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  1. Not great but no where near the hell that is the morning after MD20/20 shits
  2. Sadly haha Aberdeen is a cracking away day, stayed there when I worked in the service, cracking city with a great nightlife to match.
  3. Have a good one, all of you. We aren’t alone. We have family, friends, hell we even have each other on this thread. I appreciate the fact I can come in here and almost rant the load off my mind when I’m struggling, thank you all for this. Have a great 2020, just not when any of you are playing falkirk but
  4. Was suggested to go to the week one charity as they can offer services for a nominal fee. Not sure if it’s group CBT or one on one.
  5. If true, we should name the north stand after him...did what every falkirk fan wanted to do to McKinnon...
  6. I’m waiting for my referral to be processed as we speak, not heard anything back yet. I had just been going along with no treatment which was never a wise thing to do in hindsight. I expect the appointment letter to be through in the first couple of weeks of January.
  7. Been struggling a bit recently, lack of sleep due to nightmares. Sadly a downside to PTSD, always very vivid recollections of incidents I’ve responded too in the prison I.e. suicide attempts, serious assaults and GBH, assaults on myself. It takes its toll and just taking each day as it comes. One thing that helps when I’ve had a shit sleep is hearing “daddy I waked up” from my 3 year old girl. She’s the reason I left the service as I didn’t want to carry home that stress, sadly I still am and have come to terms that whilst I no longer work there that it still took a part of me. Stupidly part of me wants to go back when I graduate but I know this would not be productive. Christ, through all the stress I miss it. But guess that’s institutionalisation for you, not just prisoners that get it... ETA: I think what’s not helping is it is coming up to the three year anniversary of my grandpas death, he died prematurely at 68, we were very close and he was also the reason I joined the service.
  8. Off now for a week and a half, back to uni next week (normally Shite but it’s my last semester before I graduate).
  9. This, firstly while I do believe everyone deserves a second chance another poster hit the nail on the head by saying but not in a privileged position such as professional footballer. Secondly, we are a family orientated club with a significant female support too, what message does that send to the female supporters of the club? He has still be found guilty, albeit civil and not criminal. As much as he is a good footballer, morality has much more weighting in life(in my opinion) but no doubt goals and potential money will sway the decision as to whether or not he does come (provided there is any substance to the rumour)
  10. The police seized $10000, drugs, and a baby alligator...sounds like one of they mad Czech orgy videos...
  11. To be fair to BT they didn’t increase their bid, but did offer the SFA the same bid plus operating VAR and the SFA opted for sky.
  12. I’m not sure who that was, but I know that Clyde having the lovely reputation that they do have a racist in their ranks too. So if it’s Ally Love I’d rather not sign him after he racially abused another player a couple of seasons ago (May have been last).
  13. The charcoal powder is designed to whiten the teeth, you use it every day for the first two weeks then drop down to every third day.
  14. Inspired by bathroom habits; Do you guys have any particular hygiene quirks about? For me it’s shampoo then condition my hair then beard. Charcoal face wash, then body wash. After I’m dried it’s teeth brushed with charcoal every third day and every day in between with toothpaste And moisturising after every shower. She says I’m mad and I’m inclined to agree.
  15. That I would love to say would’ve changed the game, I do think it’s just over, but at 0-0 there’s nothing to say had that been given it wouldn’t have changed the flow of the game. It happened so close to our goal that we wouldn’t have would up 2-0 up. Instead it would still have been 1-0. Durnans error that led to the penalty was again totally avoidable. I say this again as on reflection a draw was a fair score.
  16. Mate tell me about it, in three and a half years out of my service as a prison officer and phase three responder and i still get haunted regularly from it. Wee things like trying to maintain a brief social media life to connect with friends and family with constant friend requests from sex offenders (who I primarily worked with). That night my mrs phoned I had to take the work van back home mid shift to make sure she got to her friends with the wee one ok as she couldn’t bare to stay in the house. Honestly man, it’s been a fucking nightmare. I know that I should’ve known what I was signing up for, and I did, I just didn’t think it would come to haunt me years after leaving and trying to build a new life and leave me still looking over my shoulder.
  17. Know what’s I’ve done it privately but I’ll publicly apologise to Tarno, and take the headsgone from myself haha. Whilst also acknowledging I still have a long way to go with my own personal battles. Absolutely hope I don’t wind up in here again anytime soon [emoji23]
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