone else said before they are pissing with McKinnons cock, so here’s hoping they have higher expectations.
  14. Who was the lee Wallace steward grassing on everyone [emoji23] Eta: did his missed walk out on him or something as he couldn’t take a bit of banter unlike the other ones
  15. Cheers all, much appreciated enjoy the match on Saturday, just not too much ae
  16. Where is decent for a pre match scran. I’ll be driving 3 hours from Ayrshire so will food is the number one stop in Montrose.
  17. Literally a pair of varifoculs and baseball cap away from being McGlynn
  18. Who all is heading to Montrose on Saturday. I’m still debating the notion.
  19. Saw the most adorable as f**k albino white cat in Langlees last night when I was delivering. Wanted all the cuddles too. Was happy to oblige.
  20. Realistically had labour won socialism would not have been implemented. Near impossible to implement across one term, nor two terms. The scare mongering tactic from the Tories, and lets be realistic, labour is still full of Blairites so the corbynistas would’ve been outvoted by their own party let alone Tory, Nats, Lib dens. I don’t think socialism should be an option, but the scare mongering of such was pointless as any rational observation of the Labour Party and the current parliamentary procedures would’ve rendered this mission impossible for Corbyn. Let’s put it this way, he would have an easier job with brexit than he would with t ting to implement a socialist regime ETA: can we leave the politics where it’s at and carry it on in the politics forum, and get back on to talking about Falkirk .
  21. One theory I have Is that poor people don’t vote on the basis of their track record to the poor, but to elevate themselves socially. Voting for those that support the upperclass to try and shift themselves through the class system, and as an act of encouragement to elevate themselves in other ways of life. Personally it just doesn’t compute with me, grew up in Grangemouth, worked in a prison before going to uni, personally I’ve seen what has happened to people at the hands of the Tories. Seen those left behind that thatcher declared as the “underclass”, if I didn’t support indy I’d back labour, but until they adopt such a stance Towards indy I’ll back the snp, but also, whilst working in the prison I saw good wage increases and facility redevelopment at the hands of the snp. Whilst the Tories continue to destroy and privatise the English prison system.
  22. You answered my next question, what did the old main stand look like as I had heard the story about the Highland games. Why did they opt to remove that main stand for the one now? Just objectively I think that picture of links park looks phenomenal. Proper old school ground.
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