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  1. Don’t mock, it’s all we had to write on in grangemouth...
  2. You can do that on here? I didn’t think you could.
  3. f**k me, durnan, Doyle, Buchanan all on 2 year contracts...
  4. I’ll accept the heads-gone as I think it’s spectacularly worthy, lack of sleep comes from another side of things haha been the joys of the last three and a half years since leaving the service.
  5. Fair, I’m all for banter back and forth but the post he was referring too made a direct link to issues suffering off here and the concern I had to a particular individual trawling through everything I was commenting on. It’s not like I’ve just said here and now, i had brought it to light in the post he was referring too.
  6. Aye cause suffering with paranoia due to public service work and a poster consistently following you is “crying over dots” difference between banter and mocking mental health...have you ever had a letter through your door saying “I know where you live” for the work you did? Nah, don’t think so mate. So go f**k yourself, unless you think male mental health is a laugh matter then check yourself.
  7. Agreed but Doyle actually has some degree of footballing ability compared to durnan
  8. Should do a whip round the fans and raise the funds to pay durnan off...
  9. I’d take time and spend as much of my life watching my daughter grow up and achieve all she can. She’s only three just now and the thought of something happening to me now, at the age of 26, absolutely fills me with dread not to be there through any of her formative years.
  10. Agreed, hopefully nothing too serious but we need a serious rework defensively
  11. Plenty out there, although if they had sense they would work for someone else. But going by probability that you don’t own your own business, either that you count your hand as your employee...and call your weak hand your sub contractor you absolute w****r [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Durnan really is the worst player I’ve seen play for us in a long time. Genuinely think he would get skinned in an U-15s game...
  13. If durnan hadn’t dicked about and knocked it back to Mutch or cleared it first time we wouldn’t have been in a situation to make the ref mhak a decision.
  14. Durnan is the worst excuse of a footballer I’ve ever seen
  15. See the section B 12 year olds are fumigating themselves of lice [emoji23]
  16. And changes made to what my thoughts are seeing as they are very alike haha
  17. Irrelevant, as an employer you are only privy to an employees union status if they wish to disclose such with you. An employer can not force that information out. But seeing as you aren’t my employer and I’m not your employer my union of choice is not up for discussion on a public forum.
  18. On xmas eve was driving to my mums with the bairn and the mrs. Ok the M80 approaching the M876 (think that’s right) and an absolute c**t in a BMW with a personalised Reg pulls right up my arse. Now I drive a 107, it has no boot space so if I had to break in an emergency he was crashing right into my wee one. Put my arm out to gesture back off, after all he’s speeding up my arse in a BMW SUV and my priority is ensuring my bairn is safe, instead I get full beams up my arse, him moving even closer, and then tooting his horn constantly until he overtook. Hope he had a shit Christmas and his wife and kids left him.
  19. Oaksoft is someone I’d love to have as my employer. Absolutely playable...stating he can dismiss folk without going through appropriate disciplinary proceedings and just locking them out [emoji23] he’s a union hearing and tribunal away from a sexy ass pay out for an employee [emoji23][emoji23] Don’t worry troops, I’ll find out who it is, get a job for him, get the pay out and we can have a big P&B night out at oaksofts expense [emoji23]
  20. Oak soft making a right tit of himself in work colleagues acting like a hard ass boss that would fire anyone for having half a smile in the work place
  21. The spelling and grammar here must be an indictment of standards at Airdrie high school or what ever they call it [emoji849] My bet is a wee high school daft with one of those jackets with blacked out goggles in the hood, pubes for facial hair, and his granny to sew on a stone island patch, with a pair of Asda George timberland lookalikes... Anyway, Franchise FC 1 Falkirk 3. What is with the NL folk just being wee old firm wanna be idiots...
  22. Had a rough week or so, not been ideal but I’ve handled it as well as I could. Pushed me back on to cigarettes but I hate having to make sure I’m back in time before she wakes up to proper scrub and clean up before she wakes up. It sounds daft but that few minutes of nicotine rush just allows me to chill and compose. Probably not helped bu the fact work has been hectic as has all the prep for the large volume of surveys and interviews I’m preparing for my dissertation. f**k me, can April come sooner when everything is submitted and I can chill out until the PGDE in September...
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